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  1. Powersubbtm

    [Advice]Going to WetnHot for the first time.

    I’m planning to be there on Saturday. If I could I would just leave all my clothes in the car. Not sure the management would be ok with it.
  2. Will be in SF the last two weeks of July. Would love to plan some hot time with you
  3. Powersubbtm

    Fucked On Stage

    @Niagarapig would love to come to you, stay naked, as you whore me out from place to place
  4. Powersubbtm

    Any guys been pissed on by multiple guys at once?

    @fcsc sure. I’ll be in SF third week of June
  5. You sound like so much fun. I’ll be in LA the end of this month, around memorial weekend. If you don’t mind another bottom tagging along on one of your naughty adventures, let me know.

    1. mascjock8guy


      Sounds fun, but unfortunately I will be out of town when you are here.  Let me know if you need any suggestions on places to go.

  6. Powersubbtm

    barebacking and exhibitionism

    I’ve been fucked and bred at the cruisiest part of buena vista park in SF. My next step would be to leave my clothes behind the bushes and cruise the rest of the night naked.
  7. Powersubbtm

    barebacking and exhibitionism

    @Luvbbslut I can’t wait until you come to America and use me for a few days. Any plans?
  8. Powersubbtm

    Wet N Hot in Palm Springs in July

    Sounds fun. If I go, hopefully I can share a room at one of the nude resorts. I’m even thinking it’d be hot if I can find someone to carpool with and just leave my clothes at their place and drive to Palm Springs naked.
  9. Powersubbtm

    Any guys been pissed on by multiple guys at once?

    Once I was talking with this guy who wanted to take me to a cruisy park in SF, have me take off all my clothes and use my shirt to tie my hands, and invite guys there to fuck and/or piss on me. Still waiting for it to happen.
  10. Powersubbtm

    Fickstutenmarkt (Horse Fair)

    I would love to go as a mare to the one in Vermont. If anybody wanna drive together from their nearest airport, I’m willing to surrender all my clothes right as we get out of the airport.
  11. Powersubbtm

    Fucking at powerhouse or Eagle

    Thanks for the info. I’ve heard from some on this site that they’re much more strict now
  12. Would love to meet up with a dominant top who is into using my holes or whore me out. Also into bondage, ws, pnp but not required. Would also appreciate any tips about hookup and cruising places.
  13. Powersubbtm

    What's The Most Loads You've Taken In A Day?

    @Insidemenow, can you introduce me to that couple in Phoenix?
  14. A dominant top guy gets me high at his place, tells me to strip naked and leave my clothes at his place. He then puts a collar, leash, and cuffs on me. He leads me into the backseat of his car and drives to a cruisy park in town. We get out, he pulls my leash and offer my mouth and ass to all the hornet tops there.
  15. Powersubbtm

    I have a slave coming to Tucson this weekend

    Do you need a slave for another weekend? Would love to be kept naked, tied up, and used by multiple guys.

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