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    I love sucking cock and really love to have my ass fucked. Love the feel of cum in my ass and feeling it leak out. I am not a size queen but it has been a long time since I have had a real large cock fuck me. Really miss the feeling of being stretched and deep fucked. Lately I have been looking for and have taken a few Poz undetectable loads. Love the rush while knowingly sucking and having a Poz cock sliding in and out of my ass and then dumping an undetectable load deep inside of me. I get real horny while that is happening but then afterwards I kind of go into panic mode.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    I had my first male on male experience before I was of legal age with my best friend. The second guy I was with I was still wasn't of legal age the guy was twice my age and it wasn't a good experience for me at all. However with some time and conversations with other guys over time I grew to enjoy men and now I am a total cum slut.
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    I don't have any porn experience at this time but would love to have a few guys video me taking cock and cum.
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    I usually like guys my age or older but that isn't cast in stone. I have been known to have a younger guy catch my eye. I am all bottom and I look for guys that are all Top that know what they like and aren't afraid to get or take it. I love sucking cock and I do like to have my cock sucked and I absolutely love to have my ass fucked. I just love the feel of a hard cock sliding in and out of me.

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  1. I'm at work on New Years Eve day and I am horny as hell wondering what I am going to do for the evening. I want to go and find some cock but I'm not really looking forward to dealing with the bar crowd on New Years Eve. I finally decide to go home after work and get cleaned up and then go to one of my favorite Adult Book stores and see if I can find any cock and if not then I will maybe try a couple of bars. I get home and cleaned up and headed to my second favorite ABS because my favorite one is closed on Sundays and Mondays. I get there and see a couple of cars in the lot so I'm thinking chances are fair that I might find some cock to suck. I go inside buy some tokens and head back to the arcade. I see the light on two booths and figure they are the ones the cars belong to. I stand around and wait for a few minutes and one of the booth doors opens and the guy heads for the back exit of the store. Just as I am entering that booth to look through the gloryhole the door opens and that guy heads out the back exit door also. My heart sunk knowing as of that moment I was the only one in the arcade. So I sit down in the booth with the door open and put a few tokens in and start to watch some videos. My token time ran out and I exited the booth and heard the bell for the front door of the store ring, signaling that had just come into the store. I positioned myself to see who it was that came into the store. It was a nice looking guy that I had seen in the arcade a few times before. He is tall and in his mid to late 30's and from talking to some of the guys that frequent the store say they heard he is hiv+. I watch as he buys tokens for the back so I go to a booth with a nice size gloryhole between them close the door, put some tokens in, unbutton my pants and drop them to my ankles, sit down and start stroking my cock. Just the thought that this guy might be poz is such a turn on. I mean I have never talked to this guy to find out if he really is poz and if he is poz is he undetectable. It dosen't take long and I hear him enter the booth next to mine and I look through the hole to make sure it is him and it is. I watch through the hole as he takes his coat off and sets it on the chair in his booth. He kind of bends over and looks through the hole I assume to look at me. He stands back up and unbuckles his pants, opens his pants and drops them to his ankles and starts to rub his cock through his underwear. I am looking through the hole stroking my cock watching him rub his cock then he moves towards the hole. Once his cock is close to the hole he pulls his underwear down exposing his half hard cock. Now I didn't have a tape measure but this guys cock semi hard had to be a good 6 inches to maybe 7. I position myself on my knees in front of the hole to get a good look at his cock when I notice a tattoo a little above his cock. It's a bio hazard tattoo! My cock twitches and my heart starts to race like crazy. I put my fingers through the hole and touch the top of his cock right below his tattoo, then I slowly move my fingers up to his tattoo and as soon a my fingers touch his tattoo he starts to pull away and turn away from the hole. I didn't know why he did this but I reached further into the hole and held his cock in my hand and started to stroke him. As I stroked his cock I gently pulled it towards the hole hoping he would slide it though the hole for me. I am so fucking turned on right now knowing that I am playing with a poz cock and not knowing if it is undetectable or if it is toxic. I keep stroking his cock gently trying to guide it to the gloryhole and he finally gives in and turns his hips toward the gloryhole and moves forward sliding his cock through the hole for me. I continue to stroke his cock and he is starting to get harder the more I stroke him. I hold onto his cock with one hand and place the head of his cock to my lips and I give the head of his cock a lick. His cock twitches and really starts to grow harder and harder. I see a little pre-cum at the head of his cock and I give it a lick loving the sweet taste. I can't help myself and I take the head of his cock into my mouth and start sucking all the while thinking in my head that I have an poz cock in my mouth and I am so fucking horny I can't stop myself. As I suck his cock I reach into my coat pocket and get my bottle of poppers and take a good hit and as I exhale I slide his cock as deep as I can into my mouth until I feel it hit the back of my throat. I can hear him moan softly as his cock hits the back of my throat which turns me on even more so I push my mouth onto his cock harder and force it into my throat and hold it there as long as I can and then I pull back to catch a breath. As his cock slides out of my mouth there is some of that real slick throat spit on his cock so I pull most of what I can from his cock and I spit some more from my mouth into my hand and as I slide his cock back into my mouth I move my hand to my ass and lube up my hole. I just know that I have to feel this guys poz cock in my ass even if its just a little part if it and for only a second. As I am doing this I hear him moan again and he starts to move his hips and he is fucking my mouth. He pumps his cock in and out of my mouth for a few strokes and he pulls his cock out of my mouth and turns his hips away from me and then back towards the hole again. He does the a couple of times and I know he is signaling me to put my ass to the hole. With great excitement and hesitation I stand and turn my ass towards the hole. I leave enough room between the hole and my ass so that I can watch for his cock and sure enough his cock slides back through the hole. I spit into my fingers again and lube up my hole some more with one hand as I hold his cock with my other hand. I have my bottle of poppers ready as I guide the head of his cock to my spit lubed hole and rub it around loving the feeling of his hard cock in my ass crack. I take a hit off of my bottle of poppers and as I exhale I slide just his cock head inside of my hole. My head is spinning from the popper hit and in my mind one part of it says what the fuck are you doing and the other part of it says just do it and give up your ass to this guy. I pull my ass away from the head of his cock and I move back again sliding his cock into my ass a little more this time and hold it there for a few seconds. Damn I love the feel of his cock inside of me but the taboo of knowing his cock is poz keeps my mind in turmoil. My ass is still far enough away from the hole so that I am still in control. I can slide his cock in me as far as I want and I can still pull away if I chicken out. I slide his cock out of me again and then I slide his cock back into me a little farther this time. This guys cock is an easy 8 inches if not 9 inches and I have about 6 inches of it inside me right now and my mind is fucking with me. I want so bad to let myself go and give my ass to him but the other part of me screams no... no. I slide his cock back out of me and rub the head of his cock on my hole a few times and line it up and slide his cock all the way into me and then I pull off of his cock real quick. Damn that felt so fucking good! His cock went so deep inside of me. I couldn't seem to get enough of that feeling so I slide my ass back onto his cock and buried it as deep as it would go and slide it back out again really fast, all the while my mind was going crazy and my heart was racing. I can't make up my mind, my ass wants this cock deep inside of me and my mind is telling me not to let this cock in me anymore. I place the bottle of poppers up to my nose and I inhale deep into both nostrils and as I exhale I get a super head rush and my mind finally gives in. With my head in a fog I push my ass back up against the wall and leave it there and it is like the guy knew that I surrendered my ass to him because as soon as my ass hit the wall he started pumping his cock in and out of my ass. Fuck that felt good feeling his cock hitting me deep inside. My popper hit was starting to wear off so with this guy fucking my ass with his poz cock I put the bottle of poppers to my nose again and take a deep hit in both sides my head starts to spin and I am feeling so fucking good with this big poz cock fucking away and my brain fogged up from the poppers I hear him grunting and I feel a hard deep push and I know his has his cock planted as deep inside of me as he can get through the gloryhole and I can feel his cock pulsing, shooting his poz cum deep inside of my ass. My mind starts to come back into focus as he pumps his cock in and out of me some more making sure he has milked all of his cum inside of me. I feel him slowly sliding out of my ass and I pull my ass away from the hole and quickly turn towards the hole and I see the head of his cock pulling back through the hole with a drop of cum still on the head. I reach through the hole and pull his cock back to me and I lick the drop of cum from the head and place it into my mouth. He pushes his softening cock back through the hole for me so I can clean his cock. He lets me clean his cock for a short time and he pulls it back through the hole gets himself back in order and exits the booth and out the back door. I place my fingers to my hole and I can feel his cum just starting to leak out of me. I scoop up what I can and bring my fingers to my mouth and lick them clean and I try to keep as much of his cum inside of me as I can as I get my pants back up. I get myself straightened up and exit the booth and start to walk to the front door to leave all the while I can feel his cum leaking into my underwear. I get into my car and start to head home wondering if I had just got a new present to start my new year. Only time will tell........
