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    Being a bottom cumdump for reasonably hung (not too big) tops, of all statuses, though poz ones turn me on more.
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    Simple professional during the day, cumdump at night.
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    None, and I do not want to either Home videos are hot though
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    Be a nice human being, non racist, and please do not be into scat.

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  1. Partyandtakeloads7

    Camping with My Poz Neighbor

    Holy fuck I need a Jim in my life
  2. Partyandtakeloads7

    Slammed and Pozzed in the Bath House

    Getting slammed in a bathhouse is on my bucket list
  3. Partyandtakeloads7

    My journey into depravity

    Creative juices are kinda-sorta back after a long hiatus, so giving this a try again. ---------------- Jared, as I found out later his name was, walked in. He shut the door behind him. "Would get fired if they knew what I get up to here" he said, to no one in particular. "Lose the clothes" Brett said to him. "Got more of what you guys are on?" asked Justin. "Help yourself, its on the table. Admin yourself, I'm kinda busy" said Brett, shoving his cock deep down my throat. My oral skills, abysmal as they were during my condom-using days, had improved drastically, to the extent that I didnt miss a beat. I instead moaned into his pubes as his thick cock fucked my throat. "Can I fuck his cunt?" asked Jared. "You do what I allow you to do. This bitch is mine" replied Brett. "Get on the bed" he ordered me, and I naturally assumed the cumdump bottom posture, ass up, face down. "No, first get your phone and then get into position, and face this way" he ordered, showing me how I was to position myself. I was glad he faced me this way, since I could watch Jared prepare a point for himself. "Get your phone out, open up grindr, scruff, bbrt, any whoring app you can" said Brett. "I want you to whore your hole out while I breed you" he said. "I loved when we did that at the bathhouse". I was only too happy to acquiesce. Meanwhile I watched as Jared prepared himself what looked like a big slam, and inserted it into a vein on the back side of his hand. "Cant have the hotel find needle marks on my arm" he said, again to no one in particular. He expertly got a register and slammed himself, finally wiping the site with an alcohol swab. I watched as the slam hit him, he coughed, his eyes got wide and he muttered a very audible "Fuck yeah". Meanwhile spat on my loose cummy hole and slid the entire length of this thick cock in. I moaned as my phone buzzed with a notification. It was from scruff. "Hand that to me" said Jared, sliding his cock deep down my throat, as I handed my phone to him. If there was ever a heaven for gay sluts, I was surely in it. Brett's monster cock plunging into my ass, while Jared's 7 inch and thick, uncut cock down my throat. I love uncut cocks. They taste and smell amazing. And I was enjoying tasting Jared's precum as he put one hand behding my head and fucked my throat, while frantically typing one handed on my phone. Eventually he threw my phone down next to me and assumed a position similar to me, right next to me. I looked at the phone screen and bbrt was open on my browser with a recently sent message to a 60 year old unmedicated poz guy with a pierced cock that read "Two sluts for poz loads". I happily opened the parties section and found details of where I (we) were getting fucked. As Brett plowed my hole and Jared writhed with the high of the T, right next to me, I started seeing party requests pour in. "Accept all of them, no turning anyone down" said Brett, giving my hole an extra hard thrust. He needn't have told me, I was not turning any cock down anyway. A few minutes passed and the door swung open to reveal a cute young bear, pierced nose, pierced ears, and as I found out 5 seconds later, pierced cock. Brett pulled out of me and rammed into Jared as the newcomer slid his 8 inches into me. I could see needle marks on his arms which were on either side of me, while his amazing cock bottomed out in me. "You know what he's doing slut?" asked Brett, "He is pozzing you". I immediately reached around and pulled the guy even more. "Fuck this bitch really wants it" he said, proceeding to give me a hard 15 minute fuck, and then without warning, roared loudly and I could feel his cock pulse, as he emptied his balls in my cunt. "This looks interesting" I heard a voice say, and I looked up to see the 60 year old poz guy standing with the door open. "Please daddy, poz me" I begged, as the guy who just unloaded in me, pulled out. "Of course son. Got any favor?". "On the table" said Brett, as he now pulled out of Jared and slid back into me. The older guy prepared a point, slammed himself with half of it and thensuddenly stopped. "Hold out your arm" he said and I complied. He inserted the same needle into my arm and emptied the mixture of his blood and the T into my arm. WHAM it hit me. "I need in", the guy told Brett and Brett pulled out and was immediately replaced by the hot toxic daddy, who's gift now ran through my veins. "We are in for a LONG night".
  4. Can host at my hotel in Baltimore on 19th July (Thursday) all night for wild times. No loads refused. 540-200-9363 for details.
  5. Partyandtakeloads7

    Roanoke area?

