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    First off is I am HIV and Hep C positive(have had the treatment for hepc but it has not worked so waitinig a year for the new one to become available) if this is a problem move along! A bit of a dirty slut given the chance, I like rubber leather and lots of sleaze, not really have a menu of sorts but i tend to go with the flow but one thing I do like is fisting, takes me a little to relax to take
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    Looking for mutual fisting fun.
    Guys into rubber and leather and sleaze welcome. I Usually play alone but love playing as part of a group or even 1-2-1 with enthusiastic guys who know how to treat me.
    ** Honesty and a good laugh, friendship having a good time whatever but be warned i don't take kindly to time wasters and liars so if i find out look out :) talented hands welcome. :) Also looking

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  1. bbrubberffistpup

    Owned and Trained by Mr. X

    Fuck this has to be the horniest story here by far. Keep it cumming.
  2. bbrubberffistpup

    Jock Becomes Chem Slave Pig

  3. bbrubberffistpup

    Willing Bottom Required..

    Fucking ace. Keep it cumming
  4. bbrubberffistpup

    The Tall Dark Stranger In The Blood-Red Room

    Fucking hell where can I sign up for this red room? Can't wait for the next part
  5. bbrubberffistpup

    Waking Up Daddy's Boy

    Fucking oink oink oink I love this can't wait for more.
  6. bbrubberffistpup

    The Tall Dark Stranger In The Blood-Red Room

    Lord of Darkness give us more. Take my body and soul too I give it freely.
  7. bbrubberffistpup

    How I became a Point Slave

    I fucking love this story and wish it would happen to me in Amsterdam in 10 days time.
  8. bbrubberffistpup

    Looking For This Story

    https://breeding.zone/topic/4192-how-i-became-a-point-slave/ This is the fucking hot story
  9. bbrubberffistpup

    Brooklyn Series: Buzz

  10. bbrubberffistpup

    Flown To Ps

    Wonderful can't wait for more.
  11. bbrubberffistpup

    Transforming Tanner

    Phwooor I want to be Tanner. Great story so far.
  12. bbrubberffistpup

    A Quiet Drink

    Grrrrrrrr very horny
  13. bbrubberffistpup

    My Dad And His Boys

    Horny as all hell. Keep up the good work
  14. bbrubberffistpup

    Massage Leads To A Group Party

    <p>Wow I so want this MORE PLEASE!</p>
  15. bbrubberffistpup


    Hot story can't wait for the next part

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