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    Bugchasing AIDs raunch party slam filth
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    Filthy slut from VA. Love being humiliated and degraded.
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    Not enough!
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    Make me do the nastiest things you can think of

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  1. Would love to get nasty with you! Come down to st Pete and let’s be filthy cumsluts together!

    1. crawford912


      That would be super hot... Let's do it, man ;)

  2. Need to be a filthy toilet bugchasing slave! Don’t care what I want! Need to be forced to do anything a man asks and punished if I resist at all!

    1. Willing


      Wont have to force me,  just demand it, mmm😋

  3. Please make me your filthy toilet cumdump bugchasing chempig cumslut!

  4. Found a hot AIDS slut to bloodslam me and whore me out! He also has fresh HEP C! 

  5. Fuck yes! Just did a nice .3! Hope I find some nasty bugged up cock to breed my hole and use my toilet mouth!

    1. crawford912


      fucking hot, man... i hope you get well-used, and take some videos ;) 

    2. dirtyfaggotpig


      Thanks Man! I’m working on it.

  6. So I am going to start planning little to day trips to cities with Gifters that have expressed interest in giving me the diseases! So if you want to help me become the most disgusting disease riddled cumslut I can be shoot me a message! I would love to know which Ones are HIV+?which ones will be giving me a different disease? 

  7. I was honored today to be the proud recipient of a full blown AIDS load! I can’t wait to be a med resistant AIDS/std riddled toilet cumdump! 

    1. FilThFiendFtM


      Fuck, your posts always make me horny as hell. The thought of wrecking my life and just living for drugs, dicks, and disease is so nasty and hot.

    2. Willing


      Love filth, mmm, wed make a good team, mmm😋🍆

    3. scott0882


      I’m very horny now reading  this and hopefully able to find a bottom that has something to pass onto me. 

  8. Leaking cum out of my fuckhole. Can’t wait for more!

  9. Slammed 3 times so far today! .7, .6, and .4 in that order. Spun outta my mind and need some AIDs cock to worship! 202-631-0394

    1. SDPartyPig


      Right on!  Take that poisoned cum up your hole.  Pos slams are fun too… OiNK!

  10. Someone please feed me a hot turd! I need it so bad!

    1. btmwsfun


      Me too need it bad

    2. SDPartyPig


      Fuck yeah toilet.  Went to visit a toilet buddy & we had to call it early when some uninvited guests appeared.  Didn't get to feed him, to bad that you not nearby because I would have much rather fed you than the city sewer... OiNK!


  11. Will pay for used rigs from AIDs men. Please contact me if you are interested!

  12. Bout to take cock and piss all night! Wanna watch? FaceTime or Duo 2026310394

  13. I just did a nice slam. Any AIDs men want my address to kidnap me and force me to be your filthy cumdump toilet whore?

  14. I just did a .6 point, and I need Deadly AIDS Cocks pounding my hole and flooding me with disease!  

  15. Need to be used by Aids Perv Men ASAP! In Clearwater Florida, but can plan a trip to be used and shared by an AIDS Gifter! I need to be a perved out  toilet faggot. Ideally if I came to you I would like to stay two nights. As soon as you have me slam me good so I am controlable and then you can FORCE me to do any of the nasty things you want preferably live on cam. 2026310394

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