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  1. Thanks for your fallowing 

  2. Hi guys been on this site a few years now mostly for the fiction, but definitely wanting to get pozzed and be a no limits bottom
  3. Up for chatting about anything kinky, taboo just hit me up Malfoy199082 is my Kik
  4. I wanna get piss fucked so bad filled with loads of piss
  5. I would own you and share you with my poz friends.


    1. nylonpnts


      Thanks, it would be hot, cute guy like you to breed and seed


    2. Cumdump8282


      I would love you owning my ass 

  6. Hit me up on kik 

  7. Can anyone send me an invitation code for cute dead guys or darkfetishnetwork ??
  8. Looking to make friends,chat with raunchy guys here is my kik malfoy199082
  9. I into it all I wanna get into anything and everything

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