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    ☣️RANGE C☢️UNTY,C🐷
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    Raw sex = No Fear -Pulling Out ☣️

    Experienced and seasoned poz men are the best fuckers!
    Love men who let their inner pig needs known to his man.

    My hot buttons are mature men and versatility. My motto is why waste half a man? Enjoy topping as much as I do being a pig bottom. Making out, flip fucking, deep throat cock sucking. Long deep strokes. Nips hard wired to everything that opens. Seeking a tutor with the right pig to explore the art of fisting.

    Poz Pig
    Latino 5'5 155llbs. Black/Brown Smooth 6 uncut
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Poz pig ☣
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    Mature men unashamed of being a poz pig.
    Love gang bangs

    Cub ass is always fun!

    Long sessions with the right blend of pleasure and pain.
    Love tit play with equal blends of rough and soft

    Poz talk is essential and role playing a conversion scene is always a way to get cock and manhole going. I am very laid back and down to earth.
    Be yourself and we will get along fine. Woof and oink !

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  1. When did you accept you were a sub cumslut?

    versatility is key to always getting laid. woof
  2. When did you accept you were a sub cumslut?

    the year was 1999 at club 1350 discovered how easy it was to get fucked bending over and taking cock and load one after the other. the daddies broke me in good and put me on the right road to accepting the bug. after that it escalated to warehouse poz orgies and conversion parties in palm springs.
  3. any guys from Los Angeles ever visit the Roman Holiday bathhouse in venice ?  I heard it’s daddy friendly 


  4. back home from a long flight remembering all the hot sex in dallas.  piggiest town in america! 

    how many also have had met guys at a bath then have them meet you off site and the sex isn’t that hot ?  something is lost in translation. other than that my dna is now engrained in texas  woof 

  5. Why Did You Start Barebacking?

    had a steady fuck bud and i just instinctively rolled the condom off and he bred me. we were hooked.
  6. Final orgy in dallas tonight and wow!  I straddled the most amazing ccck.  It was so spectacular that I went into a trance. Saw stars.  Ass is purring.  Shot my load and said see you later to all my new friends for life in dallas.  What a city. Had a blast.  LA your next.  Stay tuned. 

    1. jaybird


      what was it about that dick that made it so good?  :>  

    2. Chargedup


      it had the girth of a reb bull can and super long with a fat head. man I was in heaven. it hit my g spots - yes i have a few spots in my cunt. best part is that he shot and kept going. lasted forever. those never last hahah

    3. jaybird


      big and everlasting .. fuck yeah!   :>


  7. woof I live being called a whore cunt!
  8. Most Loads in Single Stay at Bathhouse

    15 raw loads is my record but i’m sure i’ve past that at ccbc in palm springs. after a hot day drinking beer at the pool you kind of lose count. summer is coming ! ☣️🐷❗️
  9. Truvada Resistant Strain - PrEP failure?

    come on you half assed your doses and got knocked up ! good boy ☣️
  10. wild card monday in dallas i was in top mode - my hole needs a break faked bred a poz aids bone wasnt feeling his ass too loose the search is on for another cum bottom did my O face and bounced him poll time how many fake O faces have you done ?
  11. Anon Loads

    I collected cum filled rubbers at the bath. Got my cock super hard as I turned them inside out and coated my sweet puss with goodness.
  12. had a sunday afternoon to kill went to the club and for two loads and rolled poured cum from a condom queens loads still have a load to shoot
  13. I was a bad boy. My orgy was a hit. Great group of versatile men so there was cock and ass for everyone. You could hear a pin drop when I said daddy was going home for a while. Who’s gonna have hot fuck parties for us lol glad I’ve made many men in Dallas happy with my H☣️Spitality. Someone brought a jar of collected loads. It was scene straight out of 1000 fuck loads. Tube inserted and my ass was filled with questionable goo. Omg. What a sensation.
  14. Pig orgy tonight. So looking forward to the jelly jar full of mixed cum and funnel.  2018  is my year to get edgier in my sex life and that is gonna be hot.  🐷❗️

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