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    I had my first male on male experience before I was of legal age with my best friend. The second guy I was with I was still wasn't of legal age the guy was twice my age and it wasn't a good experience for me at all. However with some time and conversations with other guys over time I grew to enjoy men and now I am a total cum slut.
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    I don't have any porn experience at this time.
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    I usually like guys my age or older but that isn't cast in stone. I have been known to have a younger guy catch my eye. I am all bottom and I look for guys that are all Top that know what they like and aren't afraid to get or take it. I love sucking cock and I do like to have my cock sucked and I absolutely love to have my ass fucked. I just love the feel of a hard cock sliding in and out of me.

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  1. plugnplaymt

    Bbrts Profiles

    plugnplaymt on BBRTS Location - Montana Anyone traveling through and looking for a hole to dump a load into get with me... I love to please!
  2. Hey there, Neg bottom here might be heading to Denver for some business around the middle of April and I would like to be the evening entertainment for 1 or more. I am not really a bug chaser but I have to admit I get fucking turned on when thinking of fucking a undetectable poz Top. I would like to find 1 or more undetectable poz tops to have my holes used by. Ultimately it would be great to find 3 to 4 Tops to use me all at the same time but I realize that is probably more of a fantasy then something of a reality... lol I can be very submissive and would love to be used and talked nasty to while my holes are being used. Would love to be told that I am taking poz cock and that soon I am going to be taking a poz load in my ass. If you think you might be interested in throwing a fuck or 2 into my hole(s) get back to me and lets see about setting something up.
  3. plugnplaymt

    Why Did You Start Barebacking?

    My first having anal sex was bareback in the 70's when I was 14 with my best friend "Danny". After school we used to go to my house and Danny would use my moms neck vibrator you know the older ones with the different ends you could put on. He would use it on his cock and cum all over his chest. I always wanted to play with and taste his cum but didn't know how he would react if I said something to him about it. So, I watched him do this for a couple of weeks and one day he was using the vibrator on his cock and he looked at me and told me instead of watching I should help him with his cock. I didn't know what to do at first, I was shocked. I just looked back at him and asked how he wanted me to help him. He had me stroke his cock until he came. That was fucking hot but I didn't want to let him know that I thought that. He made me promise to not tell anyone about it. After that day he never used the vibrator again and we didn't always wait to get to my house to play with his cock. I started off jacking him off a couple of times, then I sucked his cock after that, then one afternoon at my house he wanted to fuck me. It was so awkward the first time but got used to it. Danny never did play with my cock and I didn't mind. I just loved the feeling of his cock either in my mouth or my ass. He finally moved away after that school year. It wasn't until I was I think 18 or 19 when I had my first wrapped cock. I couldn't stand it! I much rather have it bare.
  4. plugnplaymt

    A Note worthy Event

    Yes Bicycledude, It was a sneaky seduction. I was thinking afterwards how he got me so worked up and I was the one who put his cock in my mouth and how he got me to rub his cock on my ass and put his cock in my ass. I would like to blame my weakness on the alcohol but honestly I have to take the blame for everything because deep down knowing how scary it was and the chance I was taking, deep down I really wanted to try it or it wouldn't have let it happen. I realize that there is still a chance I could become poz, but if he truly is on meds and undetectable the risk should be relatively low.
  5. I have this guy that I have seen and gotten together with at my favorite local ABS. The first time he went into a booth with a glory hole in it and by the time I had got into the booth on the other side I looked through the hole and he already had his pants down and cock out stroking. I know he is looking to have his cock sucked at minimum. I drop my pants and drop to my knees in front of the hole and he moves his cock over and through the hole into my waiting mouth. He has a nice cock, not to large but definitely not small by any means. I start to suck his cock and I catch the distinct smell and taste of pussy on his cock. Which doesn't bother me at all, I kind of like it. After sucking him for a few minuets he pulls his cock back through the hole and kind of turns his hips to the side and then back facing the hole and moves his hips in a humping motion. I get the hint, he wants to fuck. So as I am standing up I lube my ass up with a good amount of my spit and back my ass to the hole. He rubs the head of his cock on my hole and then pushes inside of me and gives me a couple of strokes in and out of my ass then he pulls out. I am wondering what is going on and I can hear him running his hands through his pants pockets and I hear the tear of a condom package and then he slides his cock back through the glory hole with a condom on his cock. I figure what the heck and back my ass up to the glory hole again. The guy fucks my ass real good through the glory hole and then I can tell he is getting ready to cum so I push my ass back against the hole as hard as I can and I feel him thrust forward into my ass as deep as he can get. He holds his cock there for a short time and pulls out and slides back into my ass a couple more times, then pulls out. I move my ass away from the glory hole and look back through it and I notice he is pulling his pants up but no condom on his cock. At the time I thought he was kind of quick to take it off but didn't give it much more thought until later that day when on the toilet I found where the condom was. After cumming he must have slide the condom off to the tip of his cock and the last couple of pumps he gave me he must have pushed the condom inside of me. He must get off on fucking like this after he has fucked his wife or girlfriend. Because he has fucked me a total of 4 times so far and each time is the same. Cock smells like fresh pussy and he pushes his cock into me a couple of times, pulls out puts on a condom, fucks me and pushes the condom full of his cum inside of me. One time I left the condom inside of me and went into another booth and got fucked bareback with his condom inside of me.
  6. plugnplaymt

