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  1. BBBoyfromTN

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    As I was at the airport for my flight to ATL I realized I was probably being cruised by this hot young military looking guy. The airport was pretty dead at midday so I followed him into the bathroom and saw he was headed into the big handicap stall and was motioning for me to join him. I followed in a closed the door and he pulled out a nice thick uncut cock that was rock hard. I wasn't gonna wait for an invitation and dropped to my knees to suck on his cock, which was leaking a lot of tasty precum. I began pulling off my shorts in case he wanted to fuck me as I wanted to be ready. I was giving him the best head I could and he suddenly pushed me back and stopped me, saying he was close to cumming and motioned for me to stand up. As I did he asked if he could fuck me, and I said yeah. I'd been fucked earlier that morning so I knew even with that big cock I should be able to take him. The only thing was I didn't have any lube on me as I didn't want to risk it with security and he didn't either, so he wound up spitting on my ass as his cock. It hurt at first, but soon he was balls deep in me and it was hot he didn't even bother with a condom. He was pounding me pretty hard and I was trying hard not to make a lot of noise, but it was difficult as he was pounding me so hard and deep. Finally he busted inside me with an intense orgasm I could feel and it turned me on when he said he wanted to put another in me too. As he was fucking me he was stroking my cock, telling me how bad he wanted to fuck me, and that once he came in me again it was his turn. That this hot stud wanted my seed inside him had me horny as fuck and he seemed to desperately want it because as soon as he came again he pulled out of me and was up against the wall for me to fuck him. I was spitting on his ass and also wiping some of his cum from my ass on his ass and my cock and as I slid in him he gasped and asked if I had a condom on or not. I kept sliding more inside him and told him I didn't have one. He groaned and asked me to stop as he wanted me to put one on. I kept sliding more in and asked if he had one and he said he didn't. By now I was stroking in him balls deep hoping he'd change his mind. He was gasping and not saying much, which I took as being tacit agreement to getting fucked bare. i normally would offer to pull out to cum but this fucker had unloaded in my twice and now he had the balls to ask me to wrap? Fuck that noise! I figured I'd lean into it and started telling him I knew he wanted me to cum in his ass. Again he said nothing as I kept pounding in him and I knew then he did want me to cum inside him. i precum like crazy and my dick was sliding in him balls deep with no problem. I told him how hot his ass was and how bad I wanted to cum inside him. And truthfully it felt like he'd been fucked recently too. I finally blew my load inside him with no further protests, pulled out, hitched up my shorts and headed out, leaving him there with my load in his ass, my job done. I grabbed lunch and headed to my gate only to realize he was there in my gate area. Love is a small airport so it was no coincidence he was there and I presumed on my flight. I smirked at him and sat down and he shot me a mischevious evil grin. As we lined up for preboarding he was near me and once on the plane he sat next to me. This had me worried as I'd seen him as an anon hookup but maybe he was looking for more. He introduced himself as Jake and I introduced myself as well. It turned out he was indeed in the Army and was going from Fort Hood to Fort Benning. I didn't want to sound like a slut but I'd been with lots of military guys like him as I'd often go down to Fort Benning to cruise parks and places lit Foxes to hoo up with guys like him. The plane was about half full and few people near us. After take off I felt his hand on my cock and he started rubbing my dick through my shorts. I could see he was hard too and I wondered where this was gonna go. He had me close to orgasm a couple times but backed off and soon I had a massive wet spot on the front of my shorts. He was playing with his dick too and suggesting we should fuck again when we got to Atlanta. We talked some more and I learned more about him, like that he joined the Army out of high school, was only 19, and was straight until he joined. It was only once he joined he started having sex with guys and claimed he only does it for sexual release. That may sound fine, but I wasn't buying it as he seemed a little too eager to get fucked in the ass. But I didn't care...all I wanted to do at that point was to plug his ass again and maybe take his cock too. When we got to Atlanta we both hit the first restroom at the concourse and immediately stripped naked again. I was gonna fuck that stud until my balls were empty and promptly dumped a load inside him and kept stroking to pop a second one inside him. This time he was begging for my cum though, which put me over the top. by the time it was over he had three of my loads in his hole. Once I was out it was my turn and again he pumped two loads in me in pretty rapid succession. They weren't such intense orgasms this time but I could feel the first load he busted inside me. Once we were all done I scarcely knew what to do. I said I was only in Atlanta for the weekend and then back to Dallas. He looked sheepish and said he was going to be stationed at Fort Benning and added he was really only looking for sex. I thanked him for being honest and admitted I usually only had casual hook ups and anon sex. He laughed a knowing laugh at that and said he preferred anon too and was glad I got that. I pulled my shorts back on and headed out and realized he'd stayed behind. Curious got the better of me and I ducked into a news stand to get a coke and see if he headed out. He did, but only to hang outside of the bathroom, like he was looking for another guy. I could only guess he was hoping to get fucked anon again by another guy. Part of me wanted to stay and watch it play out, but I had places to go and things to do.
  2. BBBoyfromTN

