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    Liverpool, UK
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    Bug-chasing, Gift Givers, HIV, Poz Tops, Tattoos
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    18yo bug Chaser looking to get Pozzed. Been chasing since 2015
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    HIV Gifters and Poz Tops to breed my hole

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  1. Looking For Younger For My Husband.....

    I'm in Liverpool. Could try and get down to Peterbourgh at some point.
  2. Cocksucker Seeks Full Teeth Removal:o

    What kind of body mod sites are there?
  3. perv/taboo chat

    Private message me for my whatsapp number. Looking to chat taboo and find someone willing to help me out with a taboo problem I have lol
  4. North West Uk/merseyside

    I'm liverpool CC looking for tops to breed me.
  5. You should decide.

    If you buy a hotel room in Liverpool City Centre, I'm happy to take control and Top you. Love a bttm who doesn't say no.
  6. Southport and surrounding areas

    anyone is southport, parbold or ormskirk areas hit me up. i'm a neg bottom for conversion. looking to take as much poz cock as i can

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