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  1. You're right the fetishism runs deep smh. Unfortunately I'm in a small city with a small gay scene and I'm not good at picking up straight guys, so its looking like my sex life is gonna be just out of town bathhouse trips in the near future 🤦🏾‍♂️
  2. Lately its been almost impossible for me to attract tops. I'll have btm or vers btm in my profiles but bottoms still ignore that an hit me up and there's NEVER a shortage of interested bottoms. I might be bias of could but I'm not ugly so atleast for the most part I don't think that's the problem. I also find that with white guys there's almost no point in bothering, if its not "bbc" they're not interested. Should I dress more feminine? Write my bios a different way? Any suggestions?
  3. Damn im reading some and its pretty good! And same here always looking for raunchy content along those lines
  4. [think before following links] https://thisvid.com/videos/glory-hole-job/# Anyone know were i can find more videos in this format with this kinda content? Looking for more on the raunchier side
  5. Thanks man not bad urself😝 not that easy for me tho unfortunately lol
  6. Yeah i really regret not making use of the party section before all this happened 🤦🏿‍♂️the problem with apps is its always hit or miss, even when you plan ahead guys back out or suddenly can only host, etc. I feel like connecting to a group is the next step just hard to find. The site butchxxx is perfect but i don't fit the criteria
  7. The experience can vary so say for instance we're talking about a length sized nice girth dick. Now im not the best at taking dick, so usually there's a little pain on entry and sometimes switching positions in the beginning. But once im used to it there's a feeling of fullness and a weird undercurrent of relaxtion. "There's a dick in me, im content" is kinda what comes to mind. Some guys do this thing were the head throbs and you feel this hardness in the pit of your hole i think that's the best feeling. Also being bred and the warmth kind of spreading they you're insides. Too much going on t
  8. Yeah that's not really happening in my city. And being that the gay scene here is so small i probably wouldn't wanna go. I need something a little more solid i can plan to travel to.
  9. Surfing thru bdsmlr i recently found a guy advertising these group events at hotels. He had it centered around a chatroom you could log into to talk to other guests and have to put a red light in ur room bulb to signal vacancy. I wanted to go. But unfortunately i dont have certain experience that the host was asking for. Im wondering were can i find/ does anyone know of other groups like this? Im really looking to exapand beyond just the bathhouse and get into some real group action with ppl i know are looking for the same things.
  10. I do have a pretty long dildo but i rarely use it because i just find them uncomfortable in general. But i guess if it helps lol. I just need to make it past that wall somehow
  11. Been getting fucked more frequently lately and while my hole is much easier to get into, i still have major problems taking dick deep. There's a resistance that feels like i could hurt something if i went further. Are toys the only answer to this problem? Any tips on getting dick deeper inside are appreciated. Trying to work my way up to gangbang😌
  12. I'm a big fan of getting throat fucked but my gag reflex puts up too much of a fight🙃 i can really let it in for maybe 10 secs before i have to stop for fear of throwing up
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