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    Sub bottom into edge play. Love cum, love to service big cocks, and love to get talked into things.
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    Seeking empowerment through ass fucking since 1999. I'm a piggy sub bottom looking to connect with other piggy guys for twisted times. I love pushing myself to the limit and taking as many loads as possible. Love seeing how much I can get my ass to open up. One of my biggest fantasies is to get pumped full of as much cum as possible and then get it fisted in deep. I can be pretty reserved in my normal life, so I like finding a guy that can help me tap into my wild side.
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    A twisted, filthy Dom top looking to take me down to his deepest, darkest fantasies to show me what I'm made of. And for. Hung and pervy a plus.

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  1. Learning From Mr. James - any more chapters, mate, as the story is just getting better and harder. Ed.

  2. perv/taboo chat

    love this thread. it's cool there are so many like-minded pervs out there. would love to find a more experienced dude to show me the ropes a bit. hit me up on wickr if you want to chat: sodomight
  3. Thanks for the rep Sodom

    1. SodomighttheCub


      anytime, you sexy twisted fucker

  4. thanks for the rep Cub :*:*

    1. SodomighttheCub


      anytime. i love how your twisted brain works. you sound like my kind of fucker.

    2. Fistulike666


      Seems that way doesn't it? Cool

  5. perv/taboo chat

    love this thread. wickr is sodomight hit me up for some twisted chat. love it all.
  6. thanks for the follow bud. i dig how that sexy brain works.

    1. Fistulike666


      I'm just one big sleazeball! Thanks for the complement xx

    2. SodomighttheCub


      i think we could all use a little more sleaze in our lives

    3. 1deviantlad


      I can't get enough sleaze. Only thing that stops me being like it 24/7 is work to pay the bills and of course a few other things too ;@)))

  7. I didn't fully admit that my pussy was my main sex organ or call it that until about 2 years ago. i met a hot poz ff top that wanted me to give up total control of my hole to him. the sound of that was hot as fuck to me. as he pounded me and stretched me out, really digging his cock in and taking control, i felt myself let go in a way i never had before. he called it my pussy as i had my first ass orgasm. i was hooked. i opened my pussy for him every chance i got after that. but i started putting stuff in my ass at about 12. i read stories online at nifty.org about older guys and and younger guys. my favorite sex toy was this wooden flute i'd shove as deep inside as i could go. i even started having phone sex with older guys while i played with my hole. didn't get my first cock until i was 16. he was 9 1/2 in and shoved it all in at once.
  8. Hey guys, back on the site after some time away. My old account got deleted. Working on a new chapter to the Mr. James story. If you sent me any messages in the last few months I didn't get them. Hit me up guys. The more twisted the better.


    1. bbbearlover1


      Stunningly hot.  Great pussy shot!

    2. SodomighttheCub


      Thank you Sir. You're damn sexy yourself yourself!

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