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  1. BBBoyfromTN

    No more prep for me soon

    Check with gay groups in your area and see if any provide Prep for free for at-risk individuals (such as sex workers, unemployed, etc). In Atlanta there was such a group that some of my sexually active HS buds went to and got on. I also have buds who are sex workers who got on it too. Honestly, the best thing to do is to stop having bareback sex. That's a huge ask and probably not realistic. Lets be honest...once you bareback its hard to go back to safe. You can stick to guys on Prep and undetectable guys, but guys lie and how do you really know they're on Prep or undetectable? Guys are less likely to lie about being undetectable so that's a safer bet. Stop doing anon and hook ups is another thing to do and stay out of sex clubs, ABSs, and such. How long you'll be covered from lingering amounts of Prep is an unknown. But once off Prep you run a really high risk of pozzing because old behavior is hard break. I have a bud who couldn't afford the copay on Prep and stopped taking it. He limited himself to only playing with his regular fuck buds and stopped cruising the gym, bathrooms, and anon hookups. He still wound up getting pozzed because he'd never asked his regular fuck buds their statuses...that was the whole point of being on Prep. So one or more of them is poz and he has no idea which ones. He hasn't told any of his fuck buds he pozzed out of guilt, shame, and embarrassment so he's likely spreading it to the others not on Prep now. He can't afford the HIV meds now either so he's now back to fucking around like he was when he was on Prep...just anytime, anywhere. He's young and super hot so he has no problems finding guys who want to get fucked or to fuck him and doesn't feel guilty. It only took him six months off Prep to get poz so it does happen quickly even if you modify behaviors.
  2. You're not at all insane, its a common feeling among guys who poz. At first I was in shock and figured my sex life was over but I was still as fucking horny as ever. I wanted to fuck worse than I ever had but was terrified at first of giving it to someone. So I kept bottoming and trying to decide what to do. I wasn't ready, willing, or able to go to doctor and get a proper diagnosis and honestly still haven't (tested poz with Oraquick multiple times). I mean, I suppose in theory I may be neg still and I'm totally asymptomatic and feel great. I went into group talk therapy for guys who tested poz and it helped. I kept getting hit on by guys who wanted me to fuck them and who didn't ask my status and just wanted bareback. Finally I gave in a fucked a couple of them. I kind of felt guilty, but you know what? It's on them. They should ask the questions. But then again for all I know they could be on Prep and don't care. I've had a lot of buds go on Prep just so they can bareback and not give a shit. I started fucking more and more and my anxiety and fears faded away. Now I bareback fuck guys all the time and feel no guilt. Not everyone does. I'm like you. I know at some point I'll probably stop being asymptomatic and will need to go on drugs. I've made my piece with that. I'll probably still keep fucking whether I'm on meds and undectable or detectable. I'm not all top or all bottom...I'm fully verse. But I did find after pozzing I do like to top more.
  3. BBBoyfromTN

    First Breeding

    Army guys are so fucking hot and love that most go bare. Used to get down to Columbus by Fort Benning a lot and took my share of army cock...fucked a lot of ass too. Love army guys attitudes too...they don’t give a fuck. Been hooking up with one recently back from Afghanistan who’s got a fiancée...she has no idea we’re fucking each other bare.
  4. BBBoyfromTN

    So Hard I Was Bleeding

    Love it when a cock is so thick and he fucks so rough my ass bleeds. Love doing that to a guy too.
  5. BBBoyfromTN