    A Note worthy Event

    Hello all, It has been a while since I have written anything here in my blog. That's because up until last night I really haven't had anything out of the ordinary happen. I have been getting my normal blow jobs and ass fucking at the local ABS. On Saturday I was checking out Craigslist and BBRT looking through the ads for hook ups when I came across a party ad on BBRT. I checked it out and the ad was looking for a bottom for Tops party. I messaged him asking for details about the party. He messaged me back telling me that he had a bottom and three other Tops lined up for the party later that night and the bottom he had lined up bailed on him. Which in turn caused the other Tops to bail also. He told me that he was in town from Minnesota and was leaving in the morning and still wanted to party. We exchanged some pics and stats about ourselves. He told me his likes and dislikes. He told me he was all Top and didn't bottom at all, though he would suck cock on occasion. He really liked to have his ass rimmed and he liked to rim ass especially before fucking it. He was into some raunch and some water sports and his one big dislike was the word "no" coming from his bottoms. I told him I was good with his likes and dislike and that I would do my best to please him. He wanted to know if I wanted to meet with him at the scheduled time he had listed in his ad. He told me that he would try to line up the other Tops but for sure he wanted to fuck me if I was game. I didn't have to think all that long and hard and I told him I would love to join the party with just him or other Tops. I asked for the Hotel and room number and told him I would be here at 8 pm for the party. He messaged me back and told me he was looking forward to partying with me. I was a little nervous but more excited about the party I was going to later in the day. More excited in not knowing how many people might be at the party. I took the afternoon to get myself ready for the party. I showered, shaved and cleaned myself out real good for a night of fun. I had a couple drinks at home to take the edge off and headed out to the Hotel for the party. I showed up at the hotel got in the elevator pressed 5 and up I went. I got out of the elevator and found the room and knocked. I still at this time had no idea how many people might be on the other side of the door. Within a few seconds after knocking the Top opened the door wearing only a towel around his waist. He told me to come in and as I entered the room I noticed only the Top and I were there. He must of noticed me scanning the room and told me he couldn't get a hold of the other Tops and hoped I wasn't too disappointed. I told him that everything was cool and now I could direct all of my attention on him. He told me he had a beer in the fridge if I wanted one. I told him I would take a beer and he told me he would get it for me and that way I could shed my clothes so he could see in person the ass that he was going to be fucking. He got the beer for me and stood there as I finished undressing. He handed me the beer and had me move over to the bed rubbing my ass checks on the way there. He told me to sit on the edge of the bed while he stood in front of me. We drank some of our beers and had some mild chit chat then he looked at me and asked if I was ready for a good fucking. I told him I was as ready as I would ever be. He said good and grabbed my beer bottle and placed it on the table next to the bed. He dropped his towel and I was very impressed. He did send me a pic of his cock earlier but I have to say it didn't look much longer but it looked a whole lot bigger in girth in real life. He moved over and laid on the bed and had me move up next to him so I could explore his body. I moved my hands up and down his chest and I just couldn't help myself and I let one hand move down to his cock. He wasn't completely hard yet but I could feel it getting harder as I stroked it. He let out a soft moan and said how my hand felt good on his cock and to keep that up for a bit. I continued to stroke his cock with my hand as my mouth made up to his mouth and I kissed him. Damn his mouth came to life as we kissed, tongues moving around each other. I finally broke the kiss and started to kiss down his neck to his chest stopping to gently nibble on his nipples. I worked my tongue down his stomach to his belly button licking and kissing around sticking my tongue in his belly button. His cock was standing at full attention as my mouth and tongue licked its way down to the base of his cock. My tongue slid up the top of his cock and when I got to the head my tongue licked the little bead of pre-cum that had formed. My