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    total top I do no care about looks or age or race, just be a nice guy toxic poz only that will give me a toxic load & poz me.

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  1. Bottom should accept poz loads?

    yes I will take all loads as they are hard to come by, but by far I am looking for poz toxic loads, neg fucking is boring so fill me up with your toxic babbys.
  2. Anyone Here Never Top?

    I am a 100 per cent bottom, I do not get hard so I never top, I tell guys that all my cock does is get in the way of my sex life.
  3. I would love to get fucked and filled with a hot load of cum by a hot t/v t/s or c/d but very hard to find one who is a top, any out there hit me up.
  4. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    I vote for absorb, it is so hot to have a load in me I want to keep it as long as possible.
  5. Making Him Piss Himself

    I have been fucked a lot over 200 guys, only 3 times I pissed all over it was so hot a guy has to fuck me just right, hoping for more.
  6. whats your fetish?

    yes I would love to be your bitch.
  7. Stealth Pissing

    yes I love piss nothing like drinking from the tap, when he is done peeing I just keep sucking his cock til he is hard & he cums in my mouth & i swallow it down it is so hot .
  8. Bare Penises Only ?

    I hate condoms so I put in my profile bb only if that is not what they are looking for they should move on, I also put poz toxic cum guys to the front of the line, I will let a neg guy fuck me but most of the time boring as hell.
  9. How deep should I go

    yes I try to get him in far as he can go, so his poz toxic load will be the magic seed I need & deserve, to be his poz bitch.
  10. Balls Deep or the Tip

    I like it balls deep that way the cum will stay in longer, also works better if I take more then 1 load, & I always want more cum.
  11. Palm Springs - best resort?

    hi I lived in palm springs 13 years, & still have a house out side of town so I go out 2 times a month, by far the best resort is ccbc for bb, I have been fuck there over 50 times bb
  12. Swallow Your Own Cum

    yes I eat my cum, the first time was after my boy friend fucked me, he sucked my til I came in his mouth then we kissed &he gave it back to me &I swllowd it down it was so hot.
  13. fucked bare but not bred

    yes i hate it when a guy fucks me & doesn't cum, I had one fuck bud that was poz so he did not want to cum in me, so I told him he was the only poz guy in town that was not cuming in my hole after that he filled me with lots of cum.
  14. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    last night met a guy on line, he answer my ad for poz guy, said he was poz toxic so we made a date at my place he was older late 60s very hot well hung about 7 1/2 he was not my first poz toxic load but the difference is he said he was 15 in a row at poz guys on the first time, he said he had a 6 day load so if he came in me 99 per cent I would be poz, I said bring it & we fucked & fucked & boy did he cum in my hole, so now he is 15 & 1 or 16 in a row, time will tell what do you think
  15. piss - do you swallow?

    I would never waste pre I love to drink it, I love cum more but love both.

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