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    I'm a film nerd.
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    Good sense of humour. Buttoned up nerd by day, slutty cub by night. I'll dive head-first into any situation and I wear any social awkwardness on my sleeve, cos it doesn't matter and we're all just here to have a good time.
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    Only amateur, but I get a rush on the rare occasion someone tells me they jerked off to one of my videos/
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    A horny top (or two) who know what they want from me and how to get it.

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  1. General guidance in the UK (where Prep is free) is that daily is easier and safer, but EBD is promoted as an alternative dosing method. If you're not having frequent anal sex EBD offers a means of contraception against HIV; as studies have demonstrated; it's not as effectively as daily. but certainly more effective than prayer. For long sessions on the end of various cocks, you continue to take a pill daily until until two sex-free days have passed, or you resume dailiy dosing. It's not recommended for people with Hep B. There's also a method of structuring your EBD called the Ts & Ss
  2. Love it when that second hole just POPS open... you can really milk a long thick cock when it's deep inside you.
  3. A cute nerdy clean-cut guy I met on scruff, who was timid with his clothes on and a beast with his clothes off. We'd talked/swapped photos about a year ago but couldn't get it together - i figured he was a bit flakey but I was wrong. My hungry ass had me hitting up a few locals yesterday and he said he was free. Arrived at mine and quickly got to shucking our clothes... I dunno about anyone else, but my brain isn't wired for accurately judging cock size in photos - I always seem to underestimate. He was long, thick and hard as steel. Couldn't keep my hands and mouth off it, really put me
  4. Finally managed to hook up with a cute nerdy local yesterday - we'd been talking for ages - I'd seen his cock in pictures but they didn't prepare me for the real deal - objects may look smaller than they appear.... this man was THIIIICK... I've taken enough cock now that my ass is pretty accommodating but even with poppers, he left me feeling thoroughly used.
  5. Yeah once a thick cock's really stretched you out, nothing else compares.
  6. Depends on the top and the cock. You can usually tell they're getting into a rhythm and powering to the finish line. I love a verbal top who tells me he's about to cum that usually puts me over the edge... Once, with a particularly thick top with a big load, I felt my ass getting flooded.
  7. I was 13, in a dorm with three other boys all my age. I was a late developer compared to most of them - and one had a huge cock and an even bigger exhibitionist streak so most nights, after lights out, we'd all participate in a game where one of us, Ben, would try to catch the rest of us mid-wank... but it was really just a pretext to jack off in front of each other, which is what we ended up doing. I copied them and had my first orgasm.. instantly became an addict. Aside from the occasional sexual encounter back then, I spent the next few years watching, listening to other guys or
  8. The trouble is, as Hillary demonstrated - you need to win hearts and minds - and insulting swathes of voters is the wrong way to go about doing that. A lot of people voted for Trump, or didn't vote at all...for all kinds of reasons. Americans can avoid it happening again, but only by being constructive, dropping the hatred spewed at a lot of people who already feel looked down on and left behind - and fixing a broken system that encourages tribalism, where lawmakers have a vested interest in playing politics rather than fixing problems.
  9. As a Brit, I love America, I spent a lot of my childhood there, I have friends over there and I want to return as soon as possible - and @dirtyarizona you and I share a loathing for extreme lefties. I have nothing against Capitalism - I think it's vital for societies to thrive, though the most successful countries on the planet mix a little socialism in with their capitalism - the fire department is socialist; the army, police, corporate bailouts are all socialist policies championed by republicans. (And here in the UK our uber-socialist NHS (because it's 100% centralised) has been able c
  10. I was sexually curious throughout school. I was obsessed with big cocks. At boarding school, there was plenty of opportunity to scope them out. I fell head over heals for my friend who was one of those kids who developed early. At 12 he had a huge, man-sized cock. Loads of hair, big balls...and he loved showing it off to me! Unf... In the UK, you switch from prep (junior) school, to normal boarding school at 13. Raging hormones. Dorms with four 13yo boys - I routinely caught guys jerking off, though never summoned up the courage to offer to help - i was painfully shy. In my dorm we jerke
  11. It's quite incredible just how resilient the human body can be. I'm looking forward to Thursday, I'll be sure to add the experience to Last Loads.
  12. Lol this is true, but I'd have thought that professionals who use common sense would also use condoms.
  13. I've not paid for sex yet, I haven't had the need, but the experience has been on my bucket and every now and then I play a little fantasy-league and browse a few escort sites imagining what orgies of my own personal pleasure I might be able to concoct and with what combination of beautiful muscle boys... A few weeks ago I was propositioned by one-such familiar face on Grindr. The boy is very pretty, short, toned and with an ass that won't quit. Not the brightest tool in the shed in a way that my experience suggests may make him dynamite in the sack - something about not overthinking thin
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