tongue licked its way down the bottom side of his cock until I reached his ball sack. He moan all the while my tongue was bathing his ball sack. He spread his legs to give me better access to his nut sack. I made sure to take each nut into my mouth and work it around. I moved his nut sack up and started to move my tongue between his nut sack and his asshole. He moved his legs up and I knew what he was wanting so I moved my tongue down to his asshole and licked his hole and pulled back giving his hole a soft breath. I moved in with my tongue licking and sticking my tongue in his ass as far as I could get it in. He was loving it from the moans and the movement. He even placed his hands on the top of my head trying to pull my face in to his ass. I finally finished with his ass and started to work my way back up to his cock. My tongue licked the bottom side of his cock from the base to the head of his cock. He was moaning and saying things I really couldn't understand, but as I took the head of his cock into my mouth I did hear what he said then. "I hope you like Poz cock". I had the head of his cock and half the shaft in my mouth when those words registered in my mind. My heart skipped a beat and started to pound really fast. I pulled my mouth off his cock and asked him what he just said, trying to confirm what I thought I heard him say. He picked his head up and look me right in the eye and said you heard me. I said I hope you like Poz cock. I must of had a blank look on my face because he said I shouldn't be surprised and he knows I have fantasies of Poz cock. I looked at him puzzled and asked how he would know that. Then I felt like a dumb ass as he told me that he had read my blog here on breeding zone. I said well yes you do have me there. I told him that I wanted to try undetectable poz cock first. His reply was well you know your going to try undetectable poz cock and then your going to try toxic poz cock and guess what, you've had my toxic poz cock halfway in your mouth. I just sat there not knowing really what to say. He was right its just not the way I had visioned things happening. He broke my thought process when he grabbed my head and started to guide my mouth back to his cock while telling me that he was starting to think I was going to embark on his biggest dislike as a bottom saying "no". He said look just suck my cock for now and lets see how it goes for you and if your still too uncomfortable to go through with it we can stop. His hands holding my head over his cock, my lips touching the pre-cum on the head of his cock. He tells me to lick his pre-cum and tell him if it tastes any different than negative pre-cum. My tongue licks the pre-cum from the tip of his cock. He asks "does it taste any different". I shake my head no all the while thinking holy shit I am about to suck a toxic poz cock. My cock gets rock fucking hard as that thought goes through my head. With a little help from his hands I give in and I slide my mouth all the way down his cock until the head of his cock is in my throat cutting off my air supply and my nose at the base of his cock. He is moaning telling me to suck his poz cock and how good my mouth and throat feel on his poz cock. He turns my head loose and I go to town on his cock. My head moving up and down and my mouth sucking for what it worth all the will hearing him tell me to suck his poz cock. I keep feeling his cock hit the back of my throat as my head and mouth move down his shaft, the pace picking up wondering if he is going to shoot his toxic load of cum down my throat, his breathing is getting faster and more labored, his hips are meeting the rhythm of my head and mouth. I know he is getting close, my cock is so hard its about to split wide open, I'm so horny thinking that any second I am about to have a toxic poz load of cum shot down my throat, then he stops and pulls my head off of his cock! I'm thinking what the fuck and he tells me that he was about to cum and he doesn't want to cum just yet. He has me take my mouth and hands off of his cock for a bit so he can calm down. He has me move up from between his legs and wants me to straddling his chest. He wants to see my cock and can't believe how hard my cock is. While my legs are straddling his chest he strokes my cock and tells me he knows this is making me so hot and horny from the feel of how hard my cock is. I told him that yes I have to admit that I am so fucking hot knowing that I have had a poz cock in my mouth and thinking about how close I was to having a poz load of cum shot down my throat. He keeps stroking my cock as he lays back with me straddling his chest. As he strokes my cock his other hand finds its way to my asshole