  2. Last week was a busy week for me getting cock. Its funny how since craigslist stopped the personal section it can be feast or famine trying to get some cock. Last Tuesday it was early afternoon and I just finished up with a service call and was heading back to work. I was driving by my favorite bookstore and noticed quite a few cars in the parking lot so I thought I would stop in real quick and see if I could find a cock to suck. Paid my fee and went into the arcade walked around a little and found an empty booth with a gloryhole and someone on the other side. I step in and lock my door bend down and look through the hole and see a latino guy with his pants down stroking a nice average sized uncut cock. I put my finger to the hole to let him know I was interested and he wasted no time sliding his cock through the hole. I immediately started sucking his cock taking it all the way to the base. He was moaning and groaning while my mouth did its thing on his cock. He then started to fuck my mouth while his breathing was getting heavy, I knew he was about to blow. He then pulls his cock out of my mouth and starts to jack his cock real fast and I stuck my mouth the the hole with my tongue sticking out to let him know I wanted his load in my mouth. I could tell he was getting ready to blow, his cock head started to swell and his stroking pace picked up and then he moved the tip of his cock to my tongue and started to shoot ropes of cum on my tongue and into my mouth. Once he was done unloading his nut sack onto my tongue I swallowed and stuck my tongue back out to offer to clean the drop of cum still on the tip of his cock. He move forward with his cock and wiped the tip of his cock on my tongue to give me that last drop, what a guy! So he pulls up and zips up and leaves the booth and he no more than exited the booth and another guy entered the booth quickly, locked the door and started to unbuckle his belt and dropped his pants and underwear. His cock was still soft but he started stroking it as he moved it to the hole where my mouth was waiting. He dropped his half hard cock through the hole into my mouth and I started to go to town sucking him. His cock was hard in no time and it didn't take long and I was rewarded with another nice load of cum. He pulled out of my mouth pulled up his pants and exited. I looked at the time and I had to get going back to work so I left for the time being and figured I would return after work. Work was kind of slow so I was able to get out of there a little before 5 which worked out great for me. I love getting to the bookstore around quitting time and catch up with some of the straight cock looking to unload before going home to the wife. I get to the bookstore at about 5:30 pay my re-entry fee and head back to the arcade. I walked up to the first empty booth and looked through the gloyhole to find a guy standing with his pants down and jacking a nice hard cock. It was a little above average and had a slight curve up. I unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants let them fall and knelt down in front of the hole so he could see my face at the hole watching him jack his cock. It didn't take him long to notice me at the hole and he pointed his cock to the hole and moved forward sliding his beautiful cock through for me to suck. I wasted no time sucking his cock taking him almost all the way down to the base. I would pull his cock out of my mouth and lick and suck on his ball sack a few time and go back to sucking his cock. He was really getting into it and began to fuck my mouth with his cock. I was just getting used to his rythm when he pulled his cock out and turned his hips a little then pointed his cock back towards the hole. I knew what this meant and as I was standing up I spit onto my fingers and lubed my ass with my spit before backing my ass to the hole. My ass no more than hit the hole and I could feel his cock pushing against my ass. I moved my hand back and guided his cock into my hole and with a groan he pushed his cock all the way into my. Damn that felt so good and his cock was sliding in and out of my hole. I just stayed bent over as he drove his cock into me. I could hear his belt buckle hitting the wall between us as he fucked my ass real good. He started to pick up the pace with his cock fucking me faster and faster and I could hear his breathing getting heavier and heavier and then I heard him grunt as he pushed his cock as deep into me as he could go. I could feel his cock head swell up and I could feel his cock pulsing as he pumped rope after rope of cum deep inside of me. I really love the feeling of a cock pushed deep inside of me as its loading my ass with cum. He slowly pulls out a little and pumps my ass a couple of more times before sliding out of my ass completely. I quickly turned around and put my mouth up to the hole and he let me clean his cock. After cleaning his cock we both pulled our pants up and exited our booths. I move to the next booth and closed the door as someone else entered the booth on the other side of the hole. He wasted no time pulling his cock out through the zipper of his pants and sliding his cock through the hole for me to suck. I didn't even have time to drop my pants, I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. He must have been real horny because I was rewarded with a nice creamy load of cum in less than 2 minutes. While he was putting his cock away I walked out of my booth and moved to the next booth. I looked through the hole and there was another guy standing with his pants down stroking a really nice and hard cock. I immediately dropped my pants and got down on my knees with my face and mouth to the hole. This guy wasted no time in sticking his cock through the hole and offered it for me to suck. I was just getting started sucking his cock when he pulled out and turned around pulled his ass cheeks apart and moved his asshole to the gloryhole. I took a deep smell and his ass was clean with very little odor. I started to lick and tongue fuck his ass and he was moaning and loving it. He let me rim his ass for a few minutes and pulled away turning towards me stroking a rock hard cock. I just knew this guy was wanting to fuck me so I stood up and turned my ass to the hole. I didn't lube my ass with spit because my hole was still lubed with the first guys load of cum. I spread my ass cheeks moved my ass to the hole and he had no problem finding my cum lubed hole and slid right inside of me. Damn that felt good as he started to fuck me with a nice rythm, in and out. His started to fuck me faster and faster, this guy was on a mission to empty his nut sack. With a final hard push and a loud grunt his cock was deep inside of me pumping his load of cum to mix with my first load of cum. After he finished unloading inside of me he pulled out and I hurried and dropped to my knees so I could clean his cock off but he was in a hurry to get his pants up and get out of the booth and out of there. Must have been the after cum "what the fuck did I just do" remorse. So I pulled my pants up got myself straightened up looked at my watch and noticed I had only been in the bookstore for about 40 minutes and I had two loads of cum in my ass and one load of cum in my stomach. With the two loads I swallowed earlier in the afternoon That makes three loads down my throat and two in my ass. I decided to call it a day and go home to get some dinner. As I was saying good-bye to the store clerk I could feel the loads of cum slowly oozing out of my ass. I had a hell of a time keeping them in me as I drove home with a look and feeling of satisfaction....
