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  1. Monday made my first to 442 ever for Naked Mondays. The folsom influx seems to have made it more crowded, was a very hot fuck fest, ton of fun.
  2. djsg

    Lost in the dark

    Absolutely amazing story! Soo much hot content in it! Wish I got used like this. Blew two loads in a row reading so far, suspect there's a few more that'll happen as I re-read and read new sections.
  3. Nob Hill Theater in San Francisco is closing soon / Today so I decided to send it off Friday around lunch. Got warmed up by meeting a guy off BBRT in some restrooms downtown, played understall some, I've still never seen his face. He took the attached photo of my ass understall. High and horny on poppers when he had to take off (sadly without having shot his load in me), licked some dried cum off the floor next to the partition of the stall I was in (it's a popular cruising spot, there was quite a bit around), and after I'd dressed again on my way out since no one was around I took a nice big lick of the front of one of the urinals. Such a good flavor, not too many pubes. I then walked over to nob hill theatre, committing to it on Sniffies to encourage guys to come by. The live shows were empty, but the arcade was fairly busy. Cruised around a bit, figuring out who all was there and building up my nerves. Finally one guy went into a gloryhole booth and I followed him, beautiful well hung black guy. Slurped his cock for a while and took some poppers hits to get me good and horny. He wasn't looking to fuck sadly, but did comment that I gave great head which made me happy. After a while of that left the booth and circled around the arcade a bit again. Made eye contact with a guy than went into a glory hole booth and he followed into the one next to it. Swapped cocksucking a bit, I was getting hot and horny so I stripped down to my jock, he liked what he saw through the hole, and groped me front and back, fingering my hole. I took two deep hits of poppers, backed to the hole, spread my cheeks, and waited for him to enter. He fucked me for a while, bare through the hole. After a while he said thanks and that he had to take off. Later when I'd check turns out he left his load in me without saying a thing. So hot. Still horny and high on that guys cock, was still in just a jock in the booth. I hear the door close in the other booth as another guy comes in, one I've never seen before. He likes what he sees through the hole, sticks his cock through. I suck it hard, thinking I'm about to take a new, anonymous, cock in my hole bare until he chooses to give me his cum or take off. No idea who he is. No idea if he's poz. Once he's good and hard I lube up his cock and sit on it. He pounds a bit rougher than the previous guy and is a bit longer. Feels great inside me pounding away. I take a number of poppers hits during the ride until finally I feel him pulse in me shooting his cum deep in my hole. At this point I'm horny as hell and feeling a bit exhibitionisty. I grab all my stuff, take a hit of poppers, and do a leave the booth in just my sneakers and jockstrap. Do a lap around the arcade for all the horny men to see. Sadly no one wanted to fuck me in front of others in the darkened glory hole maze. Still had an awesome time. By the time I left I had taken 4 cocks up my ass, sucked on three others, and at least two came in me. A good send off for me for Nob Hill Theatre. Sent some of this to a guy I've been chatting with who posted it on his thumblr: https://fuckhardcumdeeeep.tumblr.com/post/177141000573/from-a-cheating-follower-in-the-booth-high-on#notes
  4. djsg

    Getting fucked vs getting bred

    Definitely my goal is always to make the top Cum in me. A great feeling of accomplishment when I hear their body tense / breath get short / ecstasy as they pump their load into me. That said, I'm perfectly content taking a guy without getting his load. In a number of circumstances (Bars with back rooms, Sex clubs, etc), people who show up early like to fuck, and I love taking some of their cocks, but generally aren't looking to cum yet as they want to have fun until the place closes / fuck a couple bottoms before shooting their load and heading home. Particularly for those who don't want to shoot yet, I see it somewhat as my job to help get the fun started / instigate things. If everyone is standing around the bar drinking, and some want to make a move / cruising but no one doing anything for fear of being "first" I love to wander up to a guy whose been cruising me, rub his cock through his shorts, get it hard, see if maybe I can get him to pull it out and let me stroke it a bit. So yea, strongly prefer getting bred, but love making guys hard and happy in general, whether it's with my throat or ass. A bare cock just tastes good and feels great, particularly ones with lots of precum.
  5. djsg

    How much can a top fuck on a weekend?

    https://timfuck.treasureislandmedia.com/scenes/FLOODED_SCENE_9 -- If you haven't seen it before, that scene is a great one of one top, many orgasms
  6. djsg

    How much can a top fuck on a weekend?

    I went on a cabin weekend with a bunch of gay guys, and one top there was crazy. Of the 14 guys in the cabin, he topped 11 of them in the weekend, and had at least 14 orgasms I'm aware of, but was sneaking off more than that, so probably fucked more. Not a lot of cum by the end, but that guy got hard at the slightest breeze and fortunately had stamina to match.
  7. djsg

    Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    In london there is: https://jamiehp.co.uk/nights/horse-fair/ that I know about that's similar
  8. djsg

    Getting blown with an audience

    I love the showing off, but on top of that there's even more to getting the action started / instigating. When the group of guys clearly is hard / horny / playing with themselves but no one wants to take the first move, it's soo much fun picking a guy who wants it, moving in, giving a grope, getting on your knees and then peeling his pants and underwear off not a word said in front of the group. Deep throat that cock and get the action started.
  9. I was by a group of guys at Lab.Oratory in Berlin on piss night. Was a ton of fun, and wish there were more opportunities in SF for play like that. Really love things like Athleticpisspig's videos. @Powersubbtm that sounds like a fun scene. Want to do it to eachother?
  10. One of mine: Meet up with a Dom/top who blindfolds me, takes me to a sex club, and strips me naked other than the blindfold for inspection by the guys. Lets me be felt up / groped / explored for a while before taking me to a sling / fuck bench / bed / etc. for guys to use sight unseen and no questions asked. Ideally he uses my finger to get access to my phone, uses that to go on sites and let guys know "if you've been wanting to do this guy it's open game". Probably even text a couple of guys on my Facebook he thinks are cute, send them a photo and let them know to come get it if they want. After a friend dumps his load in me, if they choose say hi and see if I can recognize the voice.
  11. djsg

    Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    I'm at 192 currently. Lookng forward to when I can add: (3) Been Fucked with Head in the Toilet Probably my favorite sscene in the BerlinStart/Wurstfilm Fickstutenmarkt porn is when a red headed bottom gets taken to the restroom, head put in urinal, and fucked.

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