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  1. How do I delete my maleprime account? Thanks
  2. Fuck this was an amazingly hot story! I wish I had a guy like that who would fuck me and whore me out.
  3. I was a teen He was an 18 year old local college kid I had met on Kik. He had an 8 inch BBC. We met in his dorm room. I sucked his cock for a bit, then he turned me around and started fingering and rimming me. Then he put it in me. It hurt so bad at first, but then it felt so fucking good. We fucked doggy style, missionary, me on my stomach - all bareback. Finally, he came in me. It felt amazing! My hole was so stretched and puffy afterwards. I leaked cum all day.
  4. Horny teen

  5. Horny teen

    Hi. This is my first post. I'm a horny gay teen, still in highschool, looking to get into barebacking and cruising. Any tips? Thanks!

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