    I come down there often. would love having a regular cock to use my hole
  6. Partyandtakeloads7

    A Brother in Trouble

    Every time Dennis breeds someone, I'm jealous of the bottom
  7. Partyandtakeloads7

    A Brother in Trouble

    Currently the only reason I keep visiting BZ is for this story. Many a load has been shot reading this....
  8. Partyandtakeloads7

    My journey into depravity

    Taking a shot at this again. Had a huge writers block and had to pretty much focus at work for the last few months. Hopefully I maintain continuity... -------- 5 hours later and I was out on the street, outside the bathhouse. The plug in my ass was barely keeping the cum in. My euphoria had faded from the extreme highs of the slam to more of a dull high. While I was still horny af, I could think for myself a bit. I pulled up the Uber app and called one. I put in my hotel address as my destination and made sure I was not calling a Uberpool. "You ok sir?" the driver asked while we were on our way to the hotel. "Fine" I said, not looking up from grindr, which I had open on my phone. I filtered guys by "right now" and "poz" and hit up all the guys within 25 miles according to the app's distance tracker. "here we are sir" said the driver. I looked up and saw we were at my hotel. "Thanks" I said and got out of the car. I avoided looking at the man holding the gate open, the people at the front desk and the bellboys. I bumped into a bellboy though and got a wink from him, a very knowing wink. He was kinda sexy. Blond, scruffy and average built. I would take him even if I wasnt high. I took the elevator up to my floor and walked into my room. I smelled of cum, and I was proud of myself. The butt plug in my hole felt amazing and I could feel the cum from 10 different guys sloshing around inside me. I was still horny, but starting to regain some sanity. I got into the shower, turned on the hot water and pulled out the plug. 15 minutes later I was all cleaned up with an empty/ clean hole. I ignored the incessant texts from my ex, who had been sharing pretty explicit details about his own sexcapades. I tried to get into bed and fall asleep, but I couldnt. I was still horny and high. I wanted to be used again. I needed to be used again. I was getting the usual flakey messages on grindr and bbrt, the kind of guys who keep asking for "pics" after "pics" despite me pretty much whoring my hole out anon. Then it struck me. I did not need to find someone new. I had someone sorta new, and he had input his number in my phone. I turned on the light, pulled up my contact list and started scrolling for any name that I didnt recognize. I didnt have to scroll too much until I came across a "Brett Top" in my list. I never saved a sexual partners name with their sexual position, so I could guess it was him. "Hey there. We met a few hours back" I texted him. I waited 5 minutes and was about to give up when I got a reply. "Hotel? Room? Got more stuff?". I told him the hotel name and room number but told him I was out of stuff. "I'll get some. Be there in 20" he said. My heart rate went up. I was going to be used by him again. I put all my stuff away and waited. Those 20 minutes felt like 20 hours to me but finally there was a knock on my door. I answered it and there he was. He followed me into the room. "How many did the slut end up taking?" he asked. "10 I think" I said, "I lost count". "Good slut" he replied. He had gotten his supplies out of his bag. He put everything out on the table, and went into the bathroom to get a glass of hot water. He packed a bit of crushed up crystals into the syringe and put the plunger back in its place. He dipped the needle in hot water and pulled the plnger back, filling it with the water. He waited for the powder to dissolve and then told me to sit down on the chair with my elbow on the table. I made a fist and he tied the tourniquet around my bicep. He quickly found the vein and inserted the needle into it. He got a register and pushed the liquid into my arm. He then untied the tourniquet. WHAM. It hit me. "Fuck yeah bitch" he said, watching me rub my naked body everywhere I could. My cock went limp again and couldnt care less. "Here" he said, handing me a glass filled with what looked like water, "This is some G". I gulped it down without question. He dropped his pants and his giant cock flopped out, now semi hard. I knew what to do. I put my mouth to work. Meanwhile he prepared a slam for himself and administered it himself. I could feel it when it hit him. He took hold of my head and slammed the length of his cock down my throat. There was a knock on the door. "Come on in fucker", he said, and the bellboy walked in.
  9. Partyandtakeloads7

    Roanoke area?

    NY bottom visiting Roanoke for a few days. Wanted to know if there are any raw tops in that area? Very wild here, no loads refused.
  10. Partyandtakeloads7

    The Graduate Assistant

    Hope this story continues
  11. Partyandtakeloads7

    Becoming the Pig

    Truly sorry about what you're going through. And apologises about being pushy. Just waiting for the next chapter. Hope things get better for you
  12. Partyandtakeloads7

    Becoming the Pig

    I understand. I myself have a story that I havent continued in a while. Just sucks. The story is terrific and the writer definitely has a flair for writing.
  13. Partyandtakeloads7

    Becoming the Pig

    Loved this story. Too bad it didn't continue
  14. Partyandtakeloads7

    Becoming the Pig

    I hope you didnt misunderstand me I really really have liked your story and I keep coming back to it. I hope things settle down at your end.
  15. Partyandtakeloads7

    Becoming the Pig

    Hope the story continues and doesn't end up like 90% of stories that are abandoned

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