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    Portland, OR
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    AIDS, being used, whored out, raped, gang-raped, Pozzed.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Good looking, masculine, meaty, blnd buzzed head doc martin wearing cumpig. Love being an anon Cumdump but also ready to be taken--or FORCED--to the next level of debased debased slutty whoredom. Open to many ideas including but let's just say that these words immediately get me hard and make my cunt quiver: "AIDS," "Toxic," "High Viral Load," "Force," "Stealth," "Rape," "Gangrape." ;)
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    None. YET. I want to find someone to film my slut encounters. And being raped/gangraped. And ESPECIALLY getting Pozzed up.
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    Rapists. Gangrapists. TOXIC Pozzers. Rape Pozzers.
    Also, slut Mentors.

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  1. thanks for following... hope to learn more about you soon

  2. I believe a bottom doesn't have a right to ask a Man to "pull out." Or to use a Condom, for that matter. A fag exists to be used. Fucked. Filled. By any Man who wants to use us. We should be grateful for any Load fucked into us, and if we are stupid enough to ask a Man to pull out after we have offered up our cunts ... He has every right to ignore that request and FORCE us to take His Load if need be. His pleasure is all that matters.
  3. For me Size Matters!

    .... Size of the guys Viral Load, that is. 


  4. Congrats and good luck! I'm chasing in Portland too and am jealous!
  5. New Amateur Porn Company Seeking Models Of All Types

    In Portland. VERY into being in some hardcore porn, especially if includes me getting (gang) raped. Hit me up if you're serious.
  6. Thanks for following me, bud - wish we could swap cum

  7. HIV, good.

    Full Blown AIDS ... Priceless. 

  8. My main regular just swung by and bred me through my gloryhole again. Cheating on his BF.

    This time was different, though. He was breeding me and I couldn't help but start POZ talking. "Rape that POZ Load into my Neg cunt. I'm just your fucking on-call whore. Bareback that cunt. POZ it!"

    As if a sign from the AIDS gods, the gloryhole (which is a canvass tarp attached to a spring loaded shower curtain rod thing in my doorway) ... fell. 

    I threw it aside. He pushed my head forward, bending me face down and over. Drove his Cock into me with more gusto than ever before ... I kept POZ talking.

    He fucked my cunt better and harder than ever before.

    It was the hotest fuck I've had in ages.

    And I think the hottest one he's had in a while too, based on his reaction. 

    Too bad he's "Undetectable." But like I think I've said before ... I hope he's lying! =)

  9. Fellow sluts: You know those kinds of lubes that try to mimic Cum?

    Well ... don't waste your time. I got some to appeal to Men that get off on breeding a "Cummy Hole" ... but it only feels Cummy for a few minutes. That crap is water based. Which means once he pulls out, your ass is basically gonna take a watery piss all over the place. haha

    Stick with Silicon.

    Or, better, REAL CUM! That's, of course, the best Lube of all!

  10. Don't generally believe in the "boyfriend" or "relationship" thing ... but chatted with a Toxic POZ slut who has a BF who is all about helping him become a Full Blown AIDS whore. 

    If ONLY there were guys like that in politically correct Portland Oregon, I might consider "dating." 

    AIDS ... that's my kind of romance! Fucking HOT. 

  11. There are five kinds of HOT that stand out for me:

    1. Openly VIRAL POZ Gifters who love to fuck their Toxic Loads into Bug Chasing Neg fuck-holes.

    2. VIRAL POZ Gifters who LIE about status so they can gift Neg bitches without them even knowing it.

    3. Stealth Pozzers

    4. Rape Pozzers

    5. Guys who don't know or care about their status because they never test: they're like Disease Russian Roulette. 


    1. alwaysready


      man, you are hard core. kudos.


    2. andrew456


      wow hot stuff ☺ 

    3. shadowgames


      I've been each one of those at some point in time and now I've been holding a position on 2 for awhile. 

  12. I fucking blew it! Long, long chat with a Toxic Gifter who was open to traveling here to Portland OR to POZ me ...

    I just wanted to see if he was into combining my two fantasies of Pozzing and Rape ... So I offered him $600 to rape-POZ me. He wasn't offended by the money offer (I'd already offered money for Pozzing) ... but he was offended the rape part! Like really offended.

    He said he only liked to POZ "gently" and "intimately." 

    FUCK. Sometimes ya just can't win. I guess I'm destined to just get Pozzed by accident by being a slut. Oh well. 


    1. MTWTFSS


      Damn bud -- that is a shame

  13. Last night I got fucked through my gloryhole by a dude that I'm 80% sure is cheating on the dude that regularly fucks me through my gloryhole while cheating on his BF. =)

    I could be wrong. But have reason to believe I'm right. And if I am right ... I feel AWESOME about it! I'm working steadily to become an on-call Cumdump whore for multiple guys in the area ... but for two of them to be cheating on each other with no idea that they are both using the same faggot whore? That's priceless!

    1. marktulley2000


      Fucking hot. So lucky to have both of them enjoying your hole for relief.

  14. I want AIDS raped into me. You have NO idea how much I want it, and how committed I am to making it happen. I just hope that by being a regular Slut I don't end up Pozzed before it does happen the way it needs to.


  15. I fucking LOVE getting drunk because it makes the true me come out: being a Cum-whore. A hole for any Cock and every Load. No standards. No Loads refused. A shameless, filthy, faggot pig Bug Chaser. 

    Prob why I drink so much Beer haha.

    1. Insidemenow


      Same thing here ... I'm a cock whore any way but when im drunk ive done just about anything when guys want to use my hole. Hot hot hot!

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