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  1. BBBoyfromTN

    Are you capable of monogamy?

    I think the uniqueness and difference of each guy isn't what I enjoy which predisposes me to say I'm probably not inclined towards monogamy. In high school I tried "dating" of sorts or being committed and monogamous but always wound up cheating and lying, which I hated myself for doing. I tried honesty but most guys that age didn't want to be with sluts or just wanted a hole to fuck, so I wound up being the hole to fuck. That's pretty much who I still am. I've had guys who've wanted to date me but I just can't do that...it's just not me.
  2. BBBoyfromTN

    My regular fuckbuddy has fallen love with me (?)

    This isn't in the category of fantasy versus reality. He fantasizes about you getting fucked by other guys,, but when it really happens it's either not what he thought it would be as he feels jealous, inadequate, or redundant. I've been on both sides of this equation as guys find it hot that I'm slutty but as soon as I'm actually doing something slutty the equation/dynamic changes and they freak the fuck out. Thankfully I've gotten to the point where I'm confident enough in myself and detached enough from emotional commitment that I don't get like that too. Years ago I had this deep notional commitment with this straight boy I was having sex with regularly and I thought it would be hot to see another guy bareback him. He agree and I found a guy to do it but got insanely jealous when it went down as he was enjoying it too much. He'd fantasizes about getting fucked by random guys but was too scared to do it and now his fantasy was coming true. Would he start wanting other guys to fuck him anon and bare? That was my ass and I wasn't sharing! We talked about it after that but things were never the same. He really enjoyed that experience and soon was soon was fucking around like crazy. He probably has hurt feelings. Some guys are cool with playing the field but many aren't. I have quite a few regular fuck buds who are pretty slutty and fuck and get fucked on the side a lot. They're cool with it and so am I. I also have some fuck buds who are pretty uptight and think that they're the only guy I play with. I let them believe that lie and am not going to tell them otherwise. They think I belong to them so that we can keep fucking and I'm cool with keeping up that fantasy for them. We believe what we want to believe. It sounds like your fuck bud wants you to be a slut in his fantasies but just belong to him in reality. You have to decide if you want to maintain that illusion.
  3. BBBoyfromTN

    Drug addicts & sex

    I've known a few guys who could be "persuaded" to have gay sex in exchange for drugs that were pretty much bi or straight and some I was pretty sure were addicts. Some of guys who hustled that I knew had to get high to trick to get over their nerves. I also knew this bigger dude who was in his early 20's who used drugs to get and keep guys that he could fuck and who would fuck him...felt that was the only way he could get sex, and pretty much all of the guys he had were addicts. He didn't care but he wouldn't do much in the way of drugs. IVe certainly had sex with addicts and one of my regular fuck buds I would say is an addict. I can tell when he's using as he's way more animated and verbal and usually can't get fucked enough. We've done some three ways and group stuff when he's high too and it's hot seeing his hole getting used by multiple guys, especially since he's "straight" and has a GF. Early on when I was coming to terms with my being bi/gay I use daily a lot of drugs and was probably borderline addicted. I would get high, cruise parks, bathrooms, Grindr, CL and such for anon sex and would pretty much take any cock no questions asked. But after a couple scary things happened I backed off doing that. But I could see how guys can slide into addiction and promiscuity...for sure!
  4. BBBoyfromTN

    Are You Clean?

    I'm very clean. I fucking love it when guys ask that as my answer is always yes, I'm clean. They're not asking if I'm poz or neg, just clean...which seriously...wtf does that even mean? I love nothing more than getting asked that cause I know the guy wants bare and I am gonna seed that ass. Nothing gets me harder than seeding the ass of a guy who's asked me that.
  5. BBBoyfromTN

    Are places like baths, ABS, etc known for barebacking?

    You are right about the "silent consent" aspect and that younger guys like me tend to have body issues and insecurity about their looks that scares them away from sex clubs, bathhouses, and ABS. Not me personally, as I've worked through those issues, but I had them. For all the "participation ribbon" jokes and entitlement digs made about people my age we are also sensitive about so many things even though we were told we were loved regardless. I was skinny and goofy looking as a teen but that's what led me to anon sex; I didn't want the judgement. I know PLENTY of guys who wouldn't change into a jockstrap or shower for gym class. They were straight up ashamed of their body because they were chubby, hated their nipples, felt their dick or balls were too small or whatever. I've run into more than a few guys my age at sex clubs, ABS, and bathhouses who have a death grip over their cock that tells me they have a small one and are embarrassed. They'd rather be celibate then strip down to a bathing suit or be naked at a bathhouse. They'll run to the blackout room though and quickly and eagerly take any cock though, then Flee before someone see them naked. There's so much more bound up in this. That's why so many insecure guys wind up spending time at the gym working out...to change the paradigm...or they simply give up, stay home, play video games and get baked. I know quite a few in both categories. silent consent is real. If a guy bares his ass I'm entering him raw and cumming inside him. I've had guys ask me if I'm wrapped mid-fuck but that's rare. I've had guys ask me to pull out to cum too, but most want it or just don't care. I do the same thing too...I want it bare and wanna feel the cum inside me. I do t ask and if the guy goes in bare or wrapped I don't give a shit. If you want safe sex you have to ask. You have a voice, use it!
  6. BBBoyfromTN

    Bottoms: When Do You Want To Cum?