    Last load through glory hole

    And a good time was had by all! i guess I prefer to see who's fucking me, but if a cock is hot I'll back up on it. Last anon dick I took through a glory hole was in Nogales, Mexico some months back. I was at this sex Club and this hot twink took me in a stall to fuck. I was breeding his hole and I saw this big hot uncut dick poking through a glory hole and the twink saw it too. He told me I should ride it while I fuck him and I slid down on the cock and he again started riding mine. The guy on the other side started giving me a hell of a fucking as the twink rode my dick and before long I blasted inside the twink. The guy fucking me came not long after pumping one of the most intense blasts I'd ever felt in my ass. Once he pulled out the twink turned me to face the wall and added his own cum to my ass as well. Ever since I fantasize about what that guy must have looked like and wishing I could get his load again,
  3. BBBoyfromTN

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Woke up at 4am, couldn't sleep so got on Grindr. Within minutes was chatting with this cute 25 y/o Latino boy Trey who was high af and wanted to hook up. Was north of me in East Dallas, no car but wanted to play with his thick uncut dick. Sadly he didn't wanna fuck but was down to get fucked and was cool with bare. Hotter still he didn't ask my status so I could tell he wanted to get fucked bad. He was exactly like he said in his profile and as we headed back to my place he pulled out his dick and put a show on for me. He was leaking precum like crazy and i wanted to taste that bad. We got back to my place and we were straight to the bedroom stripping off clothes. He'd said he wanted to hit poppers hard and I got my best out of the fridge and had him hitting it. He was bent over the bed doggy and I was quickly balls deep in him and realized he already had a load or loads in his ass and I could feel the other dudes cum leaking out. That had me hard as fuck as now I knew he was a Percy fucker...probably up all night on CL taking anon loads raw. I was taking him to pound town Andrew he was moaning like the dirty fucker he is, letting out loud groans as I went balls deep. I wasn't stroking long before I let go of my firs time big blast of cum inside him. He was moaning and yelling shit in Spanish...clearly he was loving it. The thoughts of who the other guys were who bred his ass before me were swirling in my head. I wondered if he just took their loads too and didn't give a fuck whether they were poz or not. I could judge cause I love to get high and take anon seed too and the thought of it popped load two balls deep in him. i slid out and we started kissing and playing with his dick. We sparked up a joint and started swapping clouds between us. It was clear he was pretty high and feeling good, and he told me how much he loved me fucking him and how intense my orgasms were inside him. Once we'd finished the joint I swung down to suck on his dick, swinging mine up for him to suck on, and soon we were bother eagerly sucking each other's dicks. I loved how thick his cock was and how much precum he was throwing off. I starting fingering his ass and using the cum leaking out of it to lube his dick as I sucked and stroked. As he got close to cumming he held my head down on his cock and started bucking and thrusting his cock in my mouth, fucking it furiously, releasing an enormous load in my mouth I could barely swallow. I could only guess he wanted to bottom when he was high as his profile said vers and I'd askied him to fuck me he declined. I was no close to cumming and asked if he wanted it in his mouth or ass...he wanted ass so I flipped him on his back so I could see his face as I unloaded in him. He wasn't hitting the poppers now but was looking in my eyes deeply and intensely, waiting for me to nut inside him. His face was ecstasy as I blew my load in him. He was still horny but I was spent. We smoked another joint and chatted a little bit before he said he needed me to drop him home. I already had his name and number and he asked if he could hit me up again and I said sure. I kept it light and breezy, not letting on I knew he'd been fucked already but I was sure he knew I knew it. I could tell he's a lot like me...what more need be said. On the drive home I could see he was back on Grindr, no doubt looking for the next guy to load his ass.
  4. BBBoyfromTN

