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    Portland, OR
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    Being used, whored out, raped, gang-raped, Pozzed.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Looking for a Mentor to help me be a better Cumslut OR a Master to really MAKE me be a better Cumslut (Rape, gangrape, passed around, used like faggot trash, etc.)
    And definitely want POZZED up.
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    None. YET. I want to find someone to film my slut encounters. And being raped/gangraped. And ESPECIALLY getting Pozzed up.
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    Rapists. Gangrapists. TOXIC Pozzers. Rape Pozzers.
    Also, slut Mentors.

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  1. HIV, good.

    Full Blown AIDS ... Priceless. 

  2. My main regular just swung by and bred me through my gloryhole again. Cheating on his BF.

    This time was different, though. He was breeding me and I couldn't help but start POZ talking. "Rape that POZ Load into my Neg cunt. I'm just your fucking on-call whore. Bareback that cunt. POZ it!"

    As if a sign from the AIDS gods, the gloryhole (which is a canvass tarp attached to a spring loaded shower curtain rod thing in my doorway) ... fell. 

    I threw it aside. He pushed my head forward, bending me face down and over. Drove his Cock into me with more gusto than ever before ... I kept POZ talking.

    He fucked my cunt better and harder than ever before.

    It was the hotest fuck I've had in ages.

    And I think the hottest one he's had in a while too, based on his reaction. 

    Too bad he's "Undetectable." But like I think I've said before ... I hope he's lying! =)

  3. Fellow sluts: You know those kinds of lubes that try to mimic Cum?

    Well ... don't waste your time. I got some to appeal to Men that get off on breeding a "Cummy Hole" ... but it only feels Cummy for a few minutes. That crap is water based. Which means once he pulls out, your ass is basically gonna take a watery piss all over the place. haha

    Stick with Silicon.

    Or, better, REAL CUM! That's, of course, the best Lube of all!

  4. Don't generally believe in the "boyfriend" or "relationship" thing ... but chatted with a Toxic POZ slut who has a BF who is all about helping him become a Full Blown AIDS whore. 

    If ONLY there were guys like that in politically correct Portland Oregon, I might consider "dating." 

    AIDS ... that's my kind of romance! Fucking HOT. 

  5. There are five kinds of HOT that stand out for me:

    1. Openly VIRAL POZ Gifters who love to fuck their Toxic Loads into Bug Chasing Neg fuck-holes.

    2. VIRAL POZ Gifters who LIE about status so they can gift Neg bitches without them even knowing it.

    3. Stealth Pozzers

    4. Rape Pozzers

    5. Guys who don't know or care about their status because they never test: they're like Disease Russian Roulette. 


    1. alwaysready


      man, you are hard core. kudos.


    2. andrew456


      wow hot stuff ☺ 

    3. shadowgames


      I've been each one of those at some point in time and now I've been holding a position on 2 for awhile. 

  6. I fucking blew it! Long, long chat with a Toxic Gifter who was open to traveling here to Portland OR to POZ me ...

    I just wanted to see if he was into combining my two fantasies of Pozzing and Rape ... So I offered him $600 to rape-POZ me. He wasn't offended by the money offer (I'd already offered money for Pozzing) ... but he was offended the rape part! Like really offended.

    He said he only liked to POZ "gently" and "intimately." 

    FUCK. Sometimes ya just can't win. I guess I'm destined to just get Pozzed by accident by being a slut. Oh well. 


    1. MTWTFSS


      Damn bud -- that is a shame

  7. Last night I got fucked through my gloryhole by a dude that I'm 80% sure is cheating on the dude that regularly fucks me through my gloryhole while cheating on his BF. =)

    I could be wrong. But have reason to believe I'm right. And if I am right ... I feel AWESOME about it! I'm working steadily to become an on-call Cumdump whore for multiple guys in the area ... but for two of them to be cheating on each other with no idea that they are both using the same faggot whore? That's priceless!

    1. marktulley2000


      Fucking hot. So lucky to have both of them enjoying your hole for relief.

  8. I want AIDS raped into me. You have NO idea how much I want it, and how committed I am to making it happen. I just hope that by being a regular Slut I don't end up Pozzed before it does happen the way it needs to.


  9. I fucking LOVE getting drunk because it makes the true me come out: being a Cum-whore. A hole for any Cock and every Load. No standards. No Loads refused. A shameless, filthy, faggot pig Bug Chaser. 

