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    Hastings, UK
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    Cock, cum and tops - need I say more?
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Love dark rooms / cruising / anon and everything about cock and cum - the look, smell, feel and taste of it.
    I have a need to be fucked and loaded and never refuse a load off a guy fucking me.
    A regular fuck bud would be good and if the right top came along I'd be open to the idea of an open relationship but don't let that put you off.
    Meets, cock and cum up my arse is what I'm here for predominately. Not hung up on status and poz friendly.
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    Toxic cum from Tops / Vers into using a cum dump

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  1. RawUK


    I would love to live in GC but won't be in a position to do so for a few more years. I do have a couple of friends that have lived there for over 10 years now and love it.
  2. RawUK

    Cheating Bareback Toilet Fuck

    Good old fashioned cruising in a public place. Much hornier than picking up on apps and in my experience a lot more successful.
  3. RawUK


    I'm heading back to the UK on the 5th October. Are either of you arriving before then? Lots of anon fun by night and hopefully like bbbottomchaserslut a few visitors to my room near the Yumbo by day
  4. RawUK


    I'll be there the week before - 28/09 to 05/10 - should still be fun as always. Love GC.
  5. RawUK

    HIV tattoo

    Absolutely hear you on that one. I do like them though but I'm more likely to be pozzed by a guy who either doesn't know his status or by a guy such as yourself who enjoys fucking the unwitting. Keep up the good work.
  6. RawUK

    HIV tattoo

    neg guy here who really gets turned on by poz tattoos
  7. RawUK

    Gran Canaria pdi pride may 2018

    Lucky boy. Love GC - hoping to get there again later in the year.
  8. RawUK

    North Dallas PIg Play 1/12/17

    Wish I was stateside for this. I would happily get my ass in the air for this. Have fun guys!
  9. Great advice here. I've stopped actively chasing myself and now rather than just going for poz loads and convertion I go for any load (even anon) that I can get. I'm sure one will come up trumps one of these days as joethomas says go for repetition. I'll add to that as well - Have fun along the way as fucking/getting fucked after all should all be about having some fun and enjoying the load whatever the status. Just being cum filled turns me on and I'm always grateful to tops that share their seed with me. You're a hot guy tprbttm4u so I'm sure you should be able to get lots of loads so just get out there and enjoy! Have a great New Year and success in 2018!
  10. Thanks for the rep (my 100th), so now I'm Very Good apparently! 

    Much prefer to be Very Bad! ;) 

  11. RawUK

    Berlin 24th December to 5th January

    Very jealous of all you guys heading to Berlin for New Year. Maybe next year for me. Enjoy guys, have a very Happy New Year and I hope you all get what you wish for.
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  13. Had a few bare cocks over the years due to a lack of a condom being available on the condition that they pull out before cumming - not sure how I justified that one in my head. Took my first deliberate raw load 17 months ago and went out looking for more that very same day - Level 3/4 Had a few guys since who said they were undetectable Two weeks ago went clubbing in London and went straight to Level 6 Took 4 loads without having a clue to the status of the guys Definitely sticking to Level 6 from now on - cum in my arse makes me feel so energised.
  14. Decided I'm going to head back to London tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday and go all out to get as many loads as I can get. Anyone around especially poz that wants to breed me get in touch

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