and he starts to rub my asshole. He tells me to spit in my fingers and lube my hole so he can slide his fingers in my ass. I get a good amount of spit on my fingers and move it around to my ass and lube up my hole as his fingers take over and push inside of me. I moan and move my hips loving the feeling of his fingers sliding inside of me while his hand is stroking my cock. He keeps talking to me telling me how hot it makes him knowing that his poz cock is having this much of an effect on me. I just moan and listen to him talk loving the feeling of his fingers working my asshole his hand keeps stroking my cock. His hand keeps pushing against the base of my cock as his fingers work my hole. I'm lost in the moment and he tells me to put some more spit on my hole for him. So I spit on my fingertips and move my hand back to lube up my hole for him when I notice the head of his cock only a couple of inches away from my hole. I lube up my asshole real good for him and his fingers continue to work in and out of my ass. He tells me to get some more spit and to lube up his cock and stroke it for him as he strokes my cock and fingers my hole. I spit a big amount on my fingers and bring it down to the cock that is only inches away from my ass. He is talking to me while he has me moaning with the pleasure of him stroking my cock and fingering my ass, he asks me if I'm still hot for his poz cock and I tell him yes I know its wrong but I did get fucking horny sucking on his cock. As I am stroking his cock I feel him pushing me back until I feel the head of his cock hit the crack of my ass above my hole. He keeps telling me in an almost seductive tone how I make his poz cock feel so good. He wants to know if I want to know what it feels like to have a toxic poz cock rub up against my asshole. I told him I don't know, I'm kind of scared, but still as scared as I am I do want to know. He tells me to move the head of his cock to my hole and rub it around and then let him know if it feels any different than a negative cock. I move his cock to my hole lubed up with my spit and rub it around. I move my hips so the head of his poz cock rubs all around my now hot asshole. My asshole feels like it is on fire and it is craving cock. He moans and says that my negative hole feels so good on his poz cock and wants to know if the head of his cock feels good and if it feels any different than a negative cock. I moan and whisper to him that his poz cock actually feels better and I don't know why. He tells me that's because his poz cock is so wrong in my mind and that by it touching me like it is, so close to being inside of me, where I want it to be but because of the taboo of it makes me extra sensitive. I tell him I don't know if that's it but I do know that it feels so, so good. He tells me to get some more of my spit and lube up my hole some more. While I am spitting and lubing up my hole he is telling me that I really want to see what it feels like to have his poz cock inside me and that I should just put the head of his cock in my hole and then pull it out and let him know how it feels. He asks me if I would do that for him and I with my eyes closed I softly tell him yes as I line his poz cock up to my negative hole and slowly push back feeling the head part my asshole and slowly slide inside of me. My heart his beating out of my chest knowing that what I am doing is so wrong on many levels and yet I can't stop myself. I feel the head of his cock push past my asshole just inside me, he lets out a moan and tells me how hot my asshole feels and I pull myself forward and the head of his cock pulls out of my ass, my eyes still closed he asks me how it felt. I tell him it felt amazing, no cock has ever made my ass feel like this. He tells me to push the head of his cock inside of me again and to leave it inside of me for a little bit longer. I line head of his cock back up to my hole and with my eyes still closed I slowly push the head of his cock inside my asshole, my heart still pounding, he tells me to leave it there because it feels so good to him to be inside of me even if it's just the head. He asks me if I like the way his poz cock feels inside of me and I tell him softly fuck yes, it feels so fucking good. He tells me he knew I would love his poz cock inside of me and that I would want more of his cock inside of me and he asks me if he is right. I tell him yes I want more of his cock inside of me but it scares me. He asks me why it still scares me when I already have the head of his cock inside of me. He tells me that it is completely up to me but he knows that I want more of his poz cock inside of me and that I should push a couple more inches inside of