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  1. You proably shot so much cum in that guys mouth😋😋😋😋
  2. Same here man. Kissing, especially anon guys and especially more than one at a time in a session has its own slutty feel to it. Definitely turns me on.
  3. See thats the thing, i dont quite see it as love making. I actually think its sluttier to swap saliva and tongue kiss random guys at a bathhouse in addition to being bred/ fucked. Its a special kind of slutty feeling lol. I get what u mean tho.
  4. Im all for nasty, pervy, raw uninhibited sex, and i understand the thought process behind being just a hole, but when guys tell me theyre not into making out or any foreplay i tend to be turned off. I find something sluttier about a man that wants to tongue kiss me and suck om my nipples like tits, etc. in addition to giving me a load or two. Now granted this doesn't mean i can't be face fucked, slapped, choked, and fuck like a toy (cuz that's affection too😈) but i just prefer a fuller experience. Anyone else like this?
  5. Fuck a guy who passed out?

    I will say id want to wake up midfuck so i can enjoy some of it... maybe just slip into consciousness long enough to see a few faces....feel a dick in my sticky hole....
  6. Racial cravings?? Anyone??

    I like all races but tops are a personal favorite. Especially two or more. They always cum tons and just give off the right vibes to bring my inhibitions down. Been looking for arab tops but there are none in my city.
  7. Fuck a guy who passed out?

    I mean if i pass out at a bathhouse or in an orgy......no complaints😈
  8. New Members Introduce Themselves

    What's up guys, Been reading stories for a while but never made any comments. Just now doing anything with my profile. The Chem sex stories have def been a favorite. Group stories, guys getting drugged and used in bathhouses etc. definitely love taboo to talk taboos too😈 also so feel free to hit me up.

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