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    Being a bottom cumdump for reasonably hung (not too big) tops, of all statuses, though poz ones turn me on more.
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    Simple professional during the day, cumdump at night.
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  1. Boston, with a toxic poz top with an uncut 8 inch cock in his basement. Chemmed up big time (both of us) and he shot 3 toxic loads deep. He videod the whole thing too. Hope he shares it with me. Will definitely visit him again
  2. Philly hotel. Young twinkish white guy with a latino name (might be mixed). I was chemmed up. Long-dicked me all night, shot two huge loads in me. Think he was high too. I remember him slipping out at some point, since he was going so hard, and I felt so incomplete without his 8 inches in me, that I reached around (he was fucking me sideways) and forced his cock back into me. He thought I hadnt noticed the scorpion tattoo and I hadnt asked him about his status before the fuck, and messaged me after he left to tell me that he's poz and not on meds. One of the hottest fucks. Will definitely hit him up if I visit philly again.
  3. I hope this story continues. I check almost everyday hoping. Fingers crossed!
  4. 23 lol. Started late. Trying to make up for lost time
  5. Thanks 🙂 itry to limit how much I party, but do end up doing it occasionally, and what better place to share my experiences than here
  6. Might write more after cumunion in Philly next week
  7. Thought I'd give this a shot again.... pardon my disappearing act, sometimes the writing juices just dont flow as easily. --- That weekend in Chicago was memorable. I lost count of how many loads Brett, the bellboy and numerous other anon tops gave me. There is always a feeling of regret that comes when the "coming down" begins, and my coming down lasted a number of months. I stayed away from Ms. Tina for a long time, and kept myself busy. And sex without T was not as much fun, so the sex was rare as well. Finally, 2019 dawned and in the midst of my busy routine, I got a week off from work. Drug testing at work was still a few months away, and I had the idea of testing out the waters in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. I created a party posting on BBRT to gauge the interest )I am not everyone's cup of tea, and the gay world, despite clamoring for acceptance, is surprisingly racist). After getting more than 20 responses, I decided that it was time to break my T and sex hiatus. Stuff is pretty easy to get if you know where to get it, but points were hard to get and I gladly traded my hole for use by the dealer, to get my hands on some points. Finally, armed with 10 points, and more than enough stuff, I booked a hotel in Philly, and drove down from NY. A crash on I-95 meant I reached late. I already had a hot poz top lined up and texted him to make it to my hotel by 6.30 pm. I got to my room and instead of ordering some take-out, showering and then getting into the play part, I decided to prepare a nice 0.3 slam, tied my belt around my upper bicep, made a fist, swabbed it with an alcohol swab and inserted the needle into the very prominent vein. It took 2 tries to get it right but I finally drew a register. I was shivering. Mostly due to the anticipation. I pushed the plunger into my vein and untied the belt, raising my arm over my head. Wham. It hit me like a sex crazed truck. I started running my hands all over my body, pinching my nipples, fingering my hole. I got my phone out and told my 6.30 guy to immediately come over the get inside me. "2 minutes" was his response. 2 minutes later he knocked. I opened the door naked, let him in and get on the bed on all fours with my poppers. He undressed, lined up his hard cock with my hole, spit on it and shoved it in. I hit the poppers. I can never describe the feeling on euphoria when a hard poz cock enters me. Coupled with the drugged high and the poppers, I was in heaven. HE pulled out, spit more on his cock and went in again. "I hope you can take it, I last an hour at least" he said. "Yes please fuck me for an hour" I responded. From then on it was on. His hard poz cock pounded my hole mercilessly, as I kept sniffing poppers and begging for his load. I rode him for a while, though it is my least favorite position, and he pulled me towards him and kissed me. A poz top was fucking me and kissing me at the same time. This was one of my secret fantasies come true. We switched to missionary and he continued kissing me and pounding my hole. I am sure that more than an hour passed by before his breathing got faster, his thrusts got more frantic, until he pushed all the way inside me and I felt his cock spurt cum. 5,6,7 spurts of hot poz cum, up my hole. HE stayed in me for a while, kissing me and thanking me, before pulling out and getting under the covers. "I am not done with that hole, but you're free to take other loads" he said. I immediately opened grindr, and bbrt. I have a message from a poz top with an 8 inch cock. Till that instant I had consciously avoided taking unmedicated poz cum. All the tops that I knew who were poz and had bred me were undetectable. I now had a chance to take an 8 inch toxic cock knowingly. "Hey there" said his message, "Looking to take some toxic loads? Me and my boy and looking to poz a neg cunt". To my knowledge (and my latest test), I am negative. After warring in my mind for a few minutes, I wrote back with my hotel name and room number. "30-45 minutes" was his reply. True to his word, 40 minutes later there. HE was tall and balding, but I knew he had a hot 8 inch cock from his bbrt pictures. His boy however was Hot AF, They both undressed and the first guy who had fucked me pulled the covers off. I got on my knees and took the cute guys flacid cock in my mouth. Meanwhile the first guy (Lets called him G), was making out with the hung guy. Cute guy got hard very quickly and directed my mouth towards the other guy. Immediately I slid the hung guys cock down my throat. He moaned in appreciation. From the corner of my eyes I saw the cute guy get on the bed on all fours and G lined up his cock and pushed into him. While I was a bit annoyed since I wanted the cute guy to breed me full of toxic cum, I concentrated on the hung guy. Shortly, he asked me to assume what he called the fag posture. I knew what he meant and got on all fours. He smiled appreciatively at my cummy hole, and slid his cock all the way in easily. Meanwhile the cute guy was begging "daddy (G)" to breed him. I hit my poppers and with the hot realization that I had a hung toxic cock in my hole, I started pushing back into the cock fucking me. Hung guy liked that and started pounding me. I am not sure how much time passed, but he asked me to get on my back, and slid in, bringing his mouth close to my ear and whispering (Hows that toxic cock son". "Fucking amazing" I said. He started taking long strokes and before I knew it, he had pushed deep inside me and I could feel the first toxic load of my life fill up my hole. HE kept fucking me even though he had just cum, presumably to push his toxic babies into me. I had not noticed but cute guy was standing behind him now, and as he pulled out, the cute guy pushed his thick 7 inch cock into me, using the previous two poz loads as lube. Sometimes I like young tops, they fuck extra hard. This guy fucked extra hard and lasted 10 minutes before announcing "I wont last longer in this hole" and pushed deep in, to add his own toxic strain to the mix in my hole. He was panting and breathing heavily with the effort and pulled out and collapsed on his back on the bed. I immediately got on my knees and cleaned his cock. "Thats a good boy" he said. When we all had caught our breath, the two of them stood up, dressed and left, but not before saying "I hope you get it, let us know when you're next in town". I got under the covers with G and opened my phone back up, ready to take more cock...