me and then I can pull out if I want. I take a deep breath and I push back and slide a little more of his cock inside of me, he lets out a big moan and tells me how good my negative hole is making him and his cock feel. I tell that his cock is making me and my ass feel so fucking amazing. He corrects me and and tells me that he wants me to tell him how good his poz cock is making me and my negative ass feel. I tell him that I love the way his poz cock is making me and my negative ass feel, it feels amazing. As I am telling him this with his hands on my hips he pushes forward until his cock is buried deep inside of me and he holds it there. As I feel his cock push all of the way inside of me I finally open my eyes and look at him, he has a devilish smile on his face as he tells me that he knew he could get his poz cock inside of me, as he begins to slowly push his cock in and out of my asshole, he just had to be patient with me. At that point I didn't know what to do. I have this HIV positive cock inside of my HIV negative ass and part of me wants to get up and run, but a bigger part of me gives in and I wrap my arms around him, I hold on tight as he rolls me over onto my back with his cock still inside of me, pushing deep inside of me fucking me. His pace picks up as his poz cock works in and out of my asshole. He asks me if I like his poz cock fucking me and I tell him yes I love the feeling of his poz cock inside my negative ass. His pace quickens and I can feel his sweat dripping on me. He tells me again to tell him how his poz cock feels in my negative hole. I am moaning and moving my hips to meet his hips as his cock is now slamming my ass, it feels like he is tearing my asshole up, I tell him how good his fucking hard poz cock feels in my negative hole. He tells me to tell him how I love the feel of his poz cock wrecking my negative hole. His breath is getting more labored and his sweat is dripping off of him and onto me, he yells at me to tell him how I love the feel of his poz cock wrecking my negative hole. His pace picks up even faster as I almost scream telling him how I love the way his HIV positive cock is wrecking my HIV negative hole and with that I feel him raise his chest with his arms and he pushes as deep inside of me as he can, I can feel the head of his cock swell up deep inside of me and at that point I realize that he is pumping his toxic load of HIV infected cum deep inside of me and I am fucking loving it. In fact I am loving it so much that my cock begins to shoot its load of cum and I haven't even touched my cock. I have never been able to cum without touching my cock. He finally begins to slide his cock in and out of me, trying to calm his heart rate down. I tell him how amazing that felt having his poz cock shoot deep inside of my negative hole. He looks me in the eye and tells me that I can't say that anymore. I laid there with a lost look in my eyes realizing that he is more than likely right. He rolls off of me and lays back, still panting from the poz fucking he just gave me. I look down at his softening cock with his my ass juice and his cum on it. I sit up and lean over, lick his cock and take it into my mouth cleaning it of his HIV positive cum and the last of my HIV negative ass juice. While cleaning off our combined fuck juices his cock starts to get hard again and he asks me if he can fuck my poz hole with his poz cock. As wrecked as my asshole feels I looked at him and told him only of he fucks my sore poz hole gently. He laughed at me and told me what a hot conversion that was for him. He asked me if I liked it when he kept having me tell him how his poz cock was making me feel. I told him yes and that after the first couple of times I figured out why he kept wanting me to repeat it and he said yes because that was going to be the last time I was going be able to say that. He fucked me two more times before he had to get to the airport to leave. I went home and got into the tub to soak my sore asshole and reflect on the events of Saturday night. I have a host of emotions mainly scared not knowing what to expect next. Later in the day on Sunday when he was at the Denver airport he text me to tell me what a great time he had and he wanted to let me know that although he is HIV+ he is on meds and is undetectable. He told me that he was sorry for not letting me in on him being undetectable but he wanted me to get the full feeling of a possible HIV infection and from the way the night went down he believes that had I known he was undetectable that I wouldn't have reacted the same. So I am relieved in one sense that I probably didn't get poz'd and sad in another but mostly relieved.
  7. plugnplaymt