  3. I have sucked and been fucked by a couple guys with PA's. The first guy I sucked and fucked had piercings much like the size of the ones in the picture. I didn't mind them all that much. It would get a little distracting feeling the metal hitting my teeth during oral but with anal I didn't really notice much. The second guy I sucked and fucked with a PA had a large metal ring. I really didn't like oral with him because no matter how hard I tried unless his cock was past my teeth and in my throat the metal would really hit my teeth hard. Now with this large PA I did notice and could feel the ring especially if he pulled his cock out or was really close to pulling out and then pushed it back in. He fucked me doggy hard and fast and I could really feel myself getting wet and I asked if he had cum yet and he told me no. I reached back and felt the wetness and when I pulled my hand up so I could look my fingers were covered in blood. When I told him we stopped and he pulled out and his cock was covered in blood and my hole was covered in blood. His PA must have caught on my hole when he was fucking me hard and fast and tore the head of his cock where the ring went through. We stopped fucking and got cleaned up. Don't know if I was cut, I don't think I was but there was a significant amount of blood on both of us. I asked him if he had noticed the blood and he apologized told me he did but he didn't want to stop because it felt so good. I was a bit concerned because he said he is Poz on meds and undetectable. That happened 6 months ago and I have gotten test three times since that encounter the last being a week ago and I am still neg.
  4. So I had the day off this Friday and thought I would go and cruise my favorite bookstores in town. I went to my favorite store first and the reason I like it better is they have 20 booths. Five sets of booths have gloryholes between them and 4 of the 5 have two good sized holes in the wall. Plus you pay $8 to go into the arcade for as long as you want and if you leave you have a $5 re-entry fee. So I got there around 3 in the afternoon and the place was kind of busy but most of the guys were older which for the most part I don't mind. Sometimes I like sucking the older guys cocks. They seem to appreciate a good servicing. I did manage to suck one older guys cock and he gave me a good load to swallow. I walked around for a little while and at about 5 pm I went to my other favorite bookstore. This store you buy tokens and stay until you use them up or buy more. They have 6 single booths with holes between the six of them and there are 3 large booths big enough to get 3-5 guys in easy. Then there are some booths towards the front of the store but they show mainly straight porn on those. I buy $10 in tokens and head back to the booths in the back of the store and settle into a booth next to one with the light on over the door. I put some tokens in and unbuckled and dropped my pants sat down and looked through the hole into the next booth. There was a younger guy standing there with his pants down and stroking a nice average hard cock. I put my finger to the hole and he turned and pushed his cock through the hole for me. I started sucking this guys cock and stroked my cock while working his cock over with my mouth. He pulled his cock back out of the hole and put his finger to the hole so I stood up and slid my cock through the hole and this guy was giving my cock a good sucking. I let him suck my cock for a while but I didn't want to cum just yet so I pulled out and he immediately stood up and put his cock back through the hole. His cock was real hard now so I started to suck him real hard and fast and in no time I was rewarded with a nice load of cum down my throat. After he came in my mouth he zipped up and left out the back door in a hurry. I get a kick out of the guys that cum and run. It was only a few seconds and the booth was occupied buy another guy who had his cock out as he was putting tokens in. I knew he was wanting to get his cock sucked and didn't want to mess around. His cock was semi hard when he slid it through the hole and I started stroking is as I got down on my knees. I slid his cock into my mouth and I heard him moan loving the feeling of my mouth on his cock. In no time at all his cock was hard as a rock and he started to pump and fuck my mouth. He did this for a very short time and pulled his cock out an holding onto his cock he turned his hips and then pointed his cock back at the hole. I knew what he wanted now so I spit into my fingers and lubed up my ass with my spit as I stood up and turned my ass to the hole. As my ass hit the hole his cock was already poking trying to find my hole so I reached back and guided his cock to my hole and that is all he needed and he pushed his way inside of me. I spread my ass cheeks and pushed my ass against the hole so he could get in deep. He pumped me for a couple of minutes and moaned as he pushed in deep and held his cock as he pumped his load deep inside of my ass. He pumped a couple of short slow pumps and his softening cock slid out of me. As I pulled my ass away from the hole he was zipping up and exiting the booth. I put my fingers back to my hole and pushed out some of his cum into my fingertips and brought my fingers up for a taste. I cleaned up as best I could and was out of tokens now so I exited the booth and walked around to see if there were more guys there. There were two guys there and from the sounds of it one of them was getting his cock serviced real good so I figured I would go back to the other bookstore. I paid my $5 re-entry fee and headed to the arcade. I walked into the arcade and noticed two guys in the back one was a younger regular and I'm not his type and didn't get a good look at the other guy as he hurried and entered a booth as soon as he seen me walk into the arcade. The booth he entered has two holes in the wall in between so I walked around to the other side of the booth and looked through the hole and noticed he had his pants down and was stroking his cock so I entered the booth and locked the door. As soon as I got the door locked and turned towards the hole he already had his cock through the hole wanting me to suck him. So I got down on my knees and gave him what must of been a good blowjob because he came very quick pulled out zipped up and left. I heard the chime as he walked out the door of the arcade so I knew it was just me and the younger regular in the arcade. I knew there wasn't going to be any action between the two of us so I sat down and pulled out my phone and loaded up barebackrt and adam4adm to see who was online trolling. By now it was about 6:30 and barebackrt didn't have many guys on and I switched over to adam4adam. I switched from the last login to guys near me and I noticed one guy that was less than 100 ft away. I opened his profile to check him out. He was about 6 years younger than me had a nice face pic for his profile pic. I read his profile and everything looked good and then my heart skipped a beat and my cock got instantly hard when I read his hiv status, he is Poz. My heart was beating so fast as I went back and re-read his profile. As I am reading his profile I hear the door lock on the booth next to me. I leaned down and looked through the hole and my cock jumped. It was the guy from adam4adam and he was just sitting in the chair in the booth going through the movie selections. I could tell he was checking me out through the hole but he wasn't touching his cock through his jeans or really doing anything. So at this point my cock was so fucking hard that I had to release it. I stood up unbuckled, unzipped and dropped my pants and sat back down stroking my hard cock looking through the hole to see if that would get him going. I noticed he leaned forward a little to get a look into my booth and his hand went to his cock and he started rubbing his cock through his jeans. Then he unbuckled his belt and unzipped and slid his underwear down just enough to get his cock and balls out and he started to stroke his semi hard cock. He didn't have a huge cock but a nice average cock. I put my finger to the hole to let him know that I wanted to suck him. That's all it took and he stood up slid his jeans and underwear down and moved over to the hole and slid his cock through. I grabbed on to his cock and started to stroke it thinking to myself "damn you have a HIV Poz cock in your hand". My cock was hard as a rock and I was stroking my cock with one hand and stroking his cock with my other hand all the while thinking about the Poz cock in my hand and do I really want to do any more than just stroke him. I