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  1. Actually happened like that
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      I agree, I need to be sexy

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      Pleasure mate, nice profile and am sure you’ll soon get in the swing of thing. :)

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      pleasure,  nice profile. 

  5. At age 16 id taken a temporary job in town, opposite the office was a public toilet, id noticed lots of men going in and out but didn't take too much notice. But one day my young hormones were playing up, so I decided to take a quick trip during lunch on the "excuse" I needed a pee. This other young guy cruised me he was about 25, fairly handsome, good body. He met me at the urinal and showed me his cock, I was hooked, bearing in mind up until this point I was a total virgin no experience and had never touched a man. He began to jerk me off slowly, my cock responded and the feelings I got were amazing as my foreskin rolled back, I loved it. He then reached around and felt my arse and slipped a finger onto my neatly puckered hole. He moaned as he did, and so did I, he whispered for me to come back to his place which wasn't far, so i did, i was scared. I had no idea he wanted to fuck me, as he stripped off I saw the full length of his cock, I was amazed, his balls were hanging like fresh grapes ready for licking, but even then didn't go to touch it. i could smell them tho and to this day I love that scent of balls. He started sucking my dick and I got horny, he must of detected I was young and naive as he asked me to lay on the bed face down, I really didn't know why. He stroked my ass again and got on top but I pushed him away, next thing he tweaks my nipples which calmed me down but then I felt his dick and it started pushing into me, it fucking hurt and I told him to stop. After a few thrusts the pain went but I was still pushing to get away, he whispered in my ear not much longer, keep there. Next thing was I was I heard him moan, tense up and his load was shot into me, I felt scared after as wasn't sure what happened but loved it. I kept his load there all afternoon until it dripped into my pants and I had to get into the work toilet. So at 16 I was sodomised, as I look back I wish I could repeat every single minute of it and want to do it again, I am working on that one! It was one of the only times during sex I really let go and had a stranger fuck me, that was in 1983. I was so innocent I laugh at it now as I didn't understand what was going on, even today I don't let go during sex that much for strangers to fuck me. Hence some of my posts.
  6. I think you have some valid points, your making me think. Maybe it’s a journey of self discovery and trust I need to start out on. I have a high sex drive but hold back with it, I need to explore that. My dad was cold and unemotional, mum was kind and caring, maybe I am taking after him on the outside but inside the innner caring and slut wants to break free. But, I agree it’s natural and normal to want sex as a man, do agree tho that hooked isn’t the right word for something that’s natural and normal to us. It’s part part of who we are as men and humans, I guess it’s just wanting to abandon convention and just go with my nature as well.
  7. Blind, I think you may of hit a nerve. Even reading what you said I felt something. It’s my desires that I don’t trust, I know if I start to take cock I may not stop and the desire just become lust and want more and more. If it was just one guy I’d trust but I know my lust would want strangers cocks and anon. Got me thinking! Trusting myself and not giving in to desire and want.
  8. Hi Tall, thanks for the help, I do like being penetrated and having my ass played with. It really makes me excited when the do it myself and think of raw cock going in. But, I think I’ll be hooked after the first go.
  9. Hey Cardoc, bareback is human and natural hence my struggle to ignore my internal desires. I have tried before but this barrier stops me, now I need to be true to myself and overcome it. It is necessary to go through with it, as I love cock, I’ll hit the saunas soon with some help.
  10. Could be aj99, I want to be my true self, it’s pushing hard from within. I need to identify what it is and let go.
  11. Hi Spunk, I think you may have a point, I am searching for the ideal cock which prevents me satisfying others. I don’t find it difficult to initiate contact it’s just something stops me bending over for any cock, but I want to do it. Maybe I am conscious of age and body now whereas when I was younger I didn’t worry to much. As you say the best way might be to find a dominant top for force the issue or arse up in a sauna or darkroom. Wing man sounds good, might help the situation move on
  12. So guys, here I am 52 and finding I have never been really true to myself sexually. I am a cock lover and have done my share of sucking cock and been to sauna’s and parties but I have never just let myself go to be fucked or fuck. I love semen and really enjoy bareback when I do it (which is rare) but hold back. I talk the talk and but when it comes to it I stop. I go to sauna’s and suck, get sweaty but as soon as a guy gets his cock near my hole I pull away. I don’t even mind the HIV thing and am fully prepared to go poz. But think my problem is I know I can be a true slut if I start following my innner desires, and would bend over or top all the time if I could. But I can’t get over this barrier of just letting go, it’s been like it all my life and now at 52 realise I am getting to old. I have also put on a little weight which doesn’t help. But love the thought of barebacking all the time and living free of this barrier. I live in East London, UK so can meet guys if I need to, but for some reason I stop, it might be the STI thing other than HIV. Just wondered if any of you feel the same?

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