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    Hannover, Germany
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    men who fill my ass with their seed
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    studying economic sciences and enjoying being fucked raw

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    love texting about pozzing, incest and stuff
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    Good news: Finally met a guy who is poz, not on meds and who already fucked me. Not sure about my status anymore. But I‘ll take more of his cum before I get tested. :)
    01/02/2018: Got my results today and I'm poz.

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  1. When I was in the beginning of my 20s I had a fuckbud who fucked me regularly. At one of our sessions we ran out of condoms and he suggested to just fuck bare. As horny as I was I told him to go for it. The moment he put his raw dick in my hole I was hooked. And getting my first load from him showed me that bare was the only way for me to go after that first time. So never used a rubber after.
  2. Awesome story. Every new part turne me on more Please keep going
  3. I fucked safe from my first time on. Then at the beginning of my 20s I had a FB who convinced me to try it bare. Actually we ran out of condoms while fucking and we were too hot to stop. I‘m really glad he showed me how much better raw fucking is. Since then I‘ve never had a condom in me again
  4. Fucking hot story. Shame my old teachers don't give such an education

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