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  1. Hey, in LA area too. Would love to fuck around bud. Hit me up. on BBRT or @jstrappedhole on twitter.

  2. Non stop cum and they didn’t give a fuck what you did in the rooms. It was a Mecca for sleazy sex.
  3. Y’all made me bone hard ! ☣️?❗️
  4. Yes I’m going to attend. cant wait !
  5. R☣️❗️❗️ C🐷LL for Cumunion tomorrow night !
  6. He keeps coming back so he loves to hate your hole. Lol. Hot !
  7. Sorry. Wrong emoji ! Meant to upvote. I’ll correct later.
  8. Love your profile mate - just wish i lived your side of the pond!  :(

  9. Thanks for following my profile.

  10. Wow ! Very intelligent men on here ! Good read
  11. It was slow Friday at the tubs. It was condom night I guess. Not to worry. I made sure to clean up the the top and say ill toss this for you. Then I slide the cum filled tubes on a bottle of wet lube. All they juice flowed into the bottle Now it’s a mix of silicone and anon loads. Smells hot ! Oink
  12. hey there...would you be up for breeding a buddy and me?  looking for toxic loads.  we can travel to you or to Palm Springs...or open to other ideas.  both of us friendly, and looking to find the right guy w/ the right load to connect us.

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