stroked his cock for a short while and I moved my face closer to the head of his cock and got my nose to the tip of his cock so I could catch a smell of this Poz cock in my hand. My heart was fucking pounding in my chest and I thought to myself fuck I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I didn't at least taste this Poz cock in my hand. I kept thinking to myself it isn't all that often that you have a cock this close that you know is Poz. So I moved my lips forward and placed his cock on my lips and with a slow motion I pushed his cock into my mouth until my nose was pressing against him. My mind was going fucking mad I had a Poz cock deep in my mouth and the head of his cock was at the back of my throat. For a second I didn't know what to do, I kept thinking about the Poz cock and wondered what I was going to do, I mean fuck if I keep doing this then he is going to cum. Then I came to my senses and started to suck his cock as good as I knew how and he must have approved from the moans on his side of the wall. I couldn't help but keep thinking about the Poz cock I had in my mouth and wondered how long it would be until he was ready to cum and better yet was I going to be ready when he came. While I had his cock sliding in my mouth my mind wandered again, wondering what his Poz cock would feel like sliding in my ass. I couldn't believe what I was doing next. I spit into my fingers and lubed my ass up with my spit as I continued to suck his cock. I kept telling myself that I was fucking crazy to think that I wanted this Poz cock up my ass just to see what it felt like. As I was trying to rationalize this in my mind I was standing up, holding onto his cock as I turned my ass towards his cock and guided the head of his cock to my hole. I paused for a second as I took a deep breath and slowly pushed back against his cock. My heart was pumping so hard and fast knowing that I was pushing a Poz cock into my ass and then my ass cheeks hit the wall. I had this guys Poz cock balls deep inside my ass and I was fucking loving it. I slid forward a little bit and pushed back and he started to pump his cock in and out of my ass so I press my ass against the wall as hard as I could. I was stroking my cock feeling his hard Poz cock sliding in and out of me thinking fuck I am going to have a known load of HIV Poz cum pumped inside my guts if this guy continues. He picks up the pace and is pumping his cock in and out of me at a good pace now, I can hear his breathing pick up and I am about to hyperventilate knowing I am going to have my guts sprayed with Poz cum and then he pulls out. I am caught off guard for a moment. I reach back and feel my hole and I can tell he hasn't cum yet and I look back through the hole and I see him reaching in his pants pocket. He is pulling out a condom and I thought oh hell no. I thought maybe he had second thoughts about loading me up so I whispered through the hole that I wanted his cum. He told me that he wanted to cum in my mouth and that it was going to be a huge load if I didn't mind. I told him that it was fine and I wanted to taste his cum in my mouth. He put the condom back in his pocket and slid his cock back into my mouth and I grabbed onto his nut sack while sucking his cock. I didn't want to have him pull out at the last second. I sucked his cock hard and fast and I could tell he was getting ready to blow his load by the way he was breathing and in a few seconds his first shot of cum hit the back of my throat with such force it almost choked me. Then I could feel shot after shot of his cum hitting my throat and the back of my tongue. Fuck he wasn't kidding this guy can cum. I had to swallow twice just to keep up so I wouldn't spill any out of my mouth. I kept sucking his cock until he went soft and pulled out of my mouth. He bent down and thanked me and told me that he really needed that. I told him that I should be the one thanking him for such a huge load. He got his pants back up and exited the booth and I just sat back in the chair and stroked my cock thinking about the Poz load that I just swallowed and blew my nut into my hand so I could eat my load. I cleaned up and left thinking how hot it was to eat a load of Poz cum. I did get online the next day and sent him a message on adam4adam to thank him for the hot session at the bookstore. He messaged me back and thanked me for the awesome blowjob. I told him anytime he needed to bust a nut to get back to me and I would be more then happy to help him out.
  5. So I was online and horny today checking out the profiles on bbrt. Being from Montana the pool of guys is kind of limited so I like to check out Tops from other states and read profiles and wish I were closer so I could get my fill of cock up my ass and have it loaded with cum. I surfed for about an hour and then loaded up my home town page and noticed a profile I hadn't seen before. So I clicked on it and it was from a guy a few years younger then myself and he was from out of state passing through and staying for the night. I read his profile and he was all Top and his sexual interests were from mild to really wild and if you wanted to know more just ask. So I sent him an oink followed by an email with a short but informative description of me and the things I like. I also mentioned that I was very interested in finding out what he meant by "really wild". After about 35 minutes I get an email response from the guy thanking me for the interest in him and he gave a short description of some of the things he liked and didn't like but if I wanted to know about his really wild side he would be more than happy to discuss them but he didn't want to do it via email and asked if I had a wickr account. I emailed him back with my wickr name and loaded up wickr waiting for him to respond. It only took about a minute and I get a notification of a message. I answer and we started chatting. He asked me what some of the kinky things I liked were. He had responded back that he liked all that I liked but he had some things that he liked that were way out there. He did tell me that anyone he played with had to be of legal age and I agreed with him on that. He mentioned that many of his really kinky things he has already tried and some of them he enjoys as much as he can when he can find someone who is into it also. One of the things he mentioned caught my eye and I had to ask him if I was reading it correct and he told me yes he often wondered about necrophilia. I had to make sure I understood what that was and I was right. He said it was something that he like to think about while he jacked off wondering what it would feel like. Wondering what the cold flesh would feel like etc. etc. I mentioned that it would be kind of difficult to achieve unless you had the right connections an that it is a bit morbid. I have heard about it before but I have never talked to anyone who showed an interest in it. He told me that he knew it was kind of a way out there fantasy and that I even if he had the opportunity he wouldn't be able to actually do it but he told me that he figured out a way to get close to the experience but with someone very much alive. I had to know so I asked him what he meant by that. He told me that he thought he had a way to get as close to the experience. So I told him that he had my interest and I just had to know what his idea was. He told me that his idea had a short window of opportunity but he thought it was doable. I had to ask him again to please explain what he had in mind. So he told me that he had made an ice dildo out of a 16oz plastic pepsi bottle. He had filled it with water and put it in the freezer until it was frozen solid and he would use a utility knife to cut the plastic bottle from the ice. He said that he would run the ice dildo under some warm water so that he could reduce the size and he could shape it so that it looked like a clear cock. I told him that I had never thought about making an ice dildo with a pepsi bottle but I understood how it would work. So then he proceeded to tell me of how he would fill a bathtub with a bunch of ice and fill it with some cold water. He wanted to get someone into the bath of cold ice water to get the skin temperature as cold as the person could stand it and then while they were in the cold water he would fuck them with the ice dildo to get the inside temp down. Then once the person was as cold as they could stand it he wanted them to get out of the tub and lay face down on a blanket on the floor next to the tub while he hurried and dried the persons back and legs off. Then he wanted to insert the ice dildo back inside for a very short time and pull