    Can't believe it happened....

    Well actually I can believe it. So in my last post I had talked about how I couldn't believe how turned on I was getting thinking about meeting up with an undetectable hiv guy. I had been chatting with a guy on bbrt for the week and I was really looking forward to meeting up with the guy for some great sex. Our conversations were hot getting to know each others like and wants from our first meeting. The only thing I didn't want to do was get drunk before having sex. I didnt mind if he wanted to have some drinks before having sex but for me I wanted to be sober for this one and he said he understood. So we chatted back and forth throughout the day on Saturday. The time and place were set and agreed upon. Show up about 15 minutes early excited and scared at the same time. An hour and a half past our meet time and a couple attempts at getting in touch with him and no answer. So needless to say I was disappointed but with internet hookups I guess that is what should be expected. So I decided to have a few drinks before heading out to the bookstore to see if I could relieve some stress. Got to my favorite bookstore and it was slow but I did manage to suck a couple of cocks before calling it a night.
  8. plugnplaymt

    Brian Breeds His Buddy's Girl

    Hot story! Can't wait to read more!
  9. Hey cman54 thanks for the nice comment on my blog post.

  10. Hey there spitjack thanks for the nice comment on my blog post.

    1. spitjack


      you are welcome and the offer stands.  keep us updated and have fun.

  11. So I have been on breeding zone for a short time and I have had many different thoughts and feelings about some of the content I have viewed and read here. Some of it is very hot and some of it is shocking. Being a bottom who loves to have his ass fucked I was shocked at how many guys are actively looking to receive HIV and many other STD's. Now don't get me wrong I am not judging or anything like that but until I started looking at this site I didn't realize that people were into that. Now I am sure for a small number of the guys that are bug chasers it is more of a fantasy than a reality and I get that. I have many fantasies that I don't think I could go through with in reality. I have logged off of Breeding Zone many times shaking my head not understanding some of the stories and shared experiences, but I keep coming back over and over again and its like I can't get enough of reading the experiences and stories. Now what really amazes me is yesterday I was horny more than usual reading content here on Breeding Zone and looking at profiles on BBRT. I was looking at all of the Top's profiles from around the US and many of them list themselves as being Poz or undetectable and finding myself fantasizing about getting fucked raw by them. No matter how much I tried to tell myself that I could never do that knowing the guy who is about to plant his seed deep inside me is HIV+ I kept thinking about it and getting more and more turned on. I got so turned on by the thought of taking a chance receiving a load of cum from a HIV+ guy that I sent emails to some tops on BBRT. I got some good responses from a couple of them but there is one guy in particular that is HIV+ but undetectable because of his meds. I can't believe this but I am seriously thinking about getting together with him (he lives close) and having him deposit his undetectable seed deep inside me. Now I know that with an undetectable top the chances are slim on getting HIV but its the knowing his seed could possibly convert me gets me so fucking hard and horny. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me and why I am thinking this way but what really scares me is that I am going to go through with this (we are getting together this Saturday) and I want this guy to breed me in the worst way. I have jacked off many times thinking that the after orgasm thoughts would stop my thoughts about taking possible Poz seed but it has had no effect. I mean at this moment my cock is rock hard thinking about this. Am I fucked up or what?. I don't know if any of this makes any sense but it us just something that I have to get off my chest.
  12. plugnplaymt

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Tuesday afternoon I was driving through town and was close to one of my favorite Adult Bookstores. My cock was stirring in my pants thinking of sucking a nice cock so I made the turn and ended up at the store. I went inside and got some tokens and headed back to the Arcade. The lights above two booths with a gloryhole between them were on and no one else around. So I just stood around waiting when I heard the door chime and in walked an older gentleman. He walked up to the cashier and purchased some tokens and headed back to the arcade. I waited as he walked by he gave me a look over and headed towards a booth. Before entering the booth he made sure to make eye contact with me and entered the booth and shut the door. I walked over and entered the booth next to his and shut the door, sat down putt a couple of tokens in and looked through the hole between us. He already had his pants down and was stroking a very nice cock. I was every bit of 6 inches possibly a little more but it was nice and fat. I stood up and pulled my pants down and got on my knees looking through the hole. I placed my finger on the edge of the hole to let him know I was interested and he didn't hesitate to stand and push his cock through the hole. I started to stroke his cock and could feel it getting hard so I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and I have to say I was having a hell of a time getting the head into my mouth. I started to slide his cock farther into my mouth when the head of his cock hit the back of my throat. I tried to push it in further but the head was too big and wouldn't go down my throat. So I started to suck what I could of his cock moving my mouth up and down the shaft. I heard him moan softly so I know he was liking what I was doing with his cock and that really gets me turned on. Then he started to move his hips back and forth fucking my mouth with his cock. This went on for a short time and then he pulled his cock out of the hole. I was disappointed for a brief second thinking that he was done but he had a hold of the base of his cock and he turned slightly and then pointed his cock back at the hole. I knew what he wanted so I got a load of spit on my fingers and lubed my asshole with it as I stood up. I backed my ass to the hole and I could feel his hand rub my ass and asshole through the hole. He fingered my hole a couple of times and then I could feel the heat from the head of his cock pressed against my hole. He pushed forward and I kept my ass pressed against the hole and I felt the head of his cock open my hole up. God that felt good as his cock slid inside me. He pushed as far as he could and held his cock in me as deep as he could for a few seconds. Then he started to slowly fuck my ass through the gloryhole. Damn his cock felt good sliding in and out of my hole. He fucked me nice and slow for a short time but the pace of his cock started to pick up and he started to fuck my hole faster and faster. I could hear his hips and his belt buckle hitting the wall between us. I could hear him breathing and moaning on the other side of the wall and could tell he was getting closer and closer to cumming. It really gets me turned on when I know a guy is going to use my ass as a place to dump his cum into. It wasn't long and I could hear him grunt and heard his knees and body slam against the was and with one big push he held himself as deep inside of me as he could and held his cock there. I knew he was pumping my ass full of his cum and I made sure to push myself against the wall so I could get all of his load deep inside of me. He finally slowly slid his cock out of me and I guess because of the head of his cock being so big as his cock popped out so did most of his load. I felt it running down the back of my nut sack and down my legs and into my underwear and pants. I pulled away from the wall so I could catch as much of his cum on my fingers and had to taste his cum. Damn I was in heaven. I pushed what I could into my hand again and cleaned his cum from my fingers. I got myself together, pulled my pants back up and exited the booth and back to my car.
  13. plugnplaymt

