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  1. ChargedUpMedia.com to film a large bareback poz group scene Saturday night (2/15) at the Homewood Suites Washington DC Navy Yard.  To obtain room number: Text Tim anytime Saturday before 9PM at 954-708-7644. Arrive after 10PM but before 11PM. FIlming starts at midnight and ends by 2AM.  Party continues into the morning. pTy friendly off-camera. ChargedUpMedia.com. 

    1. workmyhole


      I'd love it if you came to Dallas

    2. ericbttmffx


      Do you have to be poz to participate?

    3. TimTylerXXX


      No, you don't have to be poz, but this is being filmed as the final scene for the movie 'POZ.'  Anyone who watches the film will automatically assume everyone n the movie as such.  If you are okay with that association then please come and play with us.  If interested, send an email to TimTylerXXX@gmail.com and I can respond with directives.  Thanks!!!

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