    Prob why I drink so much Beer haha.

    1. Insidemenow


      Same thing here ... I'm a cock whore any way but when im drunk ive done just about anything when guys want to use my hole. Hot hot hot!

  10. I just got another Load fucked into me through my gloryhole. Not a big Cock, but a brutal fucker and uncut ... it was AWESOME. Here's the thing though ...

    Based on his location and other things in his profile ...

    I am 80% certain he is the boyfriend of the regular who comes over to breed me regularly! The regular once told me he knows his BF cheats all the time so he does it too. 

    I hope I'm right and can get this guy to be a regular too! That would be an accomplishment to put in my Slut Journal... to be the on-call Cumdump whore for two dudes who are cheating on each other and have no idea they are both using my cunt as their cheat-hole. haha

  11. A dude whose status read "Don't Know/Don't Care" just fucked a load into my cunt through my Gloryhole. He admitted he was "probably Viral" but didn't give a fuck to get tested.

    SO Hot! I love when dudes don't give a fuck about their own status, or potentially Pozzing up whores like me (whether they're Chasing or not).

    The last guy who fucked me a few days ago left me with a slightly wounded cunt that slightly bleeds easily ... so here's hoping the dude that fucked me tonight IS Viral and I wake up soon with the AIDS flu!

    Wish me luck ;)~

    1. torath69


      You have your own gloryhole?

  12. Guys that use condoms are losers in my opinion.

    Well ... with the rare exception of Tops (especially POZ Tops) that make a good show of putting the condom on, only to sneak it off or tear it mid-fuck so they can deposit a Load without the fag knowing, Stealth Bareback style. ;)~

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CumHoleFuckPig


      Hell yeah! I'm proud to say that I've never once used a condom or been fucked with a condom. 

      Bareback Pride!

      Slut Pride!

      (and hopefully before long, POZ Pride!)

    3. GeorgiaBoy


      Well, I confess that I used to let guys fuck me with condoms--but no more. I want it raw and deep. I hate when guys ask where I want their cum. It needs to be balls deep inside of me or deeper!

    4. BREEDmeRAW


      I have Pledge that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will fucking include use of a condom. It is Not sex unless skin-2-skin. There is ZERO chance that a guy fucking me would use a condom. My profile on multiple sites reflect that I am a POZ Bottom looking to get Fucked Bareback and I EXPECT my ass to be filled with Load after Load of CUM.

      If you contact me, it is for the FULL Purpose of BREEDING and taking Multiple Loads of cum deep in my ass from a variety of different types of Men to BREED my ass full of multiple Loads of CUM from a variety of different types of Men.

  13. I like your fascination with a 'SLUT MENTOR'. I have one (close friend) who instigates my breedings at the rare sex-parties I have so far attended. Just motions at me when he has a buck lined up, and has me assume position like a mare being taken to the stallion. I assume 'position' awkwardly, as directed, feeling pleasantly like a piece of meat or a 'breeding substrate'... And then a pack of  (redneck-type) 'farmers' stands around and witness the raw, anon mess go down and approves. He also says he 'needs to stretch my ass' more, so I'm 'ready for the big league and become INSATIABLE'. On that note I have to call him again soon for ass-play...

    I once (back in like 2004/5 when I was still timid, mostly safe but curious) had a 'slut mentor' but wasn't able to fully appreciate the concept. I thought I was in for a 'standard BF' but Tommy wasn't one bit jealous, always turned on when other guys showed sexual interest in me! He took be to Houston and kept trying to 'corrupt' me with his crew of promiscuous friends. I was the one who was topping him at the time, breeding my slut-mentor BARE, but he wanted me to be more of a bottom-slut. He lined up guys who would boldly approach and proposition... it spooked me a bit when a 'reportable' situation came about and when the health department wanted to see me and then asked me whether I knew my partner was POZ. Well NO but I played it cool! I wished I had been wilder, MUCH WILDER, then... cause I sure missed the many opportunities I let slip by... probably why I now take poz cock like a ritual sacrament from any Tom, Dick and Harry wishing Tommy was still my 'slut mentor' these occasions... making sure I get bred by every available bruiser-cruiser I might over-look in the bars... 

    1. CumHoleFuckPig


      I'm jealous of your experience! Yes, I thought about the Slut Mentor idea because I've seen so many more experienced sluts than Master/Alphas. While most sluts are greedy, I figured there must be some out there who are into guiding less experienced sluts down the path of depravity that is our purpose as faggot fuck-holes. 

