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  1. I  can't get bred poz cum enough!  The higher the VL the better.  AIDS forever!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Hintyt


      Hell yes!

    3. PissPigBrooklyn


      I know that feeling well. Looking forward to the Poz Anniversary Fest next Memorial Day!

    4. RawUKTop


      fuck yes! damn i wsih you could get to the UK so I could load you and also do some filming for you!


  2. Thank you all for the love and support!  I don't think anyone quite understands how much this means to a guy who sometimes feels alone.  Tonight I am happy - thank you!!!

    Raven Winner.jpg

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    2. TimTylerXXX


      Thanks guys - and thanks, leatherpunk16!

    3. TimTylerXXX


      Thanks guys - and thanks, leatherpunk16!

    4. Greim



  3. ChargedUpMedia.com to film a large bareback poz group scene Saturday night (2/15) at the Homewood Suites Washington DC Navy Yard.  To obtain room number: Text Tim anytime Saturday before 9PM at 954-708-7644. Arrive after 10PM but before 11PM. FIlming starts at midnight and ends by 2AM.  Party continues into the morning. pTy friendly off-camera. ChargedUpMedia.com. 

    1. workmyhole


      I'd love it if you came to Dallas

    2. ericbttmffx


      Do you have to be poz to participate?

    3. TimTylerXXX


      No, you don't have to be poz, but this is being filmed as the final scene for the movie 'POZ.'  Anyone who watches the film will automatically assume everyone n the movie as such.  If you are okay with that association then please come and play with us.  If interested, send an email to TimTylerXXX@gmail.com and I can respond with directives.  Thanks!!!

  4. ), Hey Harrisburg, PA: My crew and I are filming in your town this weekend (2/8, 2/9).  If you are interested in going on camera then please contact me at TimTylerXXX@gmail.com.

    1. breedmedeeper


      Let me know if you ever film in Indy! I'd love to bottom in a film with you! POZ, PNP, anything! I'm in!!

    2. workmyhole


      Same, if you ever come to Dallas, please let me know, I'd love to be a pig bottom in one of your films.

    3. Hintyt


      Have a great shoot!  Xoxo. -CM

  5. Charged Up Media filming “King Cum Dump” tonight 9PM til midnight.  Three bareback bottoms competing for group loads during an open door event.  Washington Court Hotel room 1019. Participants must sign standard release form and show proper ID.  Anonymity acceptable if you bring your own mask.

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    2. hole4use222


      Fuck, that sounds like it would have been a hot time! Lucky bottoms for sure!

    3. boybottom4use


      totally hot, would have loved to been one of the bottom sluts.

    4. HAIRYCUM31
  6. Love you, Buddy!!

  7. Hey guys.  I'm sorry to report the final Ball Buster will be celebrated during MAL weekend in Washington DC.  Thanks for the fun fellas, and I hope to see you in DC this January.

  8. Guest

    I want your unmedicated virus making me an aids pig like you, i want you so fucking bad you cheap hot whore.

  9. Next Ball Buster party is in November.  TimTylerXXX.com for details and registration.  Thanks fellas!

    1. PissPigBrooklyn


      Yay! See you then!!!

  10. Hey pigz!  Now that Pride is behind us I am able to focus on bringing the Ball Buster back to Philadelphia!  The July 28 party is in NYC and the August 10 party is in Philadelphia.  TimTylerXXX.com for information.  Cheers!

    1. brayton


      Always a good time at the Ball Buster parties

    2. TimTylerXXX


      Always great having you there!  :)

    3. brayton


      Thanks...besides the hot host 😉the other great thing about the NYC Ball Buster parties is that it’s an attitude free sex party...guys are just there to have hot, raw sex!  

  11. Hey pigz!  The World Pride / Folsom East Ball Buster featuring Dolf DIetrich was HOT,  but it's now time to focus on the next party scheduled for July 28.  My co-host this time is porn star Avatar Akyia, a sexy chocolate Brit!  If you previously registered to attend Ball Buster then you're already on this next party's list, but if you're not yet registered for Ball Buster then you can sign up online at TimTylerXXX.com.  See you there!

  12. Hi pigz!  Hopefully you guys had noticed my changes to the Ball Buster.  That includes going back to being a hotel party - it just fits the party better .  So starting immediately, and including the World Pride Ball Buster, all of my parties will be held in a hotel room or suite.  Also, the Ball Buster is now closed to only guys who register their email address.  If you want to attend a Ball Buster then please send a message and include your personal email address.  Once you register, I will respond with party details.  Registrants may bring unregistered friends.  Please be sure to send me your email address to TimTylerXXX.com and I hope to see you guys on June 23 for Dolf Dietrich, Sean Storm, and Matthew Taylor!

    1. SecretCumWhore


      Woof, hope this was a blast.  I’m late to the party but glad I found this on breeding.zone

    2. TimTylerXXX


      It was a great time!  I hope you can join us at one of the monthly parties in NYC or Philadelphia.

  13. Hey sexy pigz!  PLEASE remember to come visit me  at the World Pride / Folsom East Ball Buster on June 23 in NYC.  TimTylerXXX.com for details.  Cheers!

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    2. brayton


      I should have let you fuck me last week...you on the jersey side of philly?

    3. TimTylerXXX


      PA side.  Suburbs.

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