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  1. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Put an ad up on CL this week as I needed some new meat and man am I getting it. Just had an insanely hot swap fuck session with this 21 guy from Brazil who had an insanely huge uncut dick. He doubted I could take his dick as most guys can't but I took it all. He said he usually winds up getting fucked instead but hadn't been fucked in seven months. He was tight as hell as a result but took my time to open him up and breed him. He didn't even ask about condoms or my status, we just went for it. Pumped two loads in his ass and one down his throat, he pumped two in my ass and deep throated him until he shot down my throat. He enjoyed it so much we swapped digits, will be fucking again.
  2. Fucked around a LOT in HS and knocked up three I know of. Might have been a few others at spring break or where we hooked up anon.
  3. Knocked a girl up for the first time when we were both 15. I was totally relieved her parents made her get an abortion.
  4. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Was up early to hit the gym and got messaged on Grindr by this hot hung guy in his early 20's looking to see if I wanted my ass bred. He was staying in a hotel in downtown not far from me, so I figured I'd see if he was real or not, he'll I was already up and loved his thick meaty cock. I went by his hotel and to my shock he was real! We nervously moved into the room and he forced me down to suck his cock. He had to be 9+ with nice thickness and soon he was fucking my mouth pretty aggressively. After a bit of that he told me to get up and asked how I liked to get fucked and I said on my back with my legs over his shoulders. His face lit up with a smile and soon we were just like that with him sliding that massive dick in me raw. I hadn't explicitly said I wanted bare but saying I wanted to be bred must have given him the hint. I wasn't complaining to be sure. he was not gentle and soon was pounding me hard and deep, asking me how I liked his dick. He came with a series of deep hard thrusts and loud groans and I could feel him spurt in me. To my surprise when he pulled out he lubed my cock and started stroking me and soon he slid his ass down on my bare cock. I wasn't expecting that as he hadn't said he wanted to get fucked. He told me to warn him when I was close to cumming and I wasn't sure whether to have an "accident" or not. I throw off a lot of precum so he was gonna get cum in his ass one way or another, but I hate guys who like to get fucked but won't take my cum. I have a bi/str8 bud who's like that and he will take a guy bare but will never take the cum. He was riding me a while, regularly asking me if I was close. I was pretty sure I'd loaded his hole with precum and couldn't hold back any longer and told him I was close, he eased off my cock so that the head was close by his hole as he jerked me. I must have shot an enormous load and it really turned him on as it sprayed all over his ass and back. I'd barely finished spurting and he slid his dick back down on my cock again. He was frantically jacking his cock and before long asked if I wanted it in my mouth or in my ass. I told him I wanted to swallow him and soon he was fucking my mouth before shooting a huge load in it. I couldn't swallow fast enough and the cum poured out over my face, chin, cheeks, and neck. he asked me if I needed to shower and I said I did as I was a mess. We both got in the shower and for the first time I could see him more clearly. It was the guy in the photos, nice smooth body, with tine perky nipples and that big thick cock. I was still hard and he asked me if I wanted to fuck him again. I said I did and soon he was up against the wall as I fucked him. "I need you to pull out to cum" he reminded me and I kind of obliged. As I got close I pulled out to fake an orgasm and then slid back in just as I was about to cum, pumping every shot deep inside him. I don't think he realized it or maybe didn't care. We towelled off and I headed on my way, getting what I wanted and then some!
  5. I totally get how you feel. I started out young with buds and soon I just got this crazy desire to be fucked as much as I could get. It was never snouts and I constantly fantasizes about what a guy's dick was like, how it would feel in me, if I could feel it when he came inside me. That never changed for me. I don't really have any hobbies or things I do when I'm not working as I'm usually on apps looking for sex, cruising places, and so on. It's gotten to the point where on apps I've had sex with most of the guys who pop up and I guess for me I enjoy the thrill of getting new dick. I've gone on weekend getaways for sex too and that's been pretty fun too. is it an addiction? Probably. Is it unhealthy? Again, probably. But it's not like alcohol or drugs. I can still function and hold down a job.
  6. Sensual/affectionate and Pervy at the same time?