    Nice. Love doing that too...
  6. BBBoyfromTN

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Hooked up with a guy off Grindr, a heftier dude, about 6' and probably close to 300 lbs. Gorgeous face, slightly hairy chest and a redhead too. Said he wanted to pound my ass hard and had a nice thick veiny cock that curved to the left. He came over to my place and pretty much started right off ordering me to drop and suck his cock. I did that and got him good and hard and we moved to the bedroom. We hadn't talked about safe or bare, just knew he wanted to top and I was down to take it. He told me to get face down on the mattress and asked for lube, which I handed him out of the night stand. He didn't even ask about wrapping or shit, just started lubing my ass and his cock and was inside me without wasting any time. He was pretty rough, aggressive and verbal and pretty soon was pounding my ass hard. I was loving it and egging him on, telling him how bad I wanted it. He was verbal too, calling me all kinds of names and telling me to say how much I liked it. He blew a massive load in me and kept on pounding, saying he had more for me. He slid out and flipped me on my back so I was facing him. The look on his face was pure pleasure as he kept pounding me and I was digging watching watching his heft jiggle as he was pounding my ass. He started stroking my cock as he was getting closer and soon I was spraying like a geyser all over my crotch and stomach. He must have liked it because he busted another load balls deep inside me after that. He was all red and flushed, panting as he pulled out. He asked which way the bathroom was and he headed in, only to come back out with a towel wiping his crotch to clean off his cock before tossing it at me. He dressed again all while smirking at me and said he enjoyed it but had to get going. I thanked him and said I was up for doing it again if he wanted which got a quick "sure" as he let himself out the door. I've been with a few bigger guys who were tops and I have to admit I love getting fucked by them. He was a guy of few words and hey...that works for me too!
  7. BBBoyfromTN

    Xtube member's videos: condom to raw

    I had been on the periphery of the porn business when I lived in ATL...had a few buds who did porn. The reality is that there's no demand for video featuring safe sex; everyone wants bareback. The change over to streaming and internet really forced that change too. Guys in the videos aren't expected to make appearances in bars and ABS's...its much more anonymous now and the days of porn "stars" is gone. Plus a lot of guys are more willing to do porn if you don't show their faces and so that's a new thing too. But ultimately it's what consumers want. I don't watch porn unless its bareback. I'm guessing with most guys that's the case. I like it when there isn't a lot of stupid dialog or "stories" as it feels more natural and realistic. I look at some older porn and it's laughably bad with terrible dialog and acting. And honestly...I want it to get straight to the action without a lot of foreplay. But then again, I'm a pig.
  8. BBBoyfromTN

    Young Local

    That's so hot. I've learned how to be really quiet too so if a guy wants me to pull out to cum I can blast inside him and he doesn't know or suspect I did. I get fucked pretty regular by this hot chubby 18 y/o who's the same way...got no idea he's cum...he just slides out and I have to ask.
  9. BBBoyfromTN

    Cumdumps - Do you need to ejaculate anymore?

    I guess I must be wired differently because I have no problems cumming when I'm getting fucked. Sometimes I don't even have to touch my cock and I'll just orgasm. Some tops will jack me off, some won't...doesn't matter to me. Sometimes I wanna save my load to fuck a guy.
  10. BBBoyfromTN

    Face pics online

    I do partial face but that's all you're gonna get in public pics. If a guy wants to see my full face it's gonna be on Snapchat or in person. I don't want or need randos or stalkers tracking me down. With facial recognition shit's getting too real for my taste anyhow. Ultimately its a personal choice and I don't judge people who don't put a face pic up.
  11. BBBoyfromTN

    Which do you prefer

    Lots of people. I mean...that's what I've been doing for as long as I have been having sex. Why would I change now? I've tried being monogamous and honestly...it didn't work. I'm just not wired that way.
  12. BBBoyfromTN

    How do you like your bottoms ass to be?

    a hole's a hole to me.
  13. BBBoyfromTN

    BBRT local Parties invites

    That is always the problem. I try and post a range of when the bottom is free. It has to be more than a couple of hours. Tops have to understand too...they may have to wait for their turn. It's not fun, but hey...that's life.
  14. I had shitty public school sex ed that included nothing about gay sex, HIV/AIDS prevention, or anything like that. I started having sex with buds at 13 and we never used condoms...never occurred to me I had a need to. It was only when I moved to ATL at 16 that I learned about risk factors with gay sex. I tried condoms and fucking hated using them and having guys fuck me with them. We lived in a heavily Latino part of time and most of the guys I hooked up with were Latino and none of them used condoms, not that I gave a shit. I have no idea when I pozzed or who pozzed me. Guys started saying I should get tested when I was 19 but I didn't really connect the dots...I figured they probably got it from someone else, never realizing they could have given it to me. I felt great, and still do. It was only when I took an Oraquick test that I realized I might be poz. I went through a lot once that happened and it took a while before I could see myself as a sexual being once again. Shit happens and what defines you is how you handle situations like that.
  15. BBBoyfromTN

    Helixstudios Twinks

    I would fucking LOVE to breed Andy Taylor or any of the Helix boys raw.

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