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    Orange County CA / Houston/LA/Dallas
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    Coming soon to
    Houston and Gavelston! Take a number now

    Raw sex = No Fear -Pulling Out ☣️

    Experienced and seasoned poz men are the best fuckers!
    Love men who let their inner pig needs known to his man.

    My hot buttons are mature men and versatility. My motto is why waste half a man? Enjoy topping as much as I do being a pig bottom. Making out, flip fucking, deep throat cock sucking. Long deep strokes. Nips hard wired to everything that opens. Seeking a tutor with the right pig to explore the art of fisting.

    Poz Pig
    Latino 5'5 155llbs. Black/Brown Smooth 6 uncut
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Poz pig ☣
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    Mature men unashamed of being a poz pig.
    Love gang bangs

    Cub ass is always fun!

    Long sessions with the right blend of pleasure and pain.
    Love tit play with equal blends of rough and soft

    Poz talk is essential and role playing a conversion scene is always a way to get cock and manhole going. I am very laid back and down to earth.
    Be yourself and we will get along fine. Woof and oink !

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  1. Hell yeah. So excited. Im hard at work all day and my ass twitches
  2. W🐷W less than a week from my first houston cumunion. Can’t wait and yes we will be doing a live update of the piggery and buggery :) R☣️LL !
  3. Wow that was fast 39 more pos reps to another 69 milestone!

    feel free to catch up on ☣️Ur daily bred !   Thanks for doing chargedup!

  4. Just get an average baseline of your labs so you know how much to half ass your meds. Game of chicken if you will
  5. 15 days pig to our cum filled 24 hours in dallas !



    Welcome to all new swallowers!

    Fresh ☣️Ur daily bred posted !


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Chargedup


      Oh I know so.  They are bringing out the big guns for my homecoming. ☣️

    3. Chargedup


      All day I’m hard at work thinking of the cowboys that will get to breed me and vice versa. Grrrr


    4. Chargedup


      All day I’m hard at work thinking of the cowboys that will get to breed me and vice versa. Grrrr


  6. Slammers hands down as the best dark room. No clue who’s in you.
  7. 14 more days to the big -pig event ! saving a weeks work of daddy load. My balls will feel every turbulence on my way to a houston lol get your dance card now before daddy fills everything and everyone in sight for his cumunion houston debut ! ☣️🐷❗️
  8. Welcome to all new swallowers!

    Fresh ☣️Ur daily bred posted !


    1. bbtopvienna


      I wish I can swallow your poz cum right now

  9. Do You Still get up to the San Fransisco bay area?

    1. Chargedup


      Not since I’ve been banned from steamworks.  Don’t know why but whatever I did I’m sure it was a blast ! Hahaha oh well I’m sure they don’t care of the lost thousands by not allowing in.  I’m still a young buck and 30 years of breeding to do. Hahah

    2. PozTemptation


      could you just use a false name or ID? I can't imagine being banned from a bath house

      I was once banned from a casino in Reno, for counting cards, yet they have since forgot (over 20 years) and I don't play black jack anymore.

    3. Chargedup


      I could but mission accomplished 

      i took more loads per capita with a bio tat at the joint.  Was in a poz candy store for a few years while I worked up there in the bay.  

  10. Will have ceremony for your induction into the hall of fame! I’m saving a weeks worth of cum for the bug day !
  11. Thanks for following me, I really like your profile 

  12. Can’t wait for the private reserve pig pit later this month ! You will redeem your load at this event 🐷
  13. A trip la ! Was the worst pitched the bottles and went cold turkey

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