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  1. Nice. Got me rock hard for camping season.
  2. I know two guys (ginger and blonde straight cis late 30s) from my college bible study who i meet up w from time to time flr camping. Both are strong Christians but have struggled with relationships due to mental illness. Sometimes I think about how even though I dont use, it would be worth it to get them hooked on tina so I can seed their asses raw, take their cherries while they stroke and suck each other. Pure fantasty. 

    1. Willing


      Do it👹 you know they want it 👹

    2. pervedone


      One went from being an alcoholic to beibg a kratom junkie to living on the road. Do easy. 

    3. Willing


      Then go from Kratom to Tina at home with you 👹

  3. Met up with a supposedly vers guy in the woods yesterday. Was going well til I was about to bend over and he said he was actually a bttm. I left without even finishing him. Hate to leave cum on the table but damn that pissed me off. Oh well, I gave him a mouthful first and left him standing pants around his ankle on a bike trail. 

    1. PozRod


      Easy cum easy go... 

  4. Question says it all. What is sexier to you when a guy is blowing you and overall?
  5. Thanks for the follow... 🐷😘

  6. Damn I want to be rufied and raped so bad. Good story.
  7. New toys. Did my first sound today. Only went in a centimeter and came so fucking hard. Excited to use both with a sadistic dom on the chat. 


  8. A suckboi college kid off squirt just offered to take my load during lunch. Hooray. 

  9. I like going where there are methheads and and homeless people w a lubed up hole and getting oppy drunk
  10. Love the porn sluts that live loud on Twitter for my cock to bust to. Link: [think before following links] https://twitter.com/PIGBOYRUBEN/status/1378642568498589698?s=19
  11. Got drunk and let this Alaskan Native at the bar suck my cock. He was really overweight and not very good so I told him I'd prefer to piss in his throat and have him gurgle on it til I finish jacking off. He was a good boy but insisted on tnr bathtub. I put most in his throat but when he sputtered and coughed I grabbed his hair and finished pissing in it. I told he didn't deserve my piss either and to leave. He got so angry but did eventually leave. Love pissfags.
  12. Lost my virginity to a black guy, another Army brother, in the shower the day after returning from deployment. He fucked raw and came twice. My gots felt like soup when he left. Black cock is amazing.
  13. I enjoy busting in a willing mouth so much. Its always a pleasure when they get really into it.
  14. San Antinio was hopping in 2010. Took several loads on my 21st birthday. Just day drank in the hotel in between guys. Fairbanks is good too. Lots of tourist husbands shelling out cash but getting no putang. That plus the Military base makes it a pretty great spot.
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