it out and slide his cock in their ass and lay on them and fuck them while they were cold. I almost didn't know what to say and while I was taking a moment to absorb all that he had talked about and he sends me a message asking if I was still there or if he had scared me off. I replied back that no he hadn't scared me off and that I was just trying to picture in my mind if that would really work or not and that I really couldn't think of a reason why it wouldn't work. He sent me an "LOL" and told me that he was glad that he didn't scare me off. Then he asked me if I might be up for trying it with him. I have to admit that as far out there this fantasy of his is my cock twitched when I read him asking if I was interested. I sat there for a bit thinking about it running the whole scene through my mind. Once again I must have taken too long cause I got a message asking if I was still there. I messaged back telling him of how my cock got hard when I read his line asking if I would be interested in trying with him and that I thought I could probably at least give it a try. We decided to get off of wickr and go back to the bbrt email to chat. We emailed back and forth a little more getting to know more about each other and the next thing I know is I am at his hotel room a few hours later laying in a tub of super cool ice water with an Ice dildo up my ass. I don't know how long I actually stayed in the tub but I seemed like a lifetime and I was cold and numb and I couldn't feel my asshole. I have to admit the warmth of his body as he laid on top of me was a very welcome feeling and I could feel the warmth of his cock as he entered my asshole but warmth was all I could feel for the first minute or so. As he fucked me I started to feel his cock sliding in and out of my asshole and I can't tell you how good it felt when pushed his cock as deep inside of me as he could and the feeling of his hot cum on my cold insides. I have heard of guys saying they can feel a guy shoot his cum inside their guts and I have never actually felt the cum splashing inside but I can honestly say I felt his cum shooting inside of me. It didn't take very long for this guy to empty his nuts inside of me. Damn he was hard and horny. After he nutted in me he laid on top of me for a bit to help warm me up and his cock finally softened up and slid out of my ass. We got up from the floor and he told me how hot that was and he thanked me over and over again for helping him out with his fantasy. I told him he was more than welcome and that although I couldn't really feel anything at first I did love the feeling of his hot cum splashing inside of me. I took a warm shower for about a half an hour to warm myself up so I could get dressed and I told him that we need to keep in touch and if he ever gets back my way we need to get together again. I told him that I didn't know if I was up for doing this again but one never knows. Maybe we could try something else if there were to be a next time.
  6. It has been quite a while since my last blog entry. Since craigslist has stopped it's personal section it has been more difficult to hook up with guys other than the usual bookstore hook ups. I have had plenty of them but in the small city that I live in when you go to the bookstores frequently you find that you keep running into the same guys looking for the same thing(s). Once in a while you run into a traveler or a guy who doesn't go to the bookstores often. Like on one visit to the bookstore in town that has a small 24 seat theater. I stopped in to watch a movie and see if anyone else was in the theater. I paid to get access to the theater found a seat in the back row and noticed that I was the only one in the theater at the time. So I undid my pants dropped them to my ankles sat down and started to stroke while watching the movie. It was only about 10 minutes and the door to the theater opens and a guy steps through the door and stands at the back I assume waiting for his eyes to adjust to the room. After a minute or so he moves over and sits in the row of seats I'm in with a empty seat between us. I continue to stroke my cock and my eyes keep going from the movie screen to him hoping he pulls his cock. I can tell he is watching me stroke my cock and he starts to rub his cock through his pants. It didn't take long and he pulled his cock out and began stroking. I look over at his cock and he has a nice cock. Nothing huge but a respectable size. I make eye contact with the guy and he is an older gentleman I would say in his mid to late sixties, silver hair and not bad looking for an older guy. He makes eye contact with me then looks down at his cock and points it towards me then looks back at me and motions with his head to come over. I slide out of my seat and onto my knees as I move my head towards his cock. I feel his hand on the back of my head pulling me towards his cock as his other hand is pointing the head of his cock towards my lips. The tip of his cock his my lips and he pulls my head full onto his cock until I feel his cock hit the back of my throat and my nose is buried into his pubs. He let's out a soft moan and releases my head from his hand so I can begin to suck his cock. He lets go of his cock with his other hand as one hand is on my shoulder and the other hand is moving down my back towards my ass. I feel his hand cup my ass cheeks and he starts to rub my ass with his hand before his fingers slide down the crack of my ass. I continue to suck his cock as I move my ass as far forward as I can and still suck his cock so he can get better access to my hole. It isn't long and I feel his fingers rubbing my hole and trying to push his fingers inside me but it is difficult to enter as my hole is dry. He keeps trying to push a finger in my hole so I pause for a second and spit on my fingers and move them back to my ass and rub some of my spit on my hole and bingo his fingers slid inside of me with ease now. I continue to suck as his fingers work my hole and I moan softly as he works my hole real good. Soon I hear him say that he wants to fuck me. I couldn't get up fast enough. He stands up and without a word he places his hand on my shoulder and guides me in front of him and with a push he bends me over the theater seat in front of him. I brace myself on the arm rests of the seat in front of me an I feel the head of his cock at my hole and he pushes hard. In the time it took me to stand and get into position the spit on my hole has for the most part dried. I feel the pressure of his cock head pushing against my dry hole as it makes its way inside of me. He pushes in deep and holds it for a couple of seconds. My asshole is on fire but I try not to make much of a fuss about it. He pulls out slowly until his cock head is just sitting on my hole. I feel him spit on my hole and the head of his cock. He then pushes back inside me and starts to slowly fuck me. I had been lost on the moment and realized that I was being fucked over a seat in the theater and started looking around and we were still the only two people in the theater. This guy starts to pick up the pace and begins fucking me harder and faster as his breath is picking up. I can tell he is getting close to cumming as he keeps pumping cock in and out of my hole. I then hear him grunt as he pushes his cock as deep inside of me as he can and I feel him convulse as his cock is pumping my ass full of his seed. I fucking love that feeling knowing that my ass has made this guy feel so good that he had an orgasm deep inside of me. He slowly starts to pull out and then slowly pushes back in me fucking me slowly as he starts to calm himself down. He then slowly pulls his cock out of my ass and I reach back and cover my hole with my fingers to keep his cum inside of me. He gives me a light slap on the ass and tells me that was the hottest fuck he has had in a while and thanked me as he pulled up his pants and walked out of the theater. I was still the only one in the theater so I squatted down and stuck my fingers in my hole and pulled my cum covered fingers out and up to my nose for a smell and then I cleaned them off. I placed my hand under my hole and pushed his cum into my hand and then grabbed my cock and stroked myself with his cum as I thought about the hot fuck that I had just received. I placed my other hand at the head of my cock and shot my load into my hand and then ate my load and licked the other guys cum off of my fingers and hand. I sat my ass on the nasty floor to catch my breath while fingering my ass and cleaning it trying to get all of the cum I can. I got dressed and went home to jack off again thinking about my theater fuck.
