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    dark side Recharging breeding stds swap pnp point demon seed few limits no hard cock refused big DICk multicummer here - im vers lookin for other vers dudes to swap or tops to pump me full. I am not dom. just a regular str8 lookin dude been told im trucker hot
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    When your negative and clean you are essentially impotent. No one wants to be impotent. Few limits proud pervy taboo loving pig here.
    I'm forty five nine 200 beefy exjock type total dad next door type very str8 looking I'm told
    Flakes, fakes and wanna-bes don't waste my time. I set out to purposely become a drug and sex addicted Slut. I've been successful and enjoy watching and helping those to learn to live with the decisions made by the head between their legs
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    Does slamming them and fucking them off camera count?
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    Other std swapping pointed pnp pigs

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  1. Four so far

    Don't know if it's the aftermath of the eclipse or the heat I've gotten four loads in the last three hours thanks to grinder and jacked I have two more headed this way! Never rains but it always pours lol
  2. The Toughness Test

    There is so much I want to ask you
  3. The Toughness Test

    Omg I <3 u
  4. The night I got pozzed....I think...

    Wolfs is long gone now a str8 bar. God I miss San Diego, at least the one I moved to 20 years ago. But I think I know exactly who you are talking about lol!!
  5. Ghost Town

    its missing something not sure what but maybe its not as deep as the others
  6. Neighbor Andy

    I<3u another story str8 from my life to the pages of this website
  7. New in Town

    I swear you are in my head when you write these
  8. seeking younger guys

    seeking younger guys who need to be bred. hmu
  9. Bareback Dilemma

    Prep is for pussy's. Real pigs just take loads, if you poz up its just part of journey. Personally, I feel that being on prep makes you unable to breed guys, which is like being impotent, who wants to be impotent? imho
  10. i may have found used condoms back in the 90's in an adult bookstore and may have made use of them, every day
  11. At least 3 times that many
  12. Lights Out

    Love a good thunderstorm
  13. Site Membership questions

    If a member confides in you that he is only on this site to find positive guys so he can tell local negative guys who to avoid what should one do with this info? This to me seems like the kind of troll we don't need on this site. Where should I direct this question?
  14. Pozzing the gym boy

    Very hot love breeding them and telling them to get out lol

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