    Fucked up Friday continues to Saturday....

    In my last blog post I told about my Friday night. Now its Saturday and I am still getting a few replies to my Friday evening Craigslist post but nothing really catches my eye. I log on to a couple of the hookup sites and start looking through who's online and what's out there. Its early afternoon and nothing looks promising so I am on barebackrt looking at the ads in the larger cities you know doing the wishing and dreaming of all of the beautiful Top cock just looking for a hole to fuck then I get an email. I'm thinking cool one of the guy's I was checking out wants to chat or comment. I look and it is from a local guy. The email that says "I want to bury my cock inside you, your place or mine"?. I look at the guys profile he has a pic of his cock on his profile and it is a nice looking cock I will have to admit. His profile says it's 9 inches and from the looks of his pic he isn't lying. His profile says he is versatile, likes it mild to wild, likes to fuck and get fucked etc. etc. So it looks like today he is looking to fuck. I respond to his email "how about meeting at your place". I send that and wait for a few minutes and I get a response back from him with his phone number, address and to call him when I get there and to be cleaned out and ready to go. I'm thinking cool this might be a great weekend after all. I email him back and tell him "sounds good, I will get cleaned out and head your way". So I get myself cleaned out real good. I figure if this guy is 9 inches I had better be good and clean because he is going to be in places most men can't reach. I get in my car and drive to the address he gave me. Its in a decent neighborhood on the North side of town. I park across the street from the address he sent me. There is a house on the corner a detached garage and another building that looks like an old closed down coffee shop. The number of the address he gave me is between the house on the corner and the old coffee shop but the house looks like it could have like a basement apartment. So I call the number he gave me and tell him I am outside. He tells me will be out in a minute. I get out of my car and while I'm waiting I am looking into the old coffee shop when I hear the backdoor of the house close. I see the guy and we say the usual hello and he walks over to the side of the garage that is next to the old coffee shop and there is a six foot wooden gate between the garage and coffee shop with a combination paddle lock on it. He unlocks the paddle lock opens the gate and we start walking towards the back of the garage where there is a small door. Now at this point I couldn't tell you if there was another lock on the small garage door because I was looking around thinking this is fucked up. A locked six foot gate between a garage and old coffee shop with a very narrow walkway that is for the most part hidden from the front by the gate and bushes from the back. I get to the small side door of the garage and look in. There is a very narrow staircase going up to what I would assume is a attic loft above the garage. He starts to go in then backs out and is talking but I can't really hear him all that well but I did catch that he had a play area upstairs and to go up first because he had to use a ladder to keep the door open or something like that. He must of noticed the questionable look on my face because he said "hey if you don't want to do this its cool with me" to which I replied "I think I'm going to pass on this one". He did say he was cool with that as I made my way back to the gate between the garage and coffee shop. I got to my car and drove away wondering what the fuck!! Now I'm not trying to say this is a bad guy or that he had bad intentions for me. He seemed like a nice guy but for fuck sake if your going to have a guy walk into a situation like that a little heads up about the setup would be nice. Like I said I don't think he was or is a bad guy I would like to think that he didn't really think things through himself. So I went home, reflected on what just happened and thought to myself I think I am done with internet hookups for the time being and I will just have to visit the ABS a little more.
  14. plugnplaymt

    What a fucked up weekend...

