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  1. Pyroboy74

    Recommendation for motel

    Woof! Not sure about any sleazy hotels, but when you visit I would gladly bend over and take your load after you have received a few yourself!
  2. Poz undetectable bottom here, living just behind Oak Lawn. If you are looking for a quick pump and dump, stay and play, want to try a new kink or fetish. Anything at any time, it will gladly host if it is at home. So feel free to drop a message and come be the first to use this hole
  3. Pyroboy74

    TBRU 2018

    Would you happen to know if the odds of finding poz loads and other STDs is higher during TBRU, especially at the bathhouse? If so, I just might have to head over there after work and climb in the sling or lay out and let the entire group leave their loads in my hole
  4. Hey, just noticed that you live in Dallas as well. I was wondering if you knew what the chances are of getting some unmedicated poz loads and other STDs at TBRU, especially at the bathhouse after?

    1. workmyhole


      Not sure, I would imagine you'll have a chance to get plenty of raw loads.  Maybe we should team up on getting loads.

  5. Pyroboy74

    Any hosting bottoms?

    Could host you out in Dallas some time, send me a message and come unload as much as you need
  6. Pyroboy74

    North Dallas PIg Play 1/12/17

    Not much of a top just yet, but definitely wouldn't complain about trying to get some experience, especially if you would give me a high VL recharge to get my cock rock hard thinking about your AIDS seed recharging me
  7. Pyroboy74


    If either of you is around Dallas, let me know. If you both are ever here, I'd gladly take you both at once and let you fill my hole as much as you want
  8. Pyroboy74

    Dallas roll call

    Is there still a spot for me? Would love a hot recharge, never such a thing as too many poz loads
  9. Pyroboy74

    Untreatable gono is here

    Damn, that's a nice fucking cock. If I were in the area, I would bend over for it even faster since it is dripping. For me, personally, the new untreatable gono is a dream come true. My goal is to get all STDs so mutated that meds won't touch them. But this will likely happen under the guidance of a Master, and as a bottom I won't need to worry about spreading it as easily. So I'm pretty damn excited to get my hands on it
  10. Pyroboy74

    Perv pig for other uninhibited pigs

    Hell yeah! Always looking to take more poz loads, off meds even better
  11. Hello Sir/Master. No limits snuff slave looking for use, abuse, torture, destruction, infection (AIDS and all STDs full blown, completely resistant to all meds, and as many strains and mutations as possible). Willing to submit to be sold later for snuff, immediate relocation (for use or snuff), please let it know if interested or know of any Doms/Masters/groups interested. Will pay Sir/Master every penny that it has after travel fees (or find a dominant and perved/sadistic traveler to take it and whore it on the way to its final destination). All profits are for Sir/Master

  12. Pyroboy74

    Blood turn-on

    It loves to have its ass bleeding, preferably before any cocks enter its hole. It wants to be shredded, bleeding, and sore so that it is more likely to catch all the STDs being forced into its body
  13. Its worthless cock and balls, need to be destroyed and tortured (cut open and stomped on, burned, stabbed) before being removed. It deserves to have another hole in place of these, since it doesn't need gender defining genitalia, and another hole would allow for more abuse and torture of its body


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Pyroboy74


      It would love to have it large enough for cocks, toys, and fists. But still small enough that it will be stretched out more often than not when being used

    3. bugchaser93


      I want mine gone too I have no need in it 

    4. Niagarapig


      Would love to stretch out your ass to take fists, cocks, toys, etc.  Keep it plugged with HUGE butt plug at all times when not in use...keeping it stretched out & sloppy.  Plug would be kept in at all times unless hole was being fucked, fisted or shredded.

      As for your cock - tattoo it and add subincision from head to nuts, give you a massive 00g PA and ampallang piercing to begin with.  Possibly look at removing your nuts once that is done.  The look at other possible mods after those have been done.

  14. No limits slave looking to be snuffed, can travel anywhere in the US

    1. Patrick


      Humm i want you, dominant you with no  mercy  until you get knock out

    2. Pyroboy74


      Ever visit the US? Torture it until it is knocked out, then dismember and destroy its body. If interested, slowly snuffing it once it wakes up in excruciating pain. Go as slowly, torturously, and excruciatingly painful as possible (with any others if that would please Master). Record everything from start to finish, and sell it during for Master's profit

  15. Fuckin' Oink~! Location??

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