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    New York
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    Being a bottom cumdump for reasonably hung (not too big) tops, of all statuses, though poz ones turn me on more.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Simple professional during the day, cumdump at night.
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    None, and I do not want to either Home videos are hot though
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    Be a nice human being, non racist, and please do not be into scat.

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  1. Can host at my hotel in Baltimore on 19th July (Thursday) all night for wild times. No loads refused. 540-200-9363 for details.
  2. Partyandtakeloads7

    Roanoke area?

    I come down there often. would love having a regular cock to use my hole
  3. Partyandtakeloads7

    A Brother in Trouble

    Every time Dennis breeds someone, I'm jealous of the bottom
  4. Partyandtakeloads7

    A Brother in Trouble

    Currently the only reason I keep visiting BZ is for this story. Many a load has been shot reading this....
  5. Partyandtakeloads7

    Roanoke area?

    NY bottom visiting Roanoke for a few days. Wanted to know if there are any raw tops in that area? Very wild here, no loads refused.
  6. Partyandtakeloads7

    The Graduate Assistant

    Hope this story continues
  7. Partyandtakeloads7

    Becoming the Pig

    Truly sorry about what you're going through. And apologises about being pushy. Just waiting for the next chapter. Hope things get better for you
  8. Partyandtakeloads7

    Becoming the Pig

    I understand. I myself have a story that I havent continued in a while. Just sucks. The story is terrific and the writer definitely has a flair for writing.
  9. Partyandtakeloads7

    Becoming the Pig

    Loved this story. Too bad it didn't continue
  10. Partyandtakeloads7

    Becoming the Pig

    I hope you didnt misunderstand me I really really have liked your story and I keep coming back to it. I hope things settle down at your end.
  11. Partyandtakeloads7

    Becoming the Pig

    Hope the story continues and doesn't end up like 90% of stories that are abandoned
  12. Partyandtakeloads7

    A Brother in Trouble

    I wish I knew a guy like Dennis. I would take his toxic loads all day
  13. Partyandtakeloads7

    New Members Introduce Themselves

    Been on here close to two years, but Indian - middle eastern guy living in Upstate NY. Anything goes, though I have never tried FF and probably do not want it. Chasing the gift though. Party and take toxic loads, as my name says
  14. Partyandtakeloads7

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Yesterday evening from a poz daddy. Poppered up and took 2 loads from him
  15. Partyandtakeloads7

    Becoming the Pig

    Eagerly waiting

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