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  1. Looking to chat on Wickr


  2. Connect with like minded guys

    I'm game
  3. perv/taboo chat

    Sydneybbfuck on kik
  4. Sydneybbfucker:  thanks for following me.

  5. Does anyone else feel the need to be a cumdump all the time?

    Only when I'm awake (plus when I'm dreaming)
  6. Hey Sydneybb thanks for following me



    1. Sydneybbfucker


      My pleasure. Tops should be given special consideration as you're invaluable.

  7. Sydney Mardi Gras Recommendations

    Sydney will be full over Mardi Gras so every venue should be a possibility but private parties would be really easy to facilitate and get your hole flooded.
  8. I've been absent for a while as I have a hot perv BF who needed pozzing.

    1. cardoc49


      Hi Sydney> so glad to hear , surely you are supportive?



    2. Sydneybbfucker


      It's the perfect way to level the playing field and besides, he really wanted my raw dick inside his hole and for my seed to be flooding his ass.


    I think you should be taken on as the site mascot and fucked daily sexy
  10. I am horny for aids breeding.  Please do it.  U  are welcome to be  infected my boyfriend and his twink.  

  11. Curious about bareback

    What has aroused your curiosity? Most heterosexual men would consider BB sex with a make as the last thing they want. They're wrong of course but it's still an odd question. Q1: Top or bottom? Both are way better BB but very different from what you'd probably be doing. For a bottom getting fucked raw and filled with cum can be exhilarating and totally satisfying. You should try it.
  12. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Planted 2 loads into a really hot visitor from yje U.S. He decided my poz strain was the one he needed and his sighs of relief when I gave him my toxic seed were music to this gifter's ears. Needless to say he'll be taking many more laods from here on.

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