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    primal anon fluid swaps, public, pervy sluts, groups+, baths, cum/piss
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    started yng with older anon pervs, grew up crusing anon dick, rest stops, bathrooms, public taking daddy cock. started smoking with perv tops, and my cock now craves a slutty smooth tight hole
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    just a few vids during a couple hotel groups
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    primal sluts who can meet for a lunch break fuck to long weekends of hotels, FB, escorts and baths

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  1. Do Any Of Your Friends Know You Bareback?

    It's one of my favorite things about NYC . there's so anonymity here, you can easily have a double life, barebacking on your lunch break etc. Plus, being such a big city in a small area, there sooo many dudes
  2. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    This is a quick one, but i love a hot hotel group. You know the top has been fuckin night/day and pumps his load as deep as he can in the hungry bttm. it feels so hot being sweaty and naked with a group of random dudes, not really knowing anyone beyond their first name, but taking their loads , drinking their chem piss, fucking other slutty bottoms while dudes from grindr or bbtr come in , strip down and join in. if i don't cum at group or hook up after a long night, i like following it up with a bath house session before home https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/nice-party-21901102
  3. Anonymous loads

    So hot. fucking a cummy hole or having a "faceless" raw dick slide in your hole at a bookstore or under a bathroom stall with no clue who's barebacking you makes me such a proud slut. i love living in a city like nyc where you can find so many slutty dudes (high or not) who wanna dump their seed in a hole or spread their cheeks for ANY cock if it's gonna go in raw
  4. Thanks for following me.

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    2. Hottightass4u


      So, I think I should try to get to Brooklyn and offer you my hole.

    3. nycvers4sluts


      me and the rest of the city

    4. Hottightass4u


      I'm up for that.  Need breeding and seeding.

  5. Hiya .. thanks for following xx:drool::*xx

  6. VERY fuckin hot perv

  7. Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    YES. Markus on rent.men / nyc. one of the hottest fucks i've had. even limp, is dick hung down so low i knew he was gonna fuck me so hard and deep. my ass was sore for a day but i loved the way it felt. never got his chem piss, but def wanna hang with him again
  8. Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    He's sooo fuckin hot. When i first saw him in a sling in a TIM vid i wanted to eat/fuck his cummy hairy hole
  9. Perving Or Taboo In Manhattan

    High pervs... who's chilling out tonight?
  10. You are so fucking HOT! This sounds like the best weekend EVER
  11. Cheating Or Not So Much?

    Exactly dude! bareback dick will always win. it's a primal urge that's goes beyond social bonds. love going home with an anon load soaking in my hole to my BF ...i was a slut before we met and i'll never not be.
  12. Sleaziest Bb Escort/porn Stars In Nyc?

    Markus_NYC from Rentmen was fun as FUCK. An amazing thick fat cock, hole jock hole, super chill, Genuinely nice pig. We fucked over night, showing off in The hotel window, spun as fuck. he pounded my hole so fuckin deep. never got to drink his chem pisss from the tap, but def next time. my hole still twitches when i look at his profile Pics on rent or bbrt
  13. hey stud. Brooklyn here, vers chill dude... total perv. 

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