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  1. Gone4good

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    I honestly couldn’t say. I had my first raw fuck at 12, and stopped using condoms all together at 16. 28 now and currently have 3 loads in my hole!
  2. Would love to get nasty with you! Come down to st Pete and let’s be filthy cumsluts together!

    1. crawford912


      That would be super hot... Let's do it, man ;)

  3. Please make me your filthy toilet cumdump bugchasing chempig cumslut!

  4. Gone4good

    Cheating BF Uncovered

    Hot as fuck!
  5. Saw your ad, and I need your toxic strains! Would love to be your filthy pig whenever we can arrange meeting! Would be hot to earn your toxic DNA live on cam or be own in public at the baths or even IML

  6. whenever you are in tampa please let me recieve your toxic seed and waste

  7. Gone4good

    Mal 2017

    Would love to come and take as many toxic loads as possible and serve as urinal and toilet paper to any man who will allow me. I would be happy to drive up from Tampa but can't afford a room. If anyone would be willing to share their room or even let me sleep on the floor please contact me ASAP! Email cumtoilet95464@gmail.com, dirtyfaggotpig on bbrt, MikeyDix on A4A, Cumtoilet on NKP. Thank you!!!
  8. Gone4good

    Feeling Like A Sleazy Slut.

    I love being a cumdump for all, but definitely have a deep love for being made to feel cheap/slutty/degraded. My favorite scene was an anon party that I had set up on CL. "RAW PIG BOTTOM 4 ANON DIRTY TOPS" was the posting title. The add made it clear that i would be blinfolded and willing to do anything to get loads. I made sure to also include that tops were encouraged to take video if they wanted. Still hoping that one day I'll find a random vid of me being bred on xtube or tumblr.

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