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  2. Just bred a very skilled bottom to culminate an hourlong fuck session. Kudos to you, my boy. You drained my balls well. 

  3. First time with a Latino.  He was an awesome bottom and took my load gracefully and gratefully even though I did enter him a little too fast and caused some pain.  He was just so tight!

  4. Eat a lot of fiber and eat chia seeds daily. Search “chia seeds” on this site; there is a good thread on the effectiveness of chia in helping bottoms stay clean. Edit to add: Here’s the thread https://breeding.zone/topic/22457-chia-seeds-natures-buttgrease-great-bottom-food/#comments
  5. Poz boi bottoms are fun. 😋

  6. Ahhhhh.  An eight-day load securely deposited in a nice hole.  That's the longest I've ever had one build, so as I can recall.

    1. Hunter22


      Fuck yeah! I love feeing a man shooting a long waiting load deep in my hole 😈

    2. rookiesubboi


      Wish that was my hole earning that 8 day load

  7. I respect cumdump bottoms. I'm glad they are around for me to release my seed into. Of course, this respect is kept neatly tucked away for those bottoms that need/want to be treated as just a sleazy slut hole. I'm in awe of some of the cocks and verbal/physical abuse some of you cumdumps enjoy. I think it's awesome that you are here to serve. Oh, to add, if I stick my raw cock in a "low-class, lowlife skank" that is full of a dozen ramdom loads, does that not make me the same?
  8. Three months is pretty standard. However, if you are very sexually active, increase it; say, once every six weeks. I buy tests from stdcheck.com and go to the local labcorp for the draw and urine. I only go this route when I suspect something is up or someone has informed me that they had a positive result for something. I have to pay out of pocket, but it's actually a fraction of the cost that the same tests cost through a clinic, and I don't have to deal with making an appointment, I can go on my own time. I take any positive results to the clinic for treatment.
  9. I agree with this. Bottoms, even bugged-up, sleazy, cumdumps, actually have as much power in the relationship (if not more) than the top. If they like being called "bitch" or whatever, I will call them that.
  10. I have a seven-day load that must go in a hole, soon.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. suckerboi


      If only you were closer.  I would take that cock and cum.

    3. hornybrownbottom


      Wish you were in New Orleans

  11. If any cute bottoms are going to be passing through the subject area and want to be bred, let me know. I prefer smaller guys as I’m a smaller guy myself.
  12. It’s more appropriate there due to the bottom being MTF trans, but thought I would share here. https://breeding.zone/topic/54508-hot-black-mtf-breeding/
  13. Ugh. Good luck. I hate that damn shot. Syph is spiking in my AO as well.
  14. Just back in the office after a fun breeding session. A cute blue-eyed, 20yo twink with thick, bushy, brown hair hit me up on Grindr saying he was looking for a Daddy to fuck him. I had just finished a stressful morning, and fucking a cute twink was just what I needed. This kid was wet and ready! I knock on his door, and he opened it stark naked. Slim, smooth, probably 5’5” and maybe 130 lbs. He threw his arms around me and said “Daddy!!!” before giving me a hot kiss. He was almost skipping as he led me to the bedroom and began undressing me. It was like he was opening a Chri
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