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    GWM BB pozzing incest
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  1. Very hot Sir. lil neg boi cumdump here.

  2. Hot pics mate you can recharge my slutty hole anytime and I'll flip and do you as well.

  3. Will connect when I'm not at work and when I'm in a full pig frame of mind.

  4. takingdeepanal on kik, HMU.

  5. Sydneybbfucker

    New Members Introduce Themselves

    Very hot
  6. don't care what you look like if you are POZ, hung and willing to breed , you are my kind of top. Love to find some closer  tho

  7. Looking to chat on Wickr


    1. takingdeepanal
    2. blnpig74


      feel free to chat here ;)

    3. grubbysubby


      Grubbysubby on Wickr - hit me up mate! Brisbane bottom fucker here.

  8. Sydneybbfucker

    Connect with like minded guys

    I'm game
  9. Sydneybbfucker:  thanks for following me.

  10. Sydneybbfucker

    Does anyone else feel the need to be a cumdump all the time?

    Only when I'm awake (plus when I'm dreaming)
  11. Hey Sydneybb thanks for following me



    1. Sydneybbfucker


      My pleasure. Tops should be given special consideration as you're invaluable.

  12. Sydneybbfucker

    Sydney Mardi Gras Recommendations

    Sydney will be full over Mardi Gras so every venue should be a possibility but private parties would be really easy to facilitate and get your hole flooded.
  13. I've been absent for a while as I have a hot perv BF who needed pozzing.

    1. cardoc49


      Hi Sydney> so glad to hear , surely you are supportive?



    2. Sydneybbfucker


      It's the perfect way to level the playing field and besides, he really wanted my raw dick inside his hole and for my seed to be flooding his ass.

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