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  1. Thanks for the follow.   Good to see fellow Aussies in here gettin twisted.

  2. Was better by the Thursday. Started fucking and sharing my new gift immediately.
  3. Moving off Wickr There's a safer alternative called Threema.
  4. Got infected from a bloodslam on Sunday afternoon. 15 days later I was sick as a parrot in bed for three miserable but welcome days. Stay hydrated and take painkillers. Acetaminophen or paracetamol help with fever. And enjoy.
  5. You want a Daddy to give up control to him. The worst thing you can do is then start contradicting or not accepting. You seem well brought up.
  6. 18 by a fellow Uni student (21). As the legal age in the UK was 21 it certainly factored in waiting until then.
  7. Stay hydrated, eat sensibly, exercise by walking and try and avoid gangbangs that overlap.
  8. Aww, don't let facts get in the way of a tall tale. You should see the one that got away.
  9. If this was a pay site you'd have a point. It isn't.
  10. Zoom is great until you decide to start when you're already wired. At that point you may as well try and push wet rope up a tight hole as it won't happen. The video or the lighting or the audio will all be wrong and either no one will see you or they'll see far too much.
  11. That's exactly what zoom is.
  12. If you follow me please have content on your profile if you want to be followed back.


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