    2. rawsatyr


      You know, as I look back, there were several more in my sexual escapades who were 'mentors' in a way I never understood: for one they all treated sex like a SPORT and thus accepted promiscuity without the jealous head-games. And of course, without the guilt, shame and fears!

      My first 'mentor' was probably Bruce, my first BF in West Hollywood, when I was still a lanky twink. He was shorter than me but very masculine, and probably way more than double my age as back then I never asked the question. I later saw the porn he was in and he is a mustachio 'teacher' messing around with his students! He also rode a motorcycle and was a popular FALCON top. His dick was too much for me (at first) but when he pulled out poppers (another intro) my ass took his champ-cock balls-deep. I felt like my inner 'satyr-slut' had awoken! Bruce lived with a gaggle of gay room-mates up on Mount Olympus in Hollywood and that alone was kinda tantalizing... his 'EX' was there now and then and always smiling (not bitchy and jealous like the nelly queens I met with other guys in 'the scene'  later on)

      His ex had modelled nude and I was gasping at the sexy pose he struck in a b/w ad for a 1-800 sex line in a gay rag. Dream-boy, long blonde hair, big dick, saw it only in the pic, didn't have the balls to have him show me....The whole gay scene was new to me and I gasped like a shy kid in the candy store. All the guys in his 'circle of friends' were basically very masculine and handsome and I never understood that they treated sex like a community sport... I only found out as I crawled into bed with him after a party. I'm allergic to some cheap liquers and turn blotchy red in the face and slept it off on the backseat of my Mustang. The party was basically over and guys disappeared into rooms. I went into his room, half-dazed, still drunk.  I was 'having sex with him in the dark' but oddly he felt way smoother or something... but I was drunk and woke up slung up against a total stranger; Bruce was there too, already awake in this anon sandwich and him smirking, seemingly enjoying some kind of initiation. I was too awkward and formal then to appreciate the situation... and too 'apprehensive' about promiscuity

      Fast forward to like 2015 and to me willfully searching out the biggest poz sluts on BBRT and anyone having a nick like communitybottom or something that would do just fine. I hooked  up with a guy who said he likes 'fisting' and groups and getting gang-banged by 'packs of black guys' and what not! I went over to his house which is so close to mine I could almost walk there... just imagine all the other players REALLY CLOSE you would never know if it wasn't for all these apps. He was a messy house-keeper with room-mates I didn't see and the mess reminded me of those SKETCHYSEX frat pads. And dude talked really cocky and confident about his lewd exploits and how often he is at the health department and how he is a 'high-five-regular' and has no shame about it what's-however... he talked about it all with no care in the world, no worries about neighbors, something that kinda impressed me! I had no idea where it would be going but he said he likes to abuse guys asses with his pierced, cut 8 inch cock, especially after they fist him... that is exactly what happened! I had never fisted a guy and although I hate that smell of CRISCO now I'm kinda thinking I must do him again... but after putting my over-sized hand in his harlot-hole (I have few gloves that fit me and most rings, even big sizes never fit) I realized I have potential for a whole 'other meat market'... and then he was so turned on he rammed his thick, pierced dick in me and announced when his load was going in balls-deep. And then he said: "Whatever I got, you got now!" Would have been an ominous curse once (in the 'safer' sex days) but NOW it was sort of HOT, part of my sleazy initiation to a secret bareback brotherhood. I saw him in the grocery store a week ago with another dude but he said he was just 'visiting and living in Knoxville now'...  I was too awkward to say: "You guys should come over!" I'll get there...

  14. Sometimes I play a game where I try avoid looking at a guy's Status, stats (and even facepic when possible) in his profile on BBRT. He comes over, finds me bent over the counter pants down. He fucks a Load into me. Leaves.

    Then and only then I look at his profile. If he's ugly I win, because then I feel like a true whore with no standards. If he's POZ ... then it feels like winning the biggest jackpot of all!

    Fun game! You fellow sluts should try it! :)

    1. GeorgiaBoy


      What a great way to put variety into your bottom! 

  15. Is it bad that I want Pozzed (and raped) so bad that I have saved up a $1000  "AIDS Fund" to find and pay a True, Toxic Rape-Gifter to make my Conversion dream come true in the best possible way?

    1. kckinkybtm


      Probably...but who am I to judge. lol

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