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  1. I get confused, some photos in the gallery can be commented, while others can't. Is there a setting for that?
  2. ha! fastest hookup! I blow a guy in a glory hole and he cum in 1 second. Literally 1 second. Before I can react, he's gone left me with a mouthful cum.
  3. Who is going to breed this hole tonight~~


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. boybottom4use
    3. ronnie4u


      Extremely HOT , Beautiful and Delicious - can not resist - doing it multi times !  more - more - Please !

    4. sleazympls


      Very hot!!  I would love to!

  4. head down ass up! That's the only rule!
  5. Bottoms, I wonder how everyone experience anal health issues? I feel not many people talk much about anal health in the gay community, but I certainly feel bottoms, especially cumdumps like me, can have anal problems from time to time. Issues like hemorrhoid, anal abscess, anal fistula, are not uncommon. Tops often like nice ass, so I feel worried each time I have anal health problems. If you never experience anal problems, definitely share your tips in maintaining a nice ass.
  6. I def need more guidance on how to be good cumdump at bathhouse!
  7. I once told my therapist about my chasing fantasy (I wasn't chasing at that time). She become alerted and told me she need to break confidentiality if I'm hurting myself, or hurting others. She considered such chasing/gifting is a kind of self-harm or other-harm, and therapists are entitled to take measures to stop such behavior. I assured her it's just my fantasy and not really want to do. I never come back to her. I don't know how other therapist may react, but be careful!
  8. Can you try to register a new account? How do they ban you from registering a new account?
  9. I have, actually, there was a time period when I first bareback, I tend to choose "safe" guys to breed me. Some guys look wasted or have obvious symptoms of STD, I asked them to wear a condom, most of them are pissed and went away. It was not until two or three month later then I finally understand what a bareback cumdump should be doing, and I seldom fuck with comdom ever since.
  10. I tried open relationships with a guy since I live a cumslut life, not really working. He said he's okay with me taking loads, but turns out he's not okay. Other guys seem to only want to play, rather than in a serious relationship. It's harder than I thought to find someone accept me being a cumdump.
  11. I don't think event-based dosing really works, it takes time for Prep to work, so probably not in 4 hours. If you are really worry, get PEP.
  12. I can relate. My sex drive on prep is not low per se, but definitely get significantly higher after I stopped prep. I guess it's the risk and thrill that boost my sex drive!
  13. Same here, can't have sex without poppers. I don't have spots for such long time, about 2 hours I guess. No shortness of breath though. Do you feel the symptoms progress over time? I started having spots about two years ago. I don't have such issue before that, and have used for 3-4 years.
  14. I want to go and wish I can win the lottery! They have a video on their website that's so hot.
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