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    dark side Recharging breeding stds swap pnp point demon seed few limits no hard cock refused big DICk multicummer here - im vers lookin for other vers dudes to swap or tops to pump me full. I am not dom. just a regular str8 lookin dude been told im trucker hot
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    When your negative and clean you are essentially impotent. No one wants to be impotent. Few limits proud pervy taboo loving pig here.
    I'm forty five nine 200 beefy exjock type total dad next door type very str8 looking I'm told
    Flakes, fakes and wanna-bes don't waste my time. I set out to purposely become a drug and sex addicted Slut. I've been successful and enjoy watching and helping those to learn to live with the decisions made by the head between their legs. FYI IF there is no location in your profile don't expect a response or follow
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    Does slamming them and fucking them off camera count?
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    Other std swapping pointed pnp pigs

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  1. Full 🌙 moon cycle's here. I really like your style. Sound's like a match to me. Doing a 🎉 this weekend in Phx. Lots and cocks flowing. 

  2. Beefypervpigphx

    More hotel fun

    On the spur the moment got a hotel in town cheap sleazy place just my type place Couple ads on craigslist backpage and a few other sites along with a quick trip to the bookstore; By the time the sun rose I had eight unique loads in my ass. The hottest was an 18-year-old who came to my hotel at 4 AM and pump two loads in my hole within 10 minutes. Said he was on his way to pick up his girlfriend so they could go on vacation together they had a flight leaving that morning. Lol whatever.
  3. I wonder if you remember me

  4. Thank you for your comment in "The Confession" 


    Have to say that you are one sexy man! wish i could see more

  5. Beefypervpigphx

    The Confession

    Holy shit that was intense bravo
  6. Beefypervpigphx

    40 min ago at Loves travel center

    Stopped by the local truck stop for fuel and some lunch from subway. As always, made my way to the tea room (sorry, restroom). Picked an open stall both sides were occupied. Did the whole fake flush bullshit - then tap tap tap a foot was tapping. I tapped back. He dropped a note to folllow him out to his truck I did. Nice 6.5 inch thick cut clean cock. Dumped his married load in my hole while pics of his family watched from the dash. Totally brightened my day thanks mr knight refrigerated transport worker.
  7. Beefypervpigphx

    Bugged By a Clown

    Awesome as all your stories. Clowns don't scare me but I think people who play clowns are pathetic
  8. Beefypervpigphx

    Adult Book Stores

    I do Gloryhole have done them since I found one at age 14. I have had plenty of 15, 20, and 25 load nights. But now I leave that nonsense to young ones. I get the one or two I crave and then let a soon to be Slut have the booth. :-)
  9. DAMN!  Let's get lost together. My schedule is full this weekend. Or I would be available for you. 

  10. Beefypervpigphx

    Anonymous loads

    couldnt have said it better myself. any cock any load any time any where
  11. My type of action. Let's push our limit's of lust in our pigsty. No Taboos. 

  12. Beefypervpigphx

    The Toughness Test

    Which of the characters in any of your stories doumost identify with
  13. Beefypervpigphx

    Likeminded guy

    Lookin to swap in Phoenix no hang ups chill
  14. Beefypervpigphx

    Four so far

    Don't know if it's the aftermath of the eclipse or the heat I've gotten four loads in the last three hours thanks to grinder and jacked I have two more headed this way! Never rains but it always pours lol
  15. Beefypervpigphx

    The Toughness Test

    There is so much I want to ask you

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