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    Portland, OR
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    Being used, whored out, raped, gang-raped, Pozzed.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Looking for a Mentor to help me be a better Cumslut OR a Master to really MAKE me be a better Cumslut (Rape, gangrape, passed around, used like faggot trash, etc.)
    And definitely want POZZED up.
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    None. YET. I want to find someone to film my slut encounters. And being raped/gangraped. And ESPECIALLY getting Pozzed up.
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    Rapists. Gangrapists. TOXIC Pozzers. Rape Pozzers.
    Also, slut Mentors.

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  1. Don't generally believe in the "boyfriend" or "relationship" thing ... but chatted with a Toxic POZ slut who has a BF who is all about helping him become a Full Blown AIDS whore. 

    If ONLY there were guys like that in politically correct Portland Oregon, I might consider "dating." 

    AIDS ... that's my kind of romance! Fucking HOT. 

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