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    Ne East Georgia, Gainesville, Oakwood & Flowery Branch
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    sucking cock until my mouth is flooded. then being mounted and fucked deep. I love enjoy all who love fucking nick tight ass. I especially love large Thick Black Cock Men. need deep breeding bad!
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Older while male total bottom needs & desires men who fucking a nice man cunt ass
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  1. Hi once you take cock for anal sex you never to do anything else

    Where are you located in the USA or ?


    Ps tell me more about yourself

  2. RD4hotsex

    Senior needs

    Yes us older hot & horny bottoms (speaking for myself) when I connect I want to be fucked long and deep being breed as many times that he will cum. Then plug me so I have his cum in me to remember him Rick
  3. RD4hotsex

    Interracial Bareback

    Black Tops with large thick cock fucking tight ass white bottom like mine. Rick
  4. thanks would like to fuck it & eat it?
  5. RD4hotsex

    Black Cock

    I have nothing against those others then black. But I have passion that I can't totally explain. When I see Black Cock Men Mounting (F to F) me & their cock is entering me & feeling them as they stretch plunge deep into me. then their warm cum filling me need I say more---------
  6. hi I love to bottom and I would also to be placed in your sling & mounted & fuck long & deep


    1. ronnie4u


      Freaking HOT and Beautiful - Huge Cunts - addicted to Big Cunt !   :)

  7. RD4hotsex

    To tops: rough when told by bottom to be gentle?

    Gentle never crosses my mind. I love being fucked enjoy the pleasures that feel and take the pain as it happen
  8. RD4hotsex

    Can you take a hard fuck

    I don't know for sure but I would to try. It will hurt! Is this a nice to needs filling. Some one is thick & at lease 9 plus in
  9. RD4hotsex

    Why do bottoms send dick pics ?

    this does not look like a cockbut it look like you would be entering a volcano
  10. RD4hotsex

    DP in the hotel room

    That is total Bliss, wish I could part of a DP like yours. If I was the middle that would be 2 cocks stretching my ass wide to goo deep. I would love try that but I don't if I could stand the pain. Would need sometime
  11. Oh I enjoy sucking until my mouth is flooded. But force fuck my tight ass and let enjoy sucking your cock and deep throating as much as I can Force your cock here & raping me as you plunging deep! RICk
  12. RD4hotsex

    Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    Keep it in by inserting a butt plug. Maybe you might need it soon as lube for your next mounting of cock Rick
  13. RD4hotsex

    His BBC

  14. RD4hotsex

    His BBC

    I want "THICK COCKS" breeding me at lease once a week ASAP. I they might end up raping with even knowing doing so Rick
  15. RD4hotsex

    The ISLAND

    Oh Man where is this island. I need a 2 week get away from my wife who does not know bisexual/ gay needs. being fucked like every day all day long is what I need to satisfy my continuous erotic sexual desires for long deep breedings My need is great! Rick

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