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    Taking a break
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    Looking for a Mentor to help me be a better Cumslut.
    Or a Master to really MAKE me be a better Cumslut (Rape, gangrape, passed around, used like faggot trash, etc.)
    And definitely want POZZED up.
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    None. YET. I want to find someone to film my slut encounters. And being raped/gangraped. And ESPECIALLY getting Pozzed up.
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    Rapists. Gangrapists. TOXIC Pozzers. Rape Pozzers.
    Also, slut Mentors.

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  1. Guys that use condoms are losers in my opinion.

    Well ... with the rare exception of Tops (especially POZ Tops) that make a good show of putting the condom on, only to sneak it off or tear it mid-fuck so they can deposit a Load without the fag knowing, Stealth Bareback style. ;)~

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AnonBareback


      Hell yeah! I'm proud to say that I've never once used a condom or been fucked with a condom. 

      Bareback Pride!

      Slut Pride!

      (and hopefully before long, POZ Pride!)

    3. GeorgiaBoy


      Well, I confess that I used to let guys fuck me with condoms--but no more. I want it raw and deep. I hate when guys ask where I want their cum. It needs to be balls deep inside of me or deeper!

    4. BREEDmeRAW


      I have Pledge that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will fucking include use of a condom. It is Not sex unless skin-2-skin. There is ZERO chance that a guy fucking me would use a condom. My profile on multiple sites reflect that I am a POZ Bottom looking to get Fucked Bareback and I EXPECT my ass to be filled with Load after Load of CUM.

      If you contact me, it is for the FULL Purpose of BREEDING and taking Multiple Loads of cum deep in my ass from a variety of different types of Men to BREED my ass full of multiple Loads of CUM from a variety of different types of Men.

  2. I like your fascination with a 'SLUT MENTOR'. I have one (close friend) who instigates my breedings at the rare sex-parties I have so far attended. Just motions at me when he has a buck lined up, and has me assume position like a mare being taken to the stallion. I assume 'position' awkwardly, as directed, feeling pleasantly like a piece of meat or a 'breeding substrate'... And then a pack of  (redneck-type) 'farmers' stands around and witness the raw, anon mess go down and approves. He also says he 'needs to stretch my ass' more, so I'm 'ready for the big league and become INSATIABLE'. On that note I have to call him again soon for ass-play...

    I once (back in like 2004/5 when I was still timid, mostly safe but curious) had a 'slut mentor' but wasn't able to fully appreciate the concept. I thought I was in for a 'standard BF' but Tommy wasn't one bit jealous, always turned on when other guys showed sexual interest in me! He took be to Houston and kept trying to 'corrupt' me with his crew of promiscuous friends. I was the one who was topping him at the time, breeding my slut-mentor BARE, but he wanted me to be more of a bottom-slut. He lined up guys who would boldly approach and proposition... it spooked me a bit when a 'reportable' situation came about and when the health department wanted to see me and then asked me whether I knew my partner was POZ. Well NO but I played it cool! I wished I had been wilder, MUCH WILDER, then... cause I sure missed the many opportunities I let slip by... probably why I now take poz cock like a ritual sacrament from any Tom, Dick and Harry wishing Tommy was still my 'slut mentor' these occasions... making sure I get bred by every available bruiser-cruiser I might over-look in the bars... 

  3. Sometimes I play a game where I try avoid looking at a guy's Status, stats (and even facepic when possible) in his profile on BBRT. He comes over, finds me bent over the counter pants down. He fucks a Load into me. Leaves.

    Then and only then I look at his profile. If he's ugly I win, because then I feel like a true whore with no standards. If he's POZ ... then it feels like winning the biggest jackpot of all!

    Fun game! You fellow sluts should try it! :)

    1. GeorgiaBoy


      What a great way to put variety into your bottom! 

  4. Is it bad that I want Pozzed (and raped) so bad that I have saved up a $1000  "AIDS Fund" to find and pay a True, Toxic Rape-Gifter to make my Conversion dream come true in the best possible way?

