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  1. I'm thinking about investing in some toys so tell me what are the best toys you reccomend? No limits , no judgements, comment or pm. ++++ for links or pics. My favorite so far are an ejaculating dildo, a few flashlights and a plug set I lost in my last move.
  2. I want to know how depraved you all get. What is the nastiest, speediest, most vile thing you've used as lubrication? How did the bottom do?
  3. Crave to be dominated and controlled and ordered. No limits. Serious only. Indiana.
  4. In Feburary I was driving the longest home and saw a guy standing alone in the park by a poorly lit gazebo. I pulled into throt, approached him, saw that he was a homeless guy in his 60s and asked if he wanted to anything. He just wanted a bj so I took his seed there in the park and when he was done wiped his dick my hair.
  5. This covid bullshit is lasting too long I'm ready for some cum. Nobodys cruising, barely anyone is chatting. Bathhouses and videobooths are closed. Even reliables like squirt and A4A are mostly quiet rn.

    1. breedmedeeper


      IKR? Time to revolt! Open it up!

    2. BgChsr35


      Ill take your load. IL side neg guy here. 

    3. MuscledHorse


      I feel you brother! This year will be my lowest annual partner count since high school. Still I am being blessed with sex opportunities for my body, though nothing on the level of excess that it is used to. Hail Lust!!

  6. Because I know how to please a cock and it feels good and tastes good to do so.
  7. Hot profile sir

    1. Robw73


      Why thank you Sir. Same to you as well.

  8. Come fuck me anywhere or get fucked, anywhere. No condoms taking seed required. Force a ok. 😉
  9. Fuck yes as it should be. Praise be.
  10. Tell me what you do if you see this ass and cock in the bathhouse Sauna. 



  11. If you see me bend over feel free to walk up behind me and take my ass


    1. ronnie4u


      Oh Fuck Yes !  Yes !   I was Born and Trained Pleasing Others - BUST my Ass and Fill it to the TOP !  again - more - more - Please !

  12. Morning lusting


  13. Thanks, your a hot stud with an enjoyable profile as well!

  14. #FreeUseAss going to be lurking truck stop bathrooms for raw cum before work today. 


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