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  1. Curious about bareback

    What has aroused your curiosity? Most heterosexual men would consider BB sex with a make as the last thing they want. They're wrong of course but it's still an odd question. Q1: Top or bottom? Both are way better BB but very different from what you'd probably be doing. For a bottom getting fucked raw and filled with cum can be exhilarating and totally satisfying. You should try it.
  2. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Planted 2 loads into a really hot visitor from yje U.S. He decided my poz strain was the one he needed and his sighs of relief when I gave him my toxic seed were music to this gifter's ears. Needless to say he'll be taking many more laods from here on.
  3. Thanks for befriending me

  4. Want to swap strains SO bad

    1. NudistPerv


      Same back bro... swap.. share.. mix

  5. thanks for the follow love to meet 

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    2. bbpoznow


      can b reed any place you want . I have a   1/2 ton  pick up  but it does have a  back seat . not very big but  bigg enough. can the go from there  to were ever you are staying . will not waste a drop . will hold all inside  even if use a butt plug to keep it in. I swallow to  deep

    3. Sydneybbfucker


      With frequent rest stops to reload you

    4. bbpoznow


      can reload  as often as you want  love  multiple loads , take a rest  and start again . Love the   symbal you have on here 

  6. POLL: At what age did you take your FIRST load?

    Anal: 18 and at Uni. 8" of hard. 20yo Jewish cock confirmed my true self.
  7. All, I love chatting on Wickr but not when I'm at work. Please remember the time zone difference with Sydney Australia and contact me at weekends.

    1. cumwhore22


      ]ok     I'm     in  brisabe

  8. Feeling the energy that being off meds gives. Looking to breed.

    1. Willingtoy


      Would gladly give you my neg hole to fill... let me know when you plan on being next in Melbourne

  9. perv/taboo chat

    Your Wickr isn't found. HMU Sydneybbfun
  10. Poz Guys - Do You Like Being Poz?

    Syphilis can be cured, HIV can't. However I'm proud and poz
  11. Know what I want, now where to find it. Wickr?

  12. Perv/taboo talk, trade pics and vids

    That id doesn't work in Wickr
  13. nice to get to know you


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    2. Sydneybbfucker


      I want you to experience the sexual core of you; without societal or moral trappings. Chems free you from that morailty and allow you to be the pig you have been surpressing.

      I'd allow 72 hrs for you to experience the freedom. 

    3. TboTTomfun


      Would like a long session to become your pig and getting poz

    4. TboTTomfun


      They say chems is more intens blindfolded

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