    I'm a passionate pig here too but there's room and a place for both. I love kissing, cuddling, caressing and so on, but know in a hookup I may not get that. Some bi and straight guys are circumspect and just won't do that, or save it for their GF/BF/wife/husband. That's cool. So long as they're breeding my hole or letting me breed them I don't care. I know if I pick up some rough trashy looking guy cruising a bathroom he's not gonna want to kiss or make out, he just wants to fuck or get fucked. To me kissing and making out is a huge bonus but I don't expect it on hookups or anon. I'll ask up front cause I don't want to make the guy uncomfortable. And sometimes I just don't want the engage,ent either. If I'm just gonna blow a guy Andrew nothing more then I'm there to blow him and swallow the load. I want to move on quick to the next guy.
  7. Augusta CumUnion

    I went to Cumunion in Augusta twice before moving to Dallas. It skews older and white, mostly guys in their 40's, 50's and up. If you're not super picky you'll get a lot of dick. Me personally, I preferred Cumunion in Atlanta as there were more younger guys and more diverse guys too ( love Latino cock and ass here). It's worth it though....
  8. Biohazard tattoos

    I'm poz and don't have any ink at all and I've known guys with biohazard tats that weren't even gay or poz. People get tats or choose not to for kinds of reasons and the same goes for designs. Me personally, I see a biohazard tat and I assume the the guy is poz. Whether he's detectable or not I don't know.
  9. I think it depends but overall, hell yes there's a stigma to being a slut or too easy. I can't remember how many times I'd mentioned I'd been recently fucked and mentioned it to the top only to have them decline my saying that they didn't want sex with someone that slutty. I was oNly thinking they'd realize my ass wasn't tight, maybe still had some lube or cum remnants or whatever, but I quickly realized fuck that noise. I now straight up lie even if I literally was just fucked. If he gets mad, well, ya shoulda asked! as far as fucking a slut, doesn't matter to me. A hole is a hole to me. Don't care if he still had a load in his ass, still has the lube, whatever. I fuck sloppy holes at sex clubs, groups, and ABS's so what do I care if it's a guy off CL or Grindr?
  10. Gloryhole and semi bath house advice

    If you're taking an anon cock through a glory hold you're accepting the risk. If the guy wants u wrapped he should ask first. Me, if I see a plus sized dick come through a gloryhole im gonna suck it and ride it raw, hoping he'll cum in my ass. And that's the thing...not all anon cocks through gloryholes are looking to achieve orgasm right there. Some want to fuck multiple asses before they cum. Some want a guy to swallow them. Some a re poz and worried about orgasming inside a guy. You just don't know what he wants. That can make it somewhat unsatisfying for the bottom. But if you're undetectable there's no worries there.
  11. Best Place in the U.S. to get Military Cum

    Briefly lived in Columbus Georgia and a lot of the Army boys would cruise parks like Flat Rock looking for cock and ass to fuck. Love army guys as they mostly just go raw, never ask about condoms. The sex club/ABS Foxes was good for military meat too. Most nights there were quite a few military guys there looking. I haven't been to the area around Fort Hood here in Texas but I hear it's good for anon hookups too. Bud of mine goes there on weekends to hook up with guys off Grindr and CL...has a think for Army guys and says it works great for him.
  12. Best location for DL Latin Dick

    Here in Dallas there's quite a few big Latino markets up and down Harry Hines Boulevard. You'll see guys there who are clearly looking...they'll lift up their short and rub their belly (I've been told that means they're looking to suck) or grabbing, tugging, playing with their cock. I head to the bathroom and see if they follow. If they do I know they're looking. I usually show hard at the urinals, see if they do too. If they are we take it to a stall or get in a car and go somewhere to fuck. Love Latino guys because they pretty much all just go bare, don't even ask first. Can't remember the last time a Latino guy asked me to put on a condom or put one on to fuck me. Love their big uncut dicks too. Heading over to the markets later this morning cause I want some.
  13. Interesting study. I eat more than I smoke just because I don't like the smell or the smoke. While I'm poz I'm not on meds and have felt fine...asymptomatic really.ni guess maybe there's a connection?
  14. Docking has a high transmission rate?

    Poz and uncut here...hadn't heard of this study yet. I know being uncut puts you at higher risk for contracting and transmitting HIV/AIDS and so I guess transmission through docking makes sense. I must truly be naive as I figured it would be safe or safer and used it as an alternative for guys who didn't want to bareback, instead I've been exposing them. Thinking of a partnered bud I do this wife regularly as he doesn't consider it cheating on his BF. We do it cause he's not on Prep and won't BB...guess he could get pozzed as a result after all.
  15. Unexpected Forced Breeding by Military Stud

    Fucking LOVED it! Had something very similar happen to me playing Let It Ride at the Stratosphere when I was there last in November except the guy was Army. We started chatting and he was rubbing his leg on mine...obvious he was interested. We went back to my room and maybe he fucked with my drink, not sure, but we got in bed and it all went down like that. We didn't even talk about condoms or bare, he just lubed me up then forced himself on me and in me. I wanted to fuck yeah, but also wanted to suck his cock, swallow a load, but he pretty much raped me, shooting two loads inside me, all while telling me what a slut and a whore I was, demanding I beg for his cum. I'd have let him bareback me but I guess he didn't want to take his chances. Thing that sucked was I couldn't get fucked for s while after that and also wanted to fuck him too.

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