  8. Hotel room in philly. Two toxic tops. Got on my knees to get them lubed up. My hole was pre lubed with cum. The one with the larger cock went in doggy style first, whispering in my ear that he's pozzing me. Then flipped me over and went in missionary till he filled me with his toxic cum. Then the younger, cuter one goes in, pounds hard and fills me with his own toxic cum. Cleaned their cocks off and they left.
  9. Didn't know that. And I guess neither did that top. Honestly though, prefer the instant high to a delayed and longer lasting one
  10. Traveling from va to NY and looking to spend two nights in philly getting my ass loaded. Wild bottom cumdump here. Would love company for going to the bathhouse too. Look up my bbrt profile if interested and messsge me on there. Can host at my hotel
  11. Getting slammed in a bathhouse is on my bucket list
  12. Creative juices are kinda-sorta back after a long hiatus, so giving this a try again. ---------------- Jared, as I found out later his name was, walked in. He shut the door behind him. "Would get fired if they knew what I get up to here" he said, to no one in particular. "Lose the clothes" Brett said to him. "Got more of what you guys are on?" asked Justin. "Help yourself, its on the table. Admin yourself, I'm kinda busy" said Brett, shoving his cock deep down my throat. My oral skills, abysmal as they were during my condom-using days, had improved drastically, to the extent that I didnt miss a beat. I instead moaned into his pubes as his thick cock fucked my throat. "Can I fuck his cunt?" asked Jared. "You do what I allow you to do. This bitch is mine" replied Brett. "Get on the bed" he ordered me, and I naturally assumed the cumdump bottom posture, ass up, face down. "No, first get your phone and then get into position, and face this way" he ordered, showing me how I was to position myself. I was glad he faced me this way, since I could watch Jared prepare a point for himself. "Get your phone out, open up grindr, scruff, bbrt, any whoring app you can" said Brett. "I want you to whore your hole out while I breed you" he said. "I loved when we did that at the bathhouse". I was only too happy to acquiesce. Meanwhile I watched as Jared prepared himself what looked like a big slam, and inserted it into a vein on the back side of his hand. "Cant have the hotel find needle marks on my arm" he said, again to no one in particular. He expertly got a register and slammed himself, finally wiping the site with an alcohol swab. I watched as the slam hit him, he coughed, his eyes got wide and he muttered a very audible "Fuck yeah". Meanwhile spat on my loose cummy hole and slid the entire length of this thick cock in. I moaned as my phone buzzed with a notification. It was from scruff. "Hand that to me" said Jared, sliding his cock deep down my throat, as I handed my phone to him. If there was ever a heaven for gay sluts, I was surely in it. Brett's monster cock plunging into my ass, while Jared's 7 inch and thick, uncut cock down my throat. I love uncut cocks. They taste and smell amazing. And I was enjoying tasting Jared's precum as he put one hand behding my head and fucked my throat, while frantically typing one handed on my phone. Eventually he threw my phone down next to me and assumed a position similar to me, right next to me. I looked at the phone screen and bbrt was open on my browser with a recently sent message to a 60 year old unmedicated poz guy with a pierced cock that read "Two sluts for poz loads". I happily opened the parties section and found details of where I (we) were getting fucked. As Brett plowed my hole and Jared writhed with the high of the T, right next to me, I started seeing party requests pour in. "Accept all of them, no turning anyone down" said Brett, giving my hole an extra hard thrust. He needn't have told me, I was not turning any cock down anyway. A few minutes passed and the door swung open to reveal a cute young bear, pierced nose, pierced ears, and as I found out 5 seconds later, pierced cock. Brett pulled out of me and rammed into Jared as the newcomer slid his 8 inches into me. I could see needle marks on his arms which were on either side of me, while his amazing cock bottomed out in me. "You know what he's doing slut?" asked Brett, "He is pozzing you". I immediately reached around and pulled the guy even more. "Fuck this bitch really wants it" he said, proceeding to give me a hard 15 minute fuck, and then without warning, roared loudly and I could feel his cock pulse, as he emptied his balls in my cunt. "This looks interesting" I heard a voice say, and I looked up to see the 60 year old poz guy standing with the door open. "Please daddy, poz me" I begged, as the guy who just unloaded in me, pulled out. "Of course son. Got any favor?". "On the table" said Brett, as he now pulled out of Jared and slid back into me. The older guy prepared a point, slammed himself with half of it and thensuddenly stopped. "Hold out your arm" he said and I complied. He inserted the same needle into my arm and emptied the mixture of his blood and the T into my arm. WHAM it hit me. "I need in", the guy told Brett and Brett pulled out and was immediately replaced by the hot toxic daddy, who's gift now ran through my veins. "We are in for a LONG night".

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