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  1. I’m not getting anything and it’s been year and half ! Highly toxic and still can’t get dirty cock

    i want you to ruin me 7DCA86CC-24D7-43C1-ACE4-6EF8E7B9A45A.thumb.jpeg.ecef63c4e52af746c824b7c72029be89.jpeg

  2. Sydneybbfucker

    Perv/taboo chat [but this site has rules]

    Wickr is encrypted and you have to choose whether to allow downoads of anything you share. You should make sure the self destruct and burn on reading settings are very short so once sonething is read or viewed it deletes. Nothing in the cyber world is totally secure ( someone could run a video recorder on their end so be careful) but encrypted apps like Wickr are as secure as any other mainstream chat app if set up right.
  3. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing your pix & adventures. Wood love to breed your Cumhole too. Thanks for following me too. XOX

    1. Sydneybbfucker


      Thanks dickluva . No loads refused especially yours.

  4. Sydneybbfucker

    Looking for Furry Dads...

    Happy to be your cumdump Daddy
  5. Well over 11" of hard white cock. Guy blew up my ass and then down my throat within 20 minutes
  6. Sydneybbfucker

    Taboo Perv porn.

  7. This is an inevitable and twisted fantasy I'd support
  8. If anyone wants to chat on Wickr just HMU

    1. takingdeepanal


      You on kik or whatsapp btw?

    2. Sydneybbfucker


      It says Wickr. It doesn't say kik or WhatsApp does it.

  9. Sydneybbfucker

    Perv/Taboo in Auckland

    Planning on visiting if that works?
  10. Weekends for playing

    1. POZaddict


      What did you do? I bred a twink in the park, got home with three other guys and got a few loads 😈

    2. ronnie4u


      So Fucking HOT !  HOT twink - lucky - wishing I was there !   :)

    3. POZaddict


      It was damned hot, he was so greedy for my cum! 

  11. This Pig really understands the big picture. photo_1455688838.jpg.ce440eec10485adb0ce7f98031014683.jpg

  12. Sydneybbfucker

    At what age did you first ejaculate?

    And I should say that it was self-discovery, with no help whatsoever (apart from the spray from the shower head that made my cockhead tingle in new ways.
  13. WOOF  !   Extremely HOT - Beautiful - Exciting !  Love your style !    :)  :)

  14. Sydneybbfucker

    At what age did you first ejaculate?

    Just before 13
  15. Very hot Sir. lil neg boi cumdump here.

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