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    Cock, cum and tops - need I say more?
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    A late switcher to BB sex but absolutely love it and wouldn't go back now. Have had a few loads from blokes, keep testing, still neg.
    Really get off on poz guys unloading and telling me I'm getting their poz cum.
    Based in Hastings, UK but will travel for the perfect load or can accommodate.
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    Toxic cum from Tops / Vers into using a cum dump

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  1. North Dallas PIg Play 1/12/17

    Wish I was stateside for this. I would happily get my ass in the air for this. Have fun guys!
  2. Great advice here. I've stopped actively chasing myself and now rather than just going for poz loads and convertion I go for any load (even anon) that I can get. I'm sure one will come up trumps one of these days as joethomas says go for repetition. I'll add to that as well - Have fun along the way as fucking/getting fucked after all should all be about having some fun and enjoying the load whatever the status. Just being cum filled turns me on and I'm always grateful to tops that share their seed with me. You're a hot guy tprbttm4u so I'm sure you should be able to get lots of loads so just get out there and enjoy! Have a great New Year and success in 2018!
  3. Thanks for the rep (my 100th), so now I'm Very Good apparently! 

    Much prefer to be Very Bad! ;) 

  4. Berlin 24th December to 5th January

    Very jealous of all you guys heading to Berlin for New Year. Maybe next year for me. Enjoy guys, have a very Happy New Year and I hope you all get what you wish for.
  5. Currently getting this.... PDOStatement: Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`s3x`.`s3x_session`, CONSTRAINT `session_browser` FOREIGN KEY (`browserid`) REFERENCES `browser` (`id`) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE) Error Details: [lib/base.php:2152] Base->error() [lib/db/sql/mapper.php:422] DB\SQL->exec() [ui/account/sessions.php:40] DB\SQL\Mapper->insert() [ui/account/index.php:244] createSession() [lib/base.php:1599] Base->call() [index.php:514] Base->run()
  6. Had a few bare cocks over the years due to a lack of a condom being available on the condition that they pull out before cumming - not sure how I justified that one in my head. Took my first deliberate raw load 17 months ago and went out looking for more that very same day - Level 3/4 Had a few guys since who said they were undetectable Two weeks ago went clubbing in London and went straight to Level 6 Took 4 loads without having a clue to the status of the guys Definitely sticking to Level 6 from now on - cum in my arse makes me feel so energised.
  7. Decided I'm going to head back to London tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday and go all out to get as many loads as I can get. Anyone around especially poz that wants to breed me get in touch

  8. I was on holiday in Gran Canaria, Spain and in a bar that had Dawson's 20 Load weekend playing on a loop. I was fascinated and couldn't stop watching these loads being pumped into him. Once I got home all I could think about was what I had seen. It look a few years after that to switch but 18 months ago I did and haven't looked back since. I have turned into a cum hungry whore that craves cum loads in my arse. Had 4 loads this week so far and need more so will be heading back to London again in the morning. Will one of the loads I've taken been poz with a hvl? Not only am I now craving cum, I'm craving toxic cum and it's all thanks to Dawson and that devil sitting on my shoulder that wouldn't let the idea leave my head once it was there.
  9. Not been fucked in a while and so thought that I really needed to change tack and rather than try and pick up on these sites and various apps I just needed to get out there and get on with it.

    So with a day off work I headed up to London and visited a sauna yesterday.

    Got fucked by a couple of guys one of whom fucked me twice and dumped his thick beautiful cum in me. Cleaned his cock for him after and god did that cum taste sweet.

    Thing is now the drought has ended I need more! Knowing I have this guys cum still in my guts is driving me to distraction and I'd let anyone fuck me right now!

    Need to get out again this weekend for more - don't even care about status right now, I just need any cum inside me.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cuill1


      Unlucky that you need a lot more loads in you.

    3. RawUK


      Always need loads - once absorbed more spunk is required - Would love a toxic load

    4. Cuill1


      I am a chancer - love loads but don't actively chase toxic loads. 

  10. Will be in London tomorrow afternoon - looking for loads. 

    Any poz guys with a vl welcome to give me my first experience of taking a known poz vl.

    pm me - discretion assured 

  11. Looks like a piece of great vintage bareback porn - would love to see the rest of it.
  12. Yeah your finally at 69 pos reps ❗️

    1. RawUK


      Thanks Chargedup - progress has been slow as I was 'prevented' from posting for a while due to posting in the wrong area (genuine mistake), so I have to be careful not to upset anyone :) 

    2. Chargedup


      Yes.  The rules are rigid like my cock around here lol

    3. RawUK


      One of these days I'm going to do a tour of the USA getting as much raw cock as possible and your rigid cock is definitely high on my wish list to meet my arse and seed it 

  13. Monogamous Breeding-is it possible?

    Futher great advise and words. I can't really add anymore to what Fistulike666 has already said. Do what makes you feel good, don't do something just because someone else insists unless you want to and above all ENJOY what you do. It is also worth mentioning that there are also so many undetectable guys out there who really are the best to bb with if you want to avoid catching hiv. Generally they tend to pay more attention to their health and know their status inside out and the chances of catching hiv from them are something like 0.01% Better than going with someone who says their neg but wouldn't necessarily actually know unless they have tested, abstained from sex for 3 months and tested again. Personally I get get hung up on status per se as Fistulike666 says you can always treat hiv and live a good life. I agree it's the other stuff you need to avoid but that is where it gets tricky. All the best xx
  14. Monogamous Breeding-is it possible?

    Good sound advise there. I choose to fuck bare and accept the risks, but it is a decision I made made for myself, by myself. Still neg and what will be will be.
  15. I do exactly the same - bit of a taste then absorb what I can

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