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    ☣️RANGE C☢️UNTY,CA (Westside LA)
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    Raw sex = No Fear -Pulling Out ☣️

    Experienced and seasoned poz men are the best fuckers!
    Love men who let their inner pig needs known to his man.

    My hot buttons are mature men and versatility. My motto is why waste half a man? Enjoy topping as much as I do being a pig bottom. Making out, flip fucking, deep throat cock sucking. Long deep strokes. Nips hard wired to everything that opens. Seeking a tutor with the right pig to explore the art of fisting.

    Poz Pig
    Latino 5'5 155llbs. Black/Brown Smooth 6 uncut
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Poz pig ☣
  • Looking For
    Mature men unashamed of being a poz pig.
    Love gang bangs

    Cub ass is always fun!

    Long sessions with the right blend of pleasure and pain.
    Love tit play with equal blends of rough and soft

    Poz talk is essential and role playing a conversion scene is always a way to get cock and manhole going. I am very laid back and down to earth.
    Be yourself and we will get along fine. Woof and oink !

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  1. wana convert a needy bottom?

  2. I would love to fuck and be fucked at the same time!! Let the piss flow!!


  3. two words chicken shits
  4. leaving palm springs

    how could i top yesterday fun?

    think i’ll surrender to my comfy bed at home and reset my joy stick and ass for next weeks travels  

    bone daddy was amazing ☣️

  5. Finally some rest and relaxation! Back in Palm Springs and daddy Is taking asses and crossing them off the wait list !  So nice to roll into town with a pieces of ass waiting and lined up all weekend.  Grrroink 

    1. jaybird


      and you passed another "69" milestone brother!


    2. Chargedup


      Sure did and in the box to boot !

    3. jaybird


      ***licks your box 😉


  6. Chargedup


    more !☣️
  7. Chargedup

    Breeding Zone helps me convert

    i hear it everyday i’m a busy and have a waitlist
  8. i could care less about their cock its all about my cock and their obedient hole !
  9. Daddy is back!

    I was in BZ hole again. 

    Nice to see my pos reps haven’t missed a beat !

    let celebrate my return by getting to 3269!  

    Will be adding more smut on my gallery pages 🐖

    1. bbpoznow


      I hear that BZ is the place to go for poz BBC.

       may be worth the trip from Toronto for a week end

    2. bbpoznow


      BZ in Detroit Michigan


    3. Chargedup


      no the breeding zone penalty box  hahah 

      was bad boy and posted on wrong threads  

  10. Omg

    i am so going to jack off tonight before bed.  I’ve been going through some old hard drives and man I’ve had some incredible raw sex documented ! Breeding ass and my dripping with loads. 

    Wish I had time to upload on xtube.  ☣️🐽

    1. Memprys


      Please take time!  I'd love to see your ass dripping after being well-used.

  11. So glad to finally meet you, horny Poz fucker! 🐷☣️😈

  12. Chargedup

    Does anyone fuind being a pig a drawback!

    Be proud of slutiness ! we excel at our talent because we practice a lot. Lol ☣️❗️
  13. Chargedup

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    no papi no drugs for me
  14. Chargedup

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    palm springs piss and cum sex party held annually

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