  7. plugnplaymt on BBRTS Location - Montana Anyone traveling through and looking for a hole to dump a load into get with me... I love to please!
  8. My first having anal sex was bareback in the 70's when I was 14 with my best friend "Danny". After school we used to go to my house and Danny would use my moms neck vibrator you know the older ones with the different ends you could put on. He would use it on his cock and cum all over his chest. I always wanted to play with and taste his cum but didn't know how he would react if I said something to him about it. So, I watched him do this for a couple of weeks and one day he was using the vibrator on his cock and he looked at me and told me instead of watching I should help him with his cock. I didn't know what to do at first, I was shocked. I just looked back at him and asked how he wanted me to help him. He had me stroke his cock until he came. That was fucking hot but I didn't want to let him know that I thought that. He made me promise to not tell anyone about it. After that day he never used the vibrator again and we didn't always wait to get to my house to play with his cock. I started off jacking him off a couple of times, then I sucked his cock after that, then one afternoon at my house he wanted to fuck me. It was so awkward the first time but got used to it. Danny never did play with my cock and I didn't mind. I just loved the feeling of his cock either in my mouth or my ass. He finally moved away after that school year. It wasn't until I was I think 18 or 19 when I had my first wrapped cock. I couldn't stand it! I much rather have it bare.
  9. Yes Bicycledude, It was a sneaky seduction. I was thinking afterwards how he got me so worked up and I was the one who put his cock in my mouth and how he got me to rub his cock on my ass and put his cock in my ass. I would like to blame my weakness on the alcohol but honestly I have to take the blame for everything because deep down knowing how scary it was and the chance I was taking, deep down I really wanted to try it or it wouldn't have let it happen. I realize that there is still a chance I could become poz, but if he truly is on meds and undetectable the risk should be relatively low.
  10. I have this guy that I have seen and gotten together with at my favorite local ABS. The first time he went into a booth with a glory hole in it and by the time I had got into the booth on the other side I looked through the hole and he already had his pants down and cock out stroking. I know he is looking to have his cock sucked at minimum. I drop my pants and drop to my knees in front of the hole and he moves his cock over and through the hole into my waiting mouth. He has a nice cock, not to large but definitely not small by any means. I start to suck his cock and I catch the distinct smell and taste of pussy on his cock. Which doesn't bother me at all, I kind of like it. After sucking him for a few minuets he pulls his cock back through the hole and kind of turns his hips to the side and then back facing the hole and moves his hips in a humping motion. I get the hint, he wants to fuck. So as I am standing up I lube my ass up with a good amount of my spit and back my ass to the hole. He rubs the head of his cock on my hole and then pushes inside of me and gives me a couple of strokes in and out of my ass then he pulls out. I am wondering what is going on and I can hear him running his hands through his pants pockets and I hear the tear of a condom package and then he slides his cock back through the glory hole with a condom on his cock. I figure what the heck and back my ass up to the glory hole again. The guy fucks my ass real good through the glory hole and then I can tell he is getting ready to cum so I push my ass back against the hole as hard as I can and I feel him thrust forward into my ass as deep as he can get. He holds his cock there for a short time and pulls out and slides back into my ass a couple more times, then pulls out. I move my ass away from the glory hole and look back through it and I notice he is pulling his pants up but no condom on his cock. At the time I thought he was kind of quick to take it off but didn't give it much more thought until later that day when on the toilet I found where the condom was. After cumming he must have slide the condom off to the tip of his cock and the last couple of pumps he gave me he must have pushed the condom inside of me. He must get off on fucking like this after he has fucked his wife or girlfriend. Because he has fucked me a total of 4 times so far and each time is the same. Cock smells like fresh pussy and he pushes his cock into me a couple of times, pulls out puts on a condom, fucks me and pushes the condom full of his cum inside of me. One time I left the condom inside of me and went into another booth and got fucked bareback with his condom inside of me.
  11. Hello all, It has been a while since I have written anything here in my blog. That's because up until last night I really haven't had anything out of the ordinary happen. I have been getting my normal blow jobs and ass fucking at the local ABS. On Saturday I was checking out Craigslist and BBRT looking through the ads for hook ups when I came across a party ad on BBRT. I checked it out and the ad was looking for a bottom for Tops party. I messaged him asking for details about the party. He messaged me back telling me that he had a bottom and three other Tops lined up for the party later that night and the bottom he had lined up bailed on him. Which in turn caused the other Tops to bail also. He told me that he was in town from Minnesota and was leaving in the morning and still wanted to party. We exchanged some pics and stats about ourselves. He told me his likes and dislikes. He told me he was all Top and didn't bottom at all, though he would suck cock on occasion. He really liked to have his ass rimmed and he liked to rim ass especially before fucking it. He was into some raunch and some water sports and his one big dislike was the word "no" coming from his bottoms. I told him I was good with his likes and dislike and that I would do my best to please him. He wanted to know if I wanted to meet with him at the scheduled time he had listed in his ad. He told me that he would try to line up the other Tops but for sure he wanted to fuck me if I was game. I didn't have to think all that long and hard and I told him I would love to join the party with just him or other Tops. I asked for the Hotel and room number and told him I would be here at 8 pm for the party. He messaged me back and told me he was looking forward to partying with me. I was a little nervous but more excited about the party I was going to later in the day. More excited in not knowing how many people might be at the party. I took the afternoon to get myself ready for the party. I showered, shaved and cleaned myself out real good for a night of fun. I had a couple drinks at home to take the edge off and headed out to the Hotel for the party. I showed up at the hotel got in the elevator pressed 5 and up I went. I got out of the elevator and found the room and knocked. I still at this time had no idea how many people might be on the other side of the door. Within a few seconds after knocking the Top opened the door wearing only a towel around his waist. He told me to come in and as I entered the room I noticed only the Top and I were there. He must of noticed me scanning the room and told me he couldn't get a hold of the other Tops and hoped I wasn't too disappointed. I told him that everything was cool and now I could direct all of my attention on him. He told me he had a beer in the fridge if I wanted one. I told him I would take a beer and he told me he would get it for me and that way I could shed my clothes so he could see in person the ass that he was going to be fucking. He got the beer for me and stood there as I finished undressing. He handed me the beer and had me move over to the bed rubbing my ass checks on the way there. He told me to sit on the edge of the bed while he stood in front of me. We drank some of our beers and had some mild chit chat then he looked at me and asked if I was ready for a good fucking. I told him I was as ready as I would ever be. He said good and grabbed my beer bottle and placed it on the table next to the bed. He dropped his towel and I was