    #MeToo Movement

    Gay men aren't any different than straight men and I say that as a rape victim and victim of non-consensual sexual assault. But let's be honest, in both groups there is a subset we should just call rapists. The overwhelming number of gay and straight men aren't rapists. Will they take advantage of someone who's drunk/high and pliable? Sure. Consent is a slippery thing. I've been with plenty of drunk/high guys and girls where I went for it was more a matter of "they didn't say no" than them saying yes. In those situations I get what I want and leave before they sober up. But that's WAY different than cruising a guy in a bathhouse, ABS, park, or bathroom. They can say no to something. They have agency. If they're dropping their shorts and baring their ass I know they want my dick in them and I'm gonna give it to them, raw, and I'm gonna cum inside them unless they say otherwise. If they wanna fuck me im gonna be unequivocal about what I want. but as a whole most guys aren't rapists and abusive assholes. I've had guys go harder on me than I've expected or get rougher than I've wanted and I've spoke up when it wasn't something I've wanted. I know some guys won't speak up and will just take it but that's on them for not speaking up. We all have voices and we need to learn to use them.
  5. I'm with Ozpig here. I've been ganged/tag teamed quite a few times and after the third guy pops his load in me that's about where I start leaking cum. I can keep taking loads but my ability to hold them in me starts to fail. And I was surprised by the math on the volume and the number of loads to fill your colon. I never was good at keeping track of how many guys fuck me in gang fucks/tag team u til I have to tap out but it feels like I've taken a gallon of cum but I know it's nowhere near that.
  6. BBBoyfromTN

    In praise of good old fashioned cruising

    Ever since Craigslist pulled their personals I've tried the apps but found that it can be hot or Miss so I started cruising some of the notorious parks here in Dallas and also bathrooms where I suspected guys would cruise and have had a LOT more success that way. Was at the big Mexican market on Harry Hines yesterday and hooked up with four different hot Mexican guys in the bathroom. Hit the Katy Trail last night and hooked up with three more guys. Love hot anon fucking like that...never bring condoms and most guys wind up not even asking for them...just go raw
  7. BBBoyfromTN

    Help - what's my sexual orientation?

    I'm not sure why you feel a compulsion to put a label on yourself. I have a confused and conflicted sexual orientation as well and hate people slapping labels on me and don't want to put one on myself. I'm just sexual. I know quite a few bi/str8 guys like you who really loved to get fucked and having a guy cum inside the, who aren't attracted to guys at all. They just want the sex act and not the kissing or other things. They don't cum for guys, don't get hard for guys, etc. there's nothing wrong or abnormal about it. Some have girlfriends, date girls, are engaged or married and what they want their girl can't give them. I guess to me sexual attraction equals orientation. You're attracted to girls and that tells me you're straight. That you enjoy getting fucked in the ass is incidental. It doesn't make you gay or probably even bi. You just want an act performed on you with connection or attachment and that's fine. A lot of guys just want release and you'll have no problem finding that,
  8. BBBoyfromTN


    I can't speak to the economics of it and who pays, who gets it subsidized, or for free, just from my own talking to guys I've been with who either are on it or claim to be on it. It is expensive, even on insurance. When it first came out I was still back in ATL and they had a program to get sexually active teens and young adults on it to prevent the spread of HIV and were essentially giving it away. Im sure that programs like that are still around, but no idea if there's qualifiers to get into them. Quite a few younger guys are on their parents insurance and get it through that. But I'm finding a lot of younger guys are either seeking out guys on PREP for sex just so they can bare fuck without the risk and are claiming t be on Prep but really aren't. It's become a convenient excuse to ask for bare sex...kind of like how guys say they're neg, recently tested and such. I know a few guys in that 18 to 25 category who aren't really on Prep but claim they are just so they can go raw and some are pretty slutty too. That'll catch up with them sooner or later, but I imagine that a lot of guys are lying about being on PREP.
  9. BBBoyfromTN

    Using other tops cum as lube

    Cum should never be wasted. It should be swallowed or shot in an ass. When I was very young I was having sex with a Latino kid my age and he jacked me off and used my cum to lube my ass and his dick to fuck me...it felt amazing and as he joked "you fucked yourself." It was indescribably hot and I started doing it too. It works great for when you dont have lube. Quite a few Latino guys have done that to me and I've done it to them so maybe it's a Latino thing?
  10. I usually get "guy" or "buddy" if I get anything at all. Sometimes bro or dude. I usually use guy or buddy myself. Most of the sex I have is anon and even with guys I've hooked up with multiple times I don't really know their names. And who knows if the names they give me are legit or not? I give out a different name with tricks who ask. That way when I get a random text I know it's for sex. One of the guys I hook up with regularly does the same thing...he hustles/escorts and doesn't want people calling him by his real name. I've had a lot of guys call me pig, slut, whore, etc while fucking me too...that's cool too.
  11. BBBoyfromTN

    "Breeding" if not Poz?

