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  1. I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    I don't care how good a bottom he is...fuck that pulling out shit. Cum should be shot inside. I've never asked a guy to pull out to cum and hate it when a guy asks me to pull out to cum. I'll still fuck him in hopes he changes his mind or I'll have an "accident" and cum inside him anyhow. Maybe it's the "porno effect" where guys see it in pornos and think it's hot and want you to do the same thing, but they don't realize how unsatisfying it is for a top. If a guy asks for that upfront I move on to someone else.
  2. Nipples

    I'd recently seen a photo of myself when I was 15 and realized how truly tiny my nipples were then compared to now. They certainly aren't huge now but noticeably bigger. Early on I learned my nipples were hard wired to my cock and when a guy gave me a tittie twisted in HS I was rock hard for a while. Guys I have sex with usually like to do nipple play cause they like the results and I guess from all the years of play they've gotten larger. I go crazy when guys nibble them, but them, pull on them. If a guy is just sucking my cock playing with my nipples gets me to cum pretty quick. If I want to have an "accident" where I'm going bare but supposed to pull out to cum I tell the bottom to play with my nipples hard, guaranteed I'll cum before I can pull out. i think the more you do nipple play the more this happens and they get perkier too. But I do have a bud who has enormous nipples that also weren't big when he was younger and he's not into nipple play as it does nothing for him. He's puzzled because guys are so obsessed about his nipples and they aren't at all sensitive. this leads me to a question about piercing nipples as I've considered it but worry about affecting my sensitivity. Does getting you nipples pierced increase the sensitivity or decrease it? I'd love to have something for guys to tug and pull on. Thoughts?
  3. outdoor cruising still a thing?

    It's still a thing here in Dallas. Mostly Latinos do it, guess they don't want to get caught with apps for gay sex on their phones. Probably 80 to 90% of the guys looking and cruising in parks and bathrooms are Latino...not that I'm complaining. It's probably a cultural thing too.
  4. If I want right now Grindr. I can usually find a guy who wants BB or who can be talked into it. BBRT is great because it i eliminates having to negotiate that. My Grindr profile says BB only so it helps weed things out pretty quickly...get a lot of guys curious about barebacking or who are too ashamed to admit it on their profiles.
  5. Shaking after sex

    I've had it happen a few times. Sometimes it's just that I was in an awkward position when getting fucked, but I think what u describe is just a full body orgasm. You simply just wanted and needed the fucking you got. I got twg teamed by these two super-hot and hung Latino boys Saturday, was getting spit roasted and double penned and at one point when Both shot in my ass and we're still inside me I had one of those massive shudders of satisfaction. They were worried I was having a seizure, but no...felt so good and sprayed a truly massive load all over the one guy.
  6. Your Sexual Identity?

    Labels are for cans.i hate when people ask me this question because there's no easy answer so I say straight rather than straight/bi because then I have to answer more questions. I was really socially awkward with girls in school and could never work up enough nerve to go on many dates or to go very far sexually. It was easier with guys and I have a really high sex drive so guys became an easy outlet. Turned out I love sucking cock and getting fucked too so that just picked up steam to where I was pretty much exclusively having sex with guys even though I'm attracted to girls. As things got further and further along I realized the idealized dream of getting married to a girl and having kids wasn't going to happen. I was too far down the rabbit hole and had let too many things get in my head and fuck with me. It doesn't help I came from a really poor family, had low self-esteem, and other issues. It's just easier to have sex with guys and avoid commitments. I can have as much sex as I want and honestly I don't want or need a relationship as I'm pretty much incapable of monogamy. Maybe at some point when sex isn't such an important part of my life I'll settle for a monogamous relationship but that's not where I am now.
  7. POLL: What is YOUR DICK SIZE???

    7 1/2 here uncut, thicker towards the base
  8. How often do you see fuck buds?

    It varies depending on the guy. I have ne kid who works a construction site near me and he pretty much texts me every morning wanting to fuck and then again leaving the job site. He's 19 and always horny...tops and bottoms. I've got another fuck bud who's mixed race, 19, bi, slutty and fucks around a lot, so it's not so regular but still hot. I've got this group of three guys who go to SMU and we have a kind of regular Friday or Saturday thing, they'll message me when then want to do the group thing. Got another 19 y/o guy...dunno his story at all, just get a "sup" text every once in a while out of the blue and have to jump on it quick or he jacks off and doesn't need me. Guys are so random in what they want and I've just stopped to figure it all out...I just take what I can get.