very impressed. He did send me a pic of his cock earlier but I have to say it didn't look much longer but it looked a whole lot bigger in girth in real life. He moved over and laid on the bed and had me move up next to him so I could explore his body. I moved my hands up and down his chest and I just couldn't help myself and I let one hand move down to his cock. He wasn't completely hard yet but I could feel it getting harder as I stroked it. He let out a soft moan and said how my hand felt good on his cock and to keep that up for a bit. I continued to stroke his cock with my hand as my mouth made up to his mouth and I kissed him. Damn his mouth came to life as we kissed, tongues moving around each other. I finally broke the kiss and started to kiss down his neck to his chest stopping to gently nibble on his nipples. I worked my tongue down his stomach to his belly button licking and kissing around sticking my tongue in his belly button. His cock was standing at full attention as my mouth and tongue licked its way down to the base of his cock. My tongue slid up the top of his cock and when I got to the head my tongue licked the little bead of pre-cum that had formed. My tongue licked its way down the bottom side of his cock until I reached his ball sack. He moan all the while my tongue was bathing his ball sack. He spread his legs to give me better access to his nut sack. I made sure to take each nut into my mouth and work it around. I moved his nut sack up and started to move my tongue between his nut sack and his asshole. He moved his legs up and I knew what he was wanting so I moved my tongue down to his asshole and licked his hole and pulled back giving his hole a soft breath. I moved in with my tongue licking and sticking my tongue in his ass as far as I could get it in. He was loving it from the moans and the movement. He even placed his hands on the top of my head trying to pull my face in to his ass. I finally finished with his ass and started to work my way back up to his cock. My tongue licked the bottom side of his cock from the base to the head of his cock. He was moaning and saying things I really couldn't understand, but as I took the head of his cock into my mouth I did hear what he said then. "I hope you like Poz cock". I had the head of his cock and half the shaft in my mouth when those words registered in my mind. My heart skipped a beat and started to pound really fast. I pulled my mouth off his cock and asked him what he just said, trying to confirm what I thought I heard him say. He picked his head up and look me right in the eye and said you heard me. I said I hope you like Poz cock. I must of had a blank look on my face because he said I shouldn't be surprised and he knows I have fantasies of Poz cock. I looked at him puzzled and asked how he would know that. Then I felt like a dumb ass as he told me that he had read my blog here on breeding zone. I said well yes you do have me there. I told him that I wanted to try undetectable poz cock first. His reply was well you know your going to try undetectable poz cock and then your going to try toxic poz cock and guess what, you've had my toxic poz cock halfway in your mouth. I just sat there not knowing really what to say. He was right its just not the way I had visioned things happening. He broke my thought process when he grabbed my head and started to guide my mouth back to his cock while telling me that he was starting to think I was going to embark on his biggest dislike as a bottom saying "no". He said look just suck my cock for now and lets see how it goes for you and if your still too uncomfortable to go through with it we can stop. His hands holding my head over his cock, my lips touching the pre-cum on the head of his cock. He tells me to lick his pre-cum and tell him if it tastes any different than negative pre-cum. My tongue licks the pre-cum from the tip of his cock. He asks "does it taste any different". I shake my head no all the while thinking holy shit I am about to suck a toxic poz cock. My cock gets rock fucking hard as that thought goes through my head. With a little help from his hands I give in and I slide my mouth all the way down his cock until the head of his cock is in my throat cutting off my air supply and my nose at the base of his cock. He is moaning telling me to suck his poz cock and how good my mouth and throat feel on his poz cock. He turns my head loose and I go to town on his cock. My head moving up and down and my mouth sucking for what it worth all the will hearing him tell me to suck his poz cock. I keep feeling his cock hit the back of my throat as my head and mouth move down his shaft, the pace picking up wondering if he is going to shoot his toxic load of cum down my throat, his breathing is getting faster and more labored, his hips are meeting the rhythm of my head and mouth. I know he is getting close, my cock is so hard its about to split wide open, I'm so horny thinking that any second I am about to have a toxic poz load of cum shot down my throat, then he stops and pulls my head off of his cock! I'm thinking what the fuck and he tells me that he was about to cum and he doesn't want to cum just yet. He has me take my mouth and hands off of his cock for a bit so he can calm down. He has me move up from between his legs and wants me to straddling his chest. He wants to see my cock and can't believe how hard my cock is. While my legs are straddling his chest he strokes my cock and tells me he knows this is making me so hot and horny from the feel of how hard my cock is. I told him that yes I have to admit that I am so fucking hot knowing that I have had a poz cock in my mouth and thinking about how close I was to having a poz load of cum shot down my throat. He keeps stroking my cock as he lays back with me straddling his chest. As he strokes my cock his other hand finds its way to my asshole and he starts to rub my asshole. He tells me to spit in my fingers and lube my hole so he can slide his fingers in my ass. I get a good amount of spit on my fingers and move it around to my ass and lube up my hole as his fingers take over and push inside of me. I moan and move my hips loving the feeling of his fingers sliding inside of me while his hand is stroking my cock. He keeps talking to me telling me how hot it makes him knowing that his poz cock is having this much of an effect on me. I just moan and listen to him talk loving the feeling of his fingers working my asshole his hand keeps stroking my cock. His hand keeps pushing against the base of my cock as his fingers work my hole. I'm lost in the moment and he tells me to put some more spit on my hole for him. So I spit on my fingertips and move my hand back to lube up my hole for him when I notice the head of his cock only a couple of inches away from my hole. I lube up my asshole real good for him and his fingers continue to work in and out of my ass. He tells me to get some more spit and to lube up his cock and stroke it for him as he strokes my cock and fingers my hole. I spit a big amount on my fingers and bring it down to the cock that is only inches away from my ass. He is talking to me while he has me moaning with the pleasure of him stroking my cock and fingering my ass, he asks me if I'm still hot for his poz cock and I tell him yes I know its wrong but I did get fucking horny sucking on his cock. As I am stroking his cock I feel him pushing me back until I feel the head of his cock hit the crack of my ass above my hole. He keeps telling me in an almost seductive tone how I make his poz cock feel so good. He wants to know if I want to know what it feels like to have a toxic poz cock rub up against my asshole. I told him I don't know, I'm kind of scared, but still as scared as I am I do want to know. He tells me to move the head of his cock to my hole and rub it around and then let him know if it feels any different than a negative cock. I move his cock to my hole lubed up with my spit and rub it around. I move my hips so the head of his poz cock rubs all around my now hot asshole. My asshole feels like it is on fire and it is craving cock. He moans and says that my negative hole feels so good on his poz cock and wants to know if the head of his cock feels good and if it feels any different than a negative cock. I moan and whisper to him that his poz cock actually feels better and I don't know