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    D🐷LLASS -H☣️UST☢️N❗️
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    Raw sex = No Fear -Pulling Out ☣️

    Experienced and seasoned poz men are the best fuckers!
    Love men who let their inner pig needs known to his man.

    My hot buttons are mature men and versatility. My motto is why waste half a man? Enjoy topping as much as I do being a pig bottom. Making out, flip fucking, deep throat cock sucking. Long deep strokes. Nips hard wired to everything that opens. Seeking a tutor with the right pig to explore the art of fisting.

    Poz Pig
    Latino 5'5 155llbs. Black/Brown Smooth 6 uncut
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Poz pig ☣
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    Mature men unashamed of being a poz pig.
    Love gang bangs

    Cub ass is always fun!

    Long sessions with the right blend of pleasure and pain.
    Love tit play with equal blends of rough and soft

    Poz talk is essential and role playing a conversion scene is always a way to get cock and manhole going. I am very laid back and down to earth.
    Be yourself and we will get along fine. Woof and oink !

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  1. Lets SHARE ouer PIG AIDS and nasty STDs.. infect YOUNG NEG PIGS!!!

    im also pervert bareback biohazard. sSatan PIG fucker very few limits. carry full-blown aids and med resistant syph, plus horny hep c strains💀


    1. toad2


      man you can have my ass

  2. Chargedup

    Which do you prefer

    i’m not a tame-able i just let my fuck flag fly freely
  3. Chargedup

    Thawed bottles of cum

    Cheers !!
  4. ☣️K. We are stalled. Who will  be the 3469th poz rep to chargedup ?   Winner gets confetti and a virtual load.  

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Gingercumpig
    3. Chargedup


      Least I can do to bring out the V☢️TE for Beto. Hahaj

    4. workmyhole


      Looking forward to seeing you in Dallas

  5. Chargedup

    Slammer Gangbang

    yes i learned that a dead bath can be lucrative as a bottom or sunday morning is good when you get the last of the night crew needing to pop one more haha
  6. I'm guessing your inbox is full cuz they say you can't receive messages.  Would like to get to know you, and if you feel the same hmu at eqp1959@gmail.com  OINK~

    1. Chargedup


      Thank you for letting me know I just cleaned out my box it was full… ☣️pps

  7. Chargedup

    Hottest Verbal From A Top?

    Your ass is better than my wife’s cunt. Awww shucks ! True story or after anon top unloaded in my ass at the baths and told me “ I was dead “ Top 2 but i could go ☣️N❗️
  8. Like the old adage where is there a policeman when you need one Same can go for where is there a bottom when you need one Went to the local bath because daddy needed to pound out some ass with a six-day load. Not one Cum bottom to be found I then had to turn to bottom mode and was quite successful I ended up taking four loads 1 courtesy fuck with a rubber but the best part the bathhouse was dead so when this happens I always clean up on the horny tops that need to get off quick with anything I had an excellent 30 minute session with this beautiful black bear he pounded away on my ass like there was no tomorrow I could barely walk today I knew he shot multiple loads in me because when he left the room he slammed the door behind him that’s the classic guilty move when you unload in an ass tee hee Think I’ll be a good boy until my trip to Dallas next week and then I’ll be in total pig mode being anon
  9. day 2 of sweats / fatigue / headache

    therw would be lots of baby daddies for this strain   tee hee 

    1. Pozlover1


      So you got it again? Or maybe a different strain

    2. spfldcub


      Congrats! It means you're doing it right.

    3. Chargedup
  10. Chargedup


    It’s heavenly men men men ! Lots to choose from friday and Sunday are busy Ive always left satisfied. Midtowne was hot but it’s no longer open. Now that was hot banker dad cock heheh
  11. Chargedup


    Club Dallas is a good time
  12. Chargedup

    Very short fucks?

    Velvet ass makes me cum fast too !!
  13. Chargedup

    Ugly Hung Top into slutty bottoms

    nice public servant G☣️☣️d boy
  14. Chargedup

    Ugly Hung Top into slutty bottoms

  15. 1350 cumunion was hot!

    perfect venue 

    it’s essentailly all the regulars but in super piggy mode 

    can’t walk straight today and my cock is chafed  hahahaha

    dallas i’ll be there soon

    save your loads and tighten your holes daddy will be in town 

    1. puphawaii


      "can't walk straight today" = a good time was had by all!

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