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  1. One of mine: Meet up with a Dom/top who blindfolds me, takes me to a sex club, and strips me naked other than the blindfold for inspection by the guys. Lets me be felt up / groped / explored for a while before taking me to a sling / fuck bench / bed / etc. for guys to use sight unseen and no questions asked. Ideally he uses my finger to get access to my phone, uses that to go on sites and let guys know "if you've been wanting to do this guy it's open game". Probably even text a couple of guys on my Facebook he thinks are cute, send them a photo and let them know to come get it if they want. After a friend dumps his load in me, if they choose say hi and see if I can recognize the voice.
  2. Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    I'm at 192 currently. Lookng forward to when I can add: (3) Been Fucked with Head in the Toilet Probably my favorite sscene in the BerlinStart/Wurstfilm Fickstutenmarkt porn is when a red headed bottom gets taken to the restroom, head put in urinal, and fucked.

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