    Like I said in my last blog entry it has been a couple of weeks since I have has any cock because of work. So I get off work on Friday and head for home to fix something to eat and get cleaned up to head out hunt for some cock. I get home put dinner in the oven and placed an ad on craigslist looking for cock before getting into the shower. I get done with my shower get all freshened up and start eating dinner. While eating dinner I sorted through my craigslist replies to the ad I placed. After sorting through all of the "hey"'s and "What's up"s, I hate that when guys reply to my ads like that. Anyway I found one guy that looked promising. After a few emails back and forth I found out he was a total Top that loved to have his cock sucked, he loved to eat ass and really like to pound a nice ass. I thought I had found a perfect match for what I was looking for and got directions to his hotel room and agreed on a time. I show up at his hotel room door and knock softly. A nice looking man in a bath robe a few years older than myself answers the door and lets me in. He shuts and locks the door and while he walks past me towards the bed we get the hello's and how you doing conversation out of the way. He tells me to get comfortable as he drops his robe and lays on the bed. I take that as a cue that he wants to get things started right away so I strip down and walk to the bed and crawl between his legs and start stroking and sucking his cock. His cock is soft at this point but it is a nice cock. I suck him for a short time and I can feel his cock start to get a little harder but I couldn't get his cock hard enough to stand on its own. I work his cock and balls and still can't seem to get him completely hard. I ask him is everything is feeling good and he assures me that I suck an amazing cock and he is just tired from working a long shift. He has me roll over and starts sucking my cock and working my nuts making me feel real good. Then he moves down and starts to rim my ass. Damn this guy can really make a guys ass feel good with his tongue. My cock is fucking hard as a rock as he eats my ass. I'm am so ready to get fucked at this point I am guessing he realizes this as he moves up my body and I wait to feel his cock head against my hole. I feel for his cock and it is still soft and he starts rubbing his soft cock against my raging hard cock as his mouth finds my nipples and he starts sucking and gently biting each nipple. Then I feel him move up more and feel his hand on my cock guiding it towards his ass and starts to push back. My cock head is starting to push inside of him. I'm thinking to myself what the fuck is going on here. This guy tells me that he is a total Top and he is the one with a cock up his ass. So as my cock is sliding in his ass I ask him about being a total Top and he told me that he can be a total Top but he usually likes to bottom. Now at this point I am kind of pissed because I know this is just another one of the fucked up craigslist hookups. The guy told me what he thought I wanted to hear to get me there. The more I thought about it the less interested I was in finishing what had started. At this point my cock started to go soft because I was now more turned off than turned on. So at this point the fucking had stopped and I was getting ready to exit this scene. He told me that he was sorry for not being completely honest and so on. I got dressed and left the hotel. Now I wasn't totally piss but I just hate it when shit goes down like this. I absolutely hate it when guys aren't honest about what they want. I can't begin to tell you how many guys have told me they are total Tops and yes some of them will Top but really they are the ones looking to get cock in their ass. I don't really have a problem with that but if they are looking for a flip fuck then I feel they should say that up front. I really like to bottom and many times I have flip fucked but for me to fuck a guy I have to really be horned up and that helps me get horny to fuck a guys ass. So after leaving the hotel I stopped by the ABS and was able to suck a couple of cocks through the gloryhole but didn't find a cock to satisfy my ass. I ended up going home and figured I would continue my hunt for cock on Saturday.
  15. plugnplaymt

    It's been almost 2 weeks...

    Damn it's been almost two weeks since I have had any cock and I am craving it. I've been working so much and I finally got this weekend off and I am going to be looking for some cock and cum. I might just have to stop by one of the bookstores and camp out in one of the booths and see how many loads of cum I can get inside of me.

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