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    Portland, OR
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    AIDS, being used, whored out, raped, gang-raped, Pozzed.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Good looking, masculine, meaty, blnd buzzed head doc martin wearing cumpig. Love being an anon Cumdump but also ready to be taken--or FORCED--to the next level of debased debased slutty whoredom. Open to many ideas including but let's just say that these words immediately get me hard and make my cunt quiver: "AIDS," "Toxic," "High Viral Load," "Force," "Stealth," "Rape," "Gangrape." ;)
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    None. YET. I want to find someone to film my slut encounters. And being raped/gangraped. And ESPECIALLY getting Pozzed up.
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    Rapists. Gangrapists. TOXIC Pozzers. Rape Pozzers.
    Also, slut Mentors.

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  1. Fellow sluts: You know those kinds of lubes that try to mimic Cum?

    Well ... don't waste your time. I got some to appeal to Men that get off on breeding a "Cummy Hole" ... but it only feels Cummy for a few minutes. That crap is water based. Which means once he pulls out, your ass is basically gonna take a watery piss all over the place. haha

    Stick with Silicon.

    Or, better, REAL CUM! That's, of course, the best Lube of all!

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