    1. kckinkybtm


      Probably...but who am I to judge. lol

  5. I also think Cum is precious and want to keep it in my cunt with a buttplug so that as much of it as possible absorbs into my body. Even more when the guy is POZ, now that I'm a filthy BugChaser. At most I may "cheat" a bit by briefly removing the buttplug just long enough to finger my Cumsloppy cunt and remind myself "I'm a faggot whore and this is proof." There's something about this that helps drill my true purpose (to be a hole for any Man to use) into my mind. Well ... and it also just turns me on!
  6. rentman type of site for poz escorts

    I wish there was something like that. Finding guys on bbrt into Gifting is harder than it should be, because so many are undetectable (or lie, or aren't open about being toxic/gifters). I used to run a site (now closed) called pozconvert. Wasn't about escorts, but I can tell you it's hard to monetize this kind of thing. Your best bet is to not expect much income from it. One idea might be to just make it a very POZ friendly escort site. One that includes "Chasing" and "Toxic" in the profiles. You could also have "Confirmed Toxic" escorts who, say, submit some recent proof of their VL. Anyway, this idea is HOT. A Toxic escort could make bank. I'd pay for one! haha
  7. I hate Nazi Skinheads. But ... I wouldn't complain if one or a dozen of them hate-raped my faggot ass.

    Just sayin.

  8. A regular (neighbor who is cheating on his bo) just swung by and fucked a HUGE Load up my greedy faggot pig cunt. Biggest one yet. His NKP says he's "Undetectable" ... I hope he's lying and is actually off meds, and insanely TOXIC. Every time he breeds me I hope to wake up with the AIDS flu the next day. So far, no luck. But maybe tomorrow morning will be different! =)~

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AnonBareback


      Well, to be completely honest, I'm a night owl. So for me it was a post-bar Load. Which they usually are hehe. I love getting my beer on and being an indiscriminate Slut. ;)

    3. HungRawAtl


      Cheating is HOT!

    4. AnonBareback


      Agreed. Cheating is SO hot. When I was in a relationship I cheated all the time. I especially loved taking Bareback Loads from strangers at gloryholes. Back then I kinda felt bad about it, but now I wish I'd done it even more.

      I don't do "relationships" anymore ... but part of me wants to. Just so I can be a cheater again. =) 



  10. Normals: "If I had a few million dollars I'd buy a mansion, a beach house, a bunch of cars ..."

    FaggotPigs Like Me: "If I had a few million dollars I'd pay to find guys with every HIV strain known and have them flown to me. Then I'd spend days or weeks having them mercilessly gangrape me over and over until my broken whore body is flooded with AIDS-juice and I end up the most TOXIC whore ever to have existed.  


  11. Sadly, paying for sex is illegal. But could this be okay, technicality?:

    "I'll SO pay you $200 to deliver High VL Toxic Cum into my cunt ... and if the 'delivery method' just happens to involve a violent force-fuck, then there's another $200 in it for ya." 

    Probably wound't pass. But it should! .... Because it's true! haha

  12. "Rape Culture" they say. I WISH.

    Fag pigs like me are standing in LINE to be Rape "Victims."

    Just sayin'

  13. FUCK I want raped.

    FUCK I want POZZED up.

    MORE-FUCK I want gangraped!

    MOST-FUCKED I want gangraped AND Pozzed up in the process.

    A faggot pig aspiring whore can dream, right?


  14. There's this guy down the street that regularly breeds me through my private makeshift gloryhole. He's cheating on his boyfriend too. I've neer seen his face. All I know is that he's a grower not a shower, that he Cums quick (which I actually like) and he Cums HARD (Which I REALLY like). As I write this, my cunt is sloppy with his Cum. It feels SO good and right to be a used hole and cumwhore. Whenever he breeds me I put a buttplug in so all of his Cum will absorb into my whore faggot body, and none of it will be lost.

    But here's the thing ... His profile says "Undetectable." The regular use-me-like-a-whore scene is PERFECT. Except for that. I want him to be TOXIC. 

    But I know that's too much to ask and, as a faggot whore pig hole, I should just be grateful to be used at all. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. etha


      For the next load... keep the mouth open and phone ready

    3. boybottom4use


      it's so hot being a cum dump!

    4. AZRawPig


      Sounds like YOU are his CUM DUMP...get more ...loads and don't worry about anything else.

  15. There's this disgusting tweeker homeless dude in my neighborhood. After a bunch of beers I ALMOST offered him money to breed me. Because I really want to be a filthy whore that way. But I pussied out. That's why fag pigs like me need tyrant Alphas. All it would have took was an Alpha to say, "Open your wallet, faggot. Give me $20." I would have obeyed. He goes to the disgusting homeless guy and says, "I'll give you $20 to fuck this faggot whore."

    Alpha orders, "Pull down your pants, faggot. And bend over." 

    No thoughts, no questions, I would obey.

    It's just easier to be a Cumwhore when there's an Alpha who enjoys ruining a faggot slave--watching it become a filthly diseased whore---where you don't have to think for yourself but let the Alpha do all the thinking, and deciding, for you.

    1. renaissancemanuk


      You are correct that you NEED an Alpha to take total control of you for the rest of your life.

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