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  1. A long time reader, and developing into a cumloving chubby slut! Enjoy & Hit me up if you want :)
  2. A couple days ago I had a few hours to myself, and its not everyday i have a chance to look for some cum so i took advantage of it. As always it takes a while to sort or the flakes on bbrt, or a4a but at the end of the night i got more then one would expect.. i got to talking to this guy in a hotel down the road who travels here on business every month, older guy 50s 6 foot with a belly and a avg cock but great mushroom head and shoots big loads! We established he wanted to be drained but he went quiet for a bit then comes back with, "Do you wanna get fucked by a bbc tonight?". Instantly I was
  3. May not post as much as some but I have definitely started to figure out my strength as a cumslut. A couple of days ago i ended up spending about 24 hours filled with cock, and it started unexpected to be honest. Not my usual as Ive made a habit of finding guys of bbrt or a4a making it less spur of the moment. After a pretty long night at the bar i found myself in my buddies car , didnt know him too well or more just had never been alone with him. He was a bit older probably a little over 30, clean cut, dad -bad bbc probably 8ish inches with a pretty crazy curve. Needless to say, we took advan
  4. Had a dry spell here as well. Hopped on bbrt and a4a, which surprisingly was successful. Ended up cleaning up and out the door within 45 min of getting online. The drive wasnt too long, this guy was 35 years old probably about 6 foot football build, and a pretty thick 8 inch cock. I showed up and dropped my clothes at the door, followed him into his room in my jockstrap and got on my knees. He came to the door naked so he basically swung around and slapped his cock into my mouth. Feeling it grow in my mouth I knew i was in for a rough one because my hole hadnt been fucked in about 3 months. Us
  5. Finished loading up my hole monday with two more anon cocks in my ass... waiting to get more tonight.
  6. Currently binging!! Had a 60 year old thick white cock come by that responded to my cl and fed me a huge load in the dark... so tasty. And sure enough i just got back from draining another daddy, he was about 45 and had a nice thick 7 in cock, i bounced on it for about 10 mins before he was moaning and drilling my hole as deep as he could with his seed... Its still early, hopefully ill get some more
  7. I had last night off from work and felt like spoiling myself so i ended up in a motel with a new toy haha. As soon as i got there, i put up a craigslist ad and just waited for some action. Started off slow with a stocky black dude, nice thick 8 in cock with a fucking amazing mushroom head, he didnt last long enough and busted in my throat after about 10 mins. As much as i wanted it in my ass it was a nice warm up. About 20 mins after he left is when it started to get interesting... had a guy hit me up saying he wanted to come by but would love it if he walked in on me being used and j
  8. I have always had a thing for a nice thick daddy dick and one of my buddies hit me up the other night. Hes 48 6 foot and a bit stocky but he packs a thick 7 in cut cock. Needless to say after gagging on his cock for a few minutes, he held me down as he pumped his load deep in my hole. Only the second time i took a load like that, man am i excited for the next one.
  9. First time posting here so whats up guys! Had the house to myself yesterday and really couldnt fight the urge for some cock, after some failed craigslist posts and responses i decided i had no choice. I ended up at the rest area a couple miles from my house off the highway. Once i parked i got out and had a cigarette at a picnic table, before i was finished i saw a black suv flash its headlights a couple spots down. I couldnt resist, i walked over and to my surprise it was a older daddy type dude, with his ripe cut cock out waiting for me. I hoped in and within seconds had my face
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