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    long beach California
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    total top I do no care about looks or age or race, just be a nice guy toxic poz only that will give me a toxic load & poz me.

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  1. piss - do you swallow?

    yes always I love pee & cum swallow as much as I can.
  2. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    dec,26 guy on bbrt in palm springs ca. we fucked our brains out, & he gave me a hot poz toxic load, not sure if he banged me up I will have to see.
  3. Thanking the top?

    yes I always thank my top as soon as he unloads his hot poz seed in me, it is the least I can do.
  4. Bottom should accept poz loads?

    yes I will take all loads as they are hard to come by, but by far I am looking for poz toxic loads, neg fucking is boring so fill me up with your toxic babbys.
  5. Anyone Here Never Top?

    I am a 100 per cent bottom, I do not get hard so I never top, I tell guys that all my cock does is get in the way of my sex life.
  6. I would love to get fucked and filled with a hot load of cum by a hot t/v t/s or c/d but very hard to find one who is a top, any out there hit me up.
  7. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    I vote for absorb, it is so hot to have a load in me I want to keep it as long as possible.
  8. Making Him Piss Himself

    I have been fucked a lot over 200 guys, only 3 times I pissed all over it was so hot a guy has to fuck me just right, hoping for more.
  9. whats your fetish?

    yes I would love to be your bitch.
  10. Stealth Pissing

    yes I love piss nothing like drinking from the tap, when he is done peeing I just keep sucking his cock til he is hard & he cums in my mouth & i swallow it down it is so hot .
  11. Bare Penises Only ?

    I hate condoms so I put in my profile bb only if that is not what they are looking for they should move on, I also put poz toxic cum guys to the front of the line, I will let a neg guy fuck me but most of the time boring as hell.
  12. How deep should I go

    yes I try to get him in far as he can go, so his poz toxic load will be the magic seed I need & deserve, to be his poz bitch.
  13. Balls Deep or the Tip

    I like it balls deep that way the cum will stay in longer, also works better if I take more then 1 load, & I always want more cum.
  14. Palm Springs - best resort?

    hi I lived in palm springs 13 years, & still have a house out side of town so I go out 2 times a month, by far the best resort is ccbc for bb, I have been fuck there over 50 times bb
  15. Swallow Your Own Cum

    yes I eat my cum, the first time was after my boy friend fucked me, he sucked my til I came in his mouth then we kissed &he gave it back to me &I swllowd it down it was so hot.

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