    To me breeding has always meant cumming inside a girl or guy versus fucking which can be either using a condon, pulling out to cum or cumming inside. Breeding implies deliberately wanting to inseminate. When I hear a poz guy putting poz seed in a negative bottom I think of the term pozzing, to deliberately try and make that person poz. And also stealthing, which is putting a poz load in a guy without telling him you're poz. I regularly use the term breed and breeding to mean bareback, bare, or raw. Most guys I use that term with take it to mean that as well. If breed meant a desire to get pozzed then there are a LOT of chasers out there.
  12. BBBoyfromTN

    real dilemma

    You sound a lot like me as I'm bi and love to get fucked. I beg of you though, go on Prep if you're going to bottom bare. Once you experience the feeling and sensation of a guy cumming inside you, you're going to want it again and again. You won't be able to get enough. You'll be on apps desperately looking for more guys to fill the need. You'll start being less picky about who fucks you. You'll start taking anon cock. It can get out of control. And that's not just me. I have other buds who were str8 and bi who love getting fucked so much they go down the path too. I have a bud who claimed to be str8 but had a GF and wound up getting fucked so much he broke up with her and stopped dating girls so he could get fucked more. He cruises parks and bathrooms for random anon dick and goes to sex clubs and bathhouses. Trust me...it can take over your life.
  13. For me it depends on the situation. I prefer being naked whenever possible and prefer having on as little clothing as I have to. If I'm cruising a park or somewhere outdoors I usually only have on a pair of nylon shorts, t-shirt in hand in case I need it. Cruising a bathroom nylon shorts and a t-shirt. If I'm in a safe controlled environment with a guy I trust I'll be buck ass naked. If the situation is a little sketchy I keep all my clothes in a pile where I can grab them in a hurry and jet. If I'm going to a hotel I've paid attention to where the exits and stairwells are in case I have to leave quickly and I've had situations where I've had to grab my clothes and flee naked just to get away from a situation. At a bathhouse or sexclub I usually leave on my nylon shorts as I don't want everyone freely pawing me. I have a very nice sized dick that gets attention but too often guys see that and assume I'm a top and frankly, sometimes I just wanna bottom. But my kink is more about being naked than having on socks while infuck or something like that. I have a bud who likes to keep his socks and sneakers on when he has sex and that's cool...it's his kink...not mine
  14. BBBoyfromTN

    Best Friends Brother

    I was in a nearly identical situation twice with older brothers of buds of mine, and in both cases they were "straight" with girlfriends. I quickly realized that for them I was just a sexual outlet, a hole to shoot their load in, that meant nothing to them emotionally. They aren't "cheating" on their GF per see because they don't have an expection or desire for it to become a relationship that supplants the GF. In short, it's just sex. And you don't know about his relationship with his GF. Maybe it's not exclusive. Maybe it's open. Maybe she knows he plays with guys and Is cool with it. i grew up in a rural, sparsely populated part of the US that is probably a LOT like Atlantic Canada. You and the cheater don't have a lot of options for sex. It works for him and to a degree it's working for you, you say you hate cheaters and here you are cheating, or more to the point enabling him to cheat. Let's be honest...if you do an ugly nasty break up EVERYONE will know about it. Are you prepared for those consequences? Even if you're out he could make your life miserable and you might lose your bud (his brother). Be prepared for that. You really don't know this guy (the cheater) and what he's capable of, so tread lightly. But you have agency. You're allowing this to continue and enabling him to do it. Therefore a part of you finds enough pleasure to get past the revulsion at the cheating aspect. again...we are a lot alike. I was disgusted by cheaters but soon realized the person who has to live with that problem is the cheater. I regularly have sex with gay/bi/str8 marrried guys, guys with BFs and GFs and have no problem doing it. It's on them.
  15. BBBoyfromTN

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Had trouble sleeping last night and figured a fuck would help me sleep. No messages on my phone so went on Grindr. Was chatting with a trashy looking inked dude with a nice sized cock. He wasn't having any luck even with that monster dick...problem was he was admitting he didn't know his status and really wanted bare. I told him I was the same, which is sort of true, so he came over. He was actually pretty good looking aside from a scruffy beard and you only saw the ink once he had his clothes off. Once they were off it was clear he was gonna top me and it was gonna be rough, and it was. Even though I get fucked regular he was really giving me the business and I was gasping and short on breathe thanks to the deep strokes he was making. He busted one load inside me and kept stroking, not even missing a beat until he pumped a second load in me. He eagerly rolled over on his back and I was balls deep in him with his legs over my shoulders pounding his hole as he begged for my load. I gave him what he wanted and was spent. He was clearly down for just a quickie and was pulling his clothes on not long after I shot. He said he enjoyed it and said we should do it again and rushed out. I hope we do but sometimes you just get one shot.

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