    Truthfully, when I'm getting fucked I have little to no control over cumming, other than to tell the top to stop or pull out. Getting fucked usually causes me to involuntarily cum unless I've already cum a couple times already. Getting fucked I don't even have to touch my cock and will cum...my cock is that hard wired to my ass and getting fucked. I've tried a few techniques to not cum but none work. That's why usually I fuck the other guy first and try and get two loads off first, then let him fuck me. If the guy is all top though I just spray away...
  7. It's achingly sad. The product of Decades of entrenched systematic racism and oppression resulting in lack of economic opportunity, little access to preventative care, and poor education. I can't help but also think of how such things were said of blacks in the 1950's and 1960's to stop integration. That blacks would spread STDs in swimming pools and such. Yeah, I suppose the rate is higher amongst blacks and had heard the same of Latinos too. My hunch is they can't afford Prep and so whether or not you contract HIV is now more a function of economic circumstance than race. annecdotally I don't know that I necessarily believe the CDC, but then again guys do lie. Most of the black guys I've hooked up say they're neg. now, maybe they're lying or don't really know...hard to say. But I do know this...I've yet to run into a single black guy who's been on Prep. Ditto with Latinos.
  8. BBBoyfromTN

    The Phrase "Fuck Yeah"

    Fuck yeah I use and hear fuck yeah a lot. I find with most guys there tends to be a reflexive or repetitive phrase they'll utte when getting fucked lik god yeah, fuck me, cum in me, mmm, and such. Doesn't bother me...tells me I'm doing my job and they're enjoying it.
  9. Our office is in downtown Dallas and El Centro College is near where I catch the DARTtrain to get home. They have a nursing school and I've hooked up with a few of the guys in the nursing school, usually going into a bathroom to fuck or going back to my place. They're mostly Latino guys, late teens and early 20's and probably predisposed to bareback like most latino guys are. I honestly cannot remember the last time one of them asked me to wrap to fuck them or wrapped to fuck me. They just go for it, don't ask status or just ask if I'm clean. Maybe they're already on Prep due to the potential for accidental needle stabs, don't know, but they fuck raw with abandon. Picked one up last week, went back to my place and fucked each other until we were spent.
  10. BBBoyfromTN

    Porn stars with biohazard tatts

    I love the BSB video of Jaxon Ryder barebacking that hot twink Brody Lasko! That got me massively hard thinking that Jaxon could be pozzing Brody as I love to breed and poz hot thinks that and Brody is a MAJOR fantasy of mine...fuck a lot of cute boys like him. Billy Dexter is hot too and love that he's verse. But yeah...I think it's like a bud of mine who got a biohazard tat and didn't know it's significance in the gay community. Lots of guys assume he's poz and gay as a result.
  11. BBBoyfromTN

    Neg guys don't mind fucking a poz bottom

    I think most tops just don't give a fuck. They just want to get off and either do t know or know care that they're at risk. That or they think you're on meds. To be honest, regardless of whether I'm topping or bottoming it's increadingly rare that a guy wants to use condoms or have me use them. Some guys will ask about HIV status but accept an answer of "clean" or neg on its face. It's nice that you're showing concern about pozzing a top but most don't know or care about their risk.
  12. I've been a total slut sexually since my teens and never have given a shit. STI's are an occupational hazard of fucking. They've never stopped me from having fun and if they're weren't any it wouldn't change me a bit.
  13. BBBoyfromTN

    STD testing poll

    I'll go see a doctor if I think I've got something, but one of that's the case. To be fair I've had enough STDs enough times to know what I think I have and usually I'm right. But I draw the line at HIV testing as honestly I just can't deal with that. I'm healthy and asymptomatic so I'm good for now. Much of the sex I do is anon so I can't really track people down or provide contact information and that's what I tell when asked. Yes, I do have regulars that I play with but they're big boys and know the risks of fucking bare. It's more or less a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Maybe they're already poz, or on Prep, or don't give a fuck. If I get something I might have passed on to someone I let them know about it. Most are cool...they're fucking around too...it's an occupational hazard. I guess we're not so hung up STD's and talking about as older people are. A female friend of mine thought she might have HIV and was kind of freaked out but got tested and it was herpes and it was all good. She still hooks up with random guys and takes cock and loads bare. She's like most guys I know...it's no big deal.
  14. BBBoyfromTN

    Bottoms with little dicks

    Doesn't matter to me...a hole's a hole. It bugs me that many feel shame about it and will cover it with their hands when they're wandering around a sex club or bathhouse. Was at Club Dallas this weekend and was this totally hot guy I was into and wanted to play with and suck hos cock, see where it went but he had a death grip on his cock. I had mine out and hoped he'd play with it but nothing. Got hard, stroked it, rubbed it on him and said we should move to a booth...he wouldn't move. It was sad and I kind of wondered why he was even there and moved on. i get that guy's with small cocks can and do get shamed, make fun of, but don't let that define you. Own your dick and body. I'd have gladly fucked that boy or let him fuck me...just say when you're into. I've been fucked by small and huge cocks...I love both. One dude who fucks me regular has a 5" pencil dick but he cums like a geyser and that's hot as shit to me. My ass is always full and leaking when he's done. And f he's a bottom I will totally breed that ass!
  15. BBBoyfromTN

    At what age did you first ejaculate?

    I was 11. Buds were talking about it and I thought they were putting me on. I'd been getting hardons but didn't connect the dots. I'd thought something was wrong with me but was too scared to say. Finally I decided to just jerk and see what happened and damned if it didn't feel good and eventually I shot my first load. My buds and talked about it more and more and eventually some of us did mutual masturbation. Having other guys jerk me got me insanely horny and I wanted it all the time. Had a few buds I'd regularly jerk with together but sucking each other off was "too gay". Eventually a couple guys and I would do more, getting into sucking and getting sucked. By 13 it was on to full blown fucking.

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