why. He tells me that's because his poz cock is so wrong in my mind and that by it touching me like it is, so close to being inside of me, where I want it to be but because of the taboo of it makes me extra sensitive. I tell him I don't know if that's it but I do know that it feels so, so good. He tells me to get some more of my spit and lube up my hole some more. While I am spitting and lubing up my hole he is telling me that I really want to see what it feels like to have his poz cock inside me and that I should just put the head of his cock in my hole and then pull it out and let him know how it feels. He asks me if I would do that for him and I with my eyes closed I softly tell him yes as I line his poz cock up to my negative hole and slowly push back feeling the head part my asshole and slowly slide inside of me. My heart his beating out of my chest knowing that what I am doing is so wrong on many levels and yet I can't stop myself. I feel the head of his cock push past my asshole just inside me, he lets out a moan and tells me how hot my asshole feels and I pull myself forward and the head of his cock pulls out of my ass, my eyes still closed he asks me how it felt. I tell him it felt amazing, no cock has ever made my ass feel like this. He tells me to push the head of his cock inside of me again and to leave it inside of me for a little bit longer. I line head of his cock back up to my hole and with my eyes still closed I slowly push the head of his cock inside my asshole, my heart still pounding, he tells me to leave it there because it feels so good to him to be inside of me even if it's just the head. He asks me if I like the way his poz cock feels inside of me and I tell him softly fuck yes, it feels so fucking good. He tells me he knew I would love his poz cock inside of me and that I would want more of his cock inside of me and he asks me if he is right. I tell him yes I want more of his cock inside of me but it scares me. He asks me why it still scares me when I already have the head of his cock inside of me. He tells me that it is completely up to me but he knows that I want more of his poz cock inside of me and that I should push a couple more inches inside of me and then I can pull out if I want. I take a deep breath and I push back and slide a little more of his cock inside of me, he lets out a big moan and tells me how good my negative hole is making him and his cock feel. I tell that his cock is making me and my ass feel so fucking amazing. He corrects me and and tells me that he wants me to tell him how good his poz cock is making me and my negative ass feel. I tell him that I love the way his poz cock is making me and my negative ass feel, it feels amazing. As I am telling him this with his hands on my hips he pushes forward until his cock is buried deep inside of me and he holds it there. As I feel his cock push all of the way inside of me I finally open my eyes and look at him, he has a devilish smile on his face as he tells me that he knew he could get his poz cock inside of me, as he begins to slowly push his cock in and out of my asshole, he just had to be patient with me. At that point I didn't know what to do. I have this HIV positive cock inside of my HIV negative ass and part of me wants to get up and run, but a bigger part of me gives in and I wrap my arms around him, I hold on tight as he rolls me over onto my back with his cock still inside of me, pushing deep inside of me fucking me. His pace picks up as his poz cock works in and out of my asshole. He asks me if I like his poz cock fucking me and I tell him yes I love the feeling of his poz cock inside my negative ass. His pace quickens and I can feel his sweat dripping on me. He tells me again to tell him how his poz cock feels in my negative hole. I am moaning and moving my hips to meet his hips as his cock is now slamming my ass, it feels like he is tearing my asshole up, I tell him how good his fucking hard poz cock feels in my negative hole. He tells me to tell him how I love the feel of his poz cock wrecking my negative hole. His breath is getting more labored and his sweat is dripping off of him and onto me, he yells at me to tell him how I love the feel of his poz cock wrecking my negative hole. His pace picks up even faster as I almost scream telling him how I love the way his HIV positive cock is wrecking my HIV negative hole and with that I feel him raise his chest with his arms and he pushes as deep inside of me as he can, I can feel the head of his cock swell up deep inside of me and at that point I realize that he is pumping his toxic load of HIV infected cum deep inside of me and I am fucking loving it. In fact I am loving it so much that my cock begins to shoot its load of cum and I haven't even touched my cock. I have never been able to cum without touching my cock. He finally begins to slide his cock in and out of me, trying to calm his heart rate down. I tell him how amazing that felt having his poz cock shoot deep inside of my negative hole. He looks me in the eye and tells me that I can't say that anymore. I laid there with a lost look in my eyes realizing that he is more than likely right. He rolls off of me and lays back, still panting from the poz fucking he just gave me. I look down at his softening cock with his my ass juice and his cum on it. I sit up and lean over, lick his cock and take it into my mouth cleaning it of his HIV positive cum and the last of my HIV negative ass juice. While cleaning off our combined fuck juices his cock starts to get hard again and he asks me if he can fuck my poz hole with his poz cock. As wrecked as my asshole feels I looked at him and told him only of he fucks my sore poz hole gently. He laughed at me and told me what a hot conversion that was for him. He asked me if I liked it when he kept having me tell him how his poz cock was making me feel. I told him yes and that after the first couple of times I figured out why he kept wanting me to repeat it and he said yes because that was going to be the last time I was going be able to say that. He fucked me two more times before he had to get to the airport to leave. I went home and got into the tub to soak my sore asshole and reflect on the events of Saturday night. I have a host of emotions mainly scared not knowing what to expect next. Later in the day on Sunday when he was at the Denver airport he text me to tell me what a great time he had and he wanted to let me know that although he is HIV+ he is on meds and is undetectable. He told me that he was sorry for not letting me in on him being undetectable but he wanted me to get the full feeling of a possible HIV infection and from the way the night went down he believes that had I known he was undetectable that I wouldn't have reacted the same. So I am relieved in one sense that I probably didn't get poz'd and sad in another but mostly relieved.
  12. Well actually I can believe it. So in my last post I had talked about how I couldn't believe how turned on I was getting thinking about meeting up with an undetectable hiv guy. I had been chatting with a guy on bbrt for the week and I was really looking forward to meeting up with the guy for some great sex. Our conversations were hot getting to know each others like and wants from our first meeting. The only thing I didn't want to do was get drunk before having sex. I didnt mind if he wanted to have some drinks before having sex but for me I wanted to be sober for this one and he said he understood. So we chatted back and forth throughout the day on Saturday. The time and place were set and agreed upon. Show up about 15 minutes early excited and scared at the same time. An hour and a half past our meet time and a couple attempts at getting in touch with him and no answer. So needless to say I was disappointed but with internet hookups I guess that is what should be expected. So I decided to have a few drinks before heading out to the bookstore to see if I could relieve some stress. Got to my favorite bookstore and it was slow but I did manage to suck a couple of cocks before calling it a night.
  13. Hey cman54 thanks for the nice comment on my blog post.

  14. Hey there spitjack thanks for the nice comment on my blog post.

    1. spitjack


      you are welcome and the offer stands.  keep us updated and have fun.

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