    Had two 12"ers...this insanely hot always horny Dominican guy in Atlanta, and a younger football build Mexican kid here in Dallas who is also super-thick. His cock truly destroys my ass.
  10. I pretty much will only bareback as top or bottom but from time to time run into a hot guy who insists on a condom either way. While I fucking HATE that I'll work with it and either slide the condom off of I'm topping or sabotage the condom. I've gotten to be a pro at sabotaging a condom and know all sorts of tricks. I deliberately keep my pinkie fingernail long and ragged just for that purpose. I regularly swap loads with this insanely hot 18 year old former HS Lacrosse player who is an absolute condom Nazi. I usually give him condoms I've sabotaged and have had a few fail on him. Fucking him though I've had a very high fail rate so I know he's taken lots of my seed. I make sure to quickly take the condom off and flush it down the toilet or throw it in the trash so he can't inspect it. He does the same with his. So far he hasn't realized when my condom fails but always realizes it when his does. Sadly he usually brings the condoms because I never have any. fucking in public I'll always try and snag the other guys condom with my nail to tear it so it fails and do that with mine too. Usually the guy does realize it until after he's cum or I've cum and by then it's too late. Condom sabotage...it's hot!!!
  11. Do it all the time cause I fucking HATE guys who make me wear one to fuck them. Hooked up with this hot young guy at TMC Saturday night but he wanted me to fuck him safe even though he fucked me bare and came inside me. Fuck that. He was drunk and high so I made dame sure to pull it off before I came and seeded his hole good, pull out to "take my condom off" and asked him for another cause I wanted to cum inside him a second time and did the same thing with my second load. Love hate fucking a guy like that and leaving my swimmers inside.
  12. Getting bb sex on Grindr

    I mention I only want bb/raw/bare on all of my profiles and yeah...it cuts down on the flakes, sex negative whiners, and gets to the guys who like it the way I do. That said, with younger guys or bi/str8 guys I sometimes have to explain what that means. Younger guys usually want bare anyhow, still have to negotiate with the bi/str8 guys but most of them just want release and if they're fucking me really don't care, apps a re a godsend for hooking up and having your profile working for you makes it even better.
  13. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Was out on the paths along Turtle Creek last night and saw this hot young blonde guy, shirtless and seemed like he was looking. I saw he headed off to the bushes so I doubled back and followed him in. He'd pulled his shorts down and was stroking an impressively thick cock, so I pulled mine out and soon we were stroking each other's dicks. I stare red fingering his ass and that got him moaning pretty hard. We were both throwing off a lot of precum and he asked me if I had a condom. I said I didn't and asked if he wanted to tuck. He said he did, but didn't bareback. I told him I could pull out to cum and that he didn't have to wrap to fuck me. He said nothing for what seemed like an eternity and then asked if I had lube. I told him I did and handed it to him. Quickly he lubed his ass and my cock and turned his back to me. I slid inside him, which got him moaning like crazy and soon I was stroking deep inside him. I asked him how he liked it, how good it felt, anything to get him away from focusing on me orgasming. I couldn't hold back any longer and told him I was about to cum. He again said not to cum inside him, so I pulled out until just the tip was in as I jacked to completion. As I came my cock head was in his ass but I could feel cum leaking out, but surely some went in his ass and once I'd almost finished shooting I slid back in to finish, pretending I'd already spent my load. He didn't object or complain. he told me it was my tun and lubed up his dick and my ass and nothing could have prepared me for how that thick cock was going to stretch my hole goi g in. It was painful and he told me he probably would cum pretty quick and asked if I was sure I wanted him to cum inside me. I told him I was and he came pretty soon after...a powerful blast I could feel. He kept stroking inside me only it was easier now and he could get all of his cocktails in. He was stroking mightily and before long pumped a second load inside me. He pulled out and seemed in a hurry to get dressed and get out of there. I offered to swap digits, said we should do it again but he seemed preoccupied or I guess he got what he wanted. Maybe he didn't like the small talk afterwards. That was it for me...my ass was pretty sore and still is this morning. If I do anything today it'll be top only.
  14. Cumdump sat nov 25th no loads refused

    Private message me, cause I'll come.
  15. When fuckbuds decide to no longer BB

    It might be he's poz and wrapping to spare giving it to you. Could also be he's dating someone and doesn't want to pick up something. I've usually had the opposite happen...guys wanted to wear them at first and then after a while just stop.

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