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    Hastings, UK
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    Cock, cum and tops - need I say more?
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    A late switcher to BB sex but absolutely love it and wouldn't go back now. Have had a few loads from blokes, keep testing, still neg.
    Really get off on poz guys unloading and telling me I'm getting their poz cum.
    Based in Hastings, UK but will travel for the perfect load or can accommodate.
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    Toxic cum from Tops / Vers into using a cum dump

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  1. Looking for reliable bottoms

    I find the opposite to be true as there are far more bottoms than tops out there and so tops get the pick of the bunch. Being a chub and 49 I realise that I'm not to everyones taste and have accepted that I also have to be less choosy to get the loads I want. Having taken plenty of loads off neg guys on PrEP and undetectable guys but yet to knowingly take a poz vl as I appreciate some poz tops are worried in case the bottom then turns round and accuses them of deliberately making them poz and all the legal ramifications that may entail. But I for one am a bottom that talks the talk but is yet to be given the chance of walking the walk. Guess once you are poz with a vl then it's easier finding other poz guys in the same situation. I'll be coming up to London from Hastings at least twice during the first week of October and probably will be headed for the Locker Room. Am open to all offers and any loads gratefully received poz or not - I'm very much a what will be will be kinda guy so stealth is ok by me too.
  2. Yeah your finally at 69 pos reps ❗️

    1. RawUK


      Thanks Chargedup - progress has been slow as I was 'prevented' from posting for a while due to posting in the wrong area (genuine mistake), so I have to be careful not to upset anyone :) 

    2. Chargedup


      Yes.  The rules are rigid like my cock around here lol

    3. RawUK


      One of these days I'm going to do a tour of the USA getting as much raw cock as possible and your rigid cock is definitely high on my wish list to meet my arse and seed it 

  3. Monogamous Breeding-is it possible?

    Futher great advise and words. I can't really add anymore to what Fistulike666 has already said. Do what makes you feel good, don't do something just because someone else insists unless you want to and above all ENJOY what you do. It is also worth mentioning that there are also so many undetectable guys out there who really are the best to bb with if you want to avoid catching hiv. Generally they tend to pay more attention to their health and know their status inside out and the chances of catching hiv from them are something like 0.01% Better than going with someone who says their neg but wouldn't necessarily actually know unless they have tested, abstained from sex for 3 months and tested again. Personally I get get hung up on status per se as Fistulike666 says you can always treat hiv and live a good life. I agree it's the other stuff you need to avoid but that is where it gets tricky. All the best xx
  4. Monogamous Breeding-is it possible?

    Good sound advise there. I choose to fuck bare and accept the risks, but it is a decision I made made for myself, by myself. Still neg and what will be will be.
  5. I do exactly the same - bit of a taste then absorb what I can
  6. thanks scott0882

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    2. RawUK


      Take care and see you on the other side of the storm.

    3. scott0882


      Thanks. I'm staying safe so far

    4. RawUK


      That's the only time most would want you to be safe here - raw is the law :) 

  7. My old teacher

    Just read parts 1-7 in one go. Great story well told by an excellent storyteller. More please.
  8. 12 more and you will be at 6️⃣9️⃣  P☣️S reps !


    1. RawUK


      Cheers Chargedup - think you must have used a days supply of reps on me!

      Wish we were nearer - I'd love to be converted by you - you're hot fella!

    2. Chargedup


      6️⃣9️⃣ here we come❗️

  9. thanks for the rep

    1. sleazycumwhore


      not a problem...great looking cunt there!

    2. RawUK


      cheers - it could do with some attention

    3. sleazycumwhore


      i know what you mean!

  10. Thanks for the follow man!

    1. RawUK


      You're welcome - hot butt - I'd do ya if I were a top!

  11. Thanks for the follow monkey2712

  12. Thanks for the rep :) 

  13. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

  14. Two of my favourite pastimes -

     Interests  Smoking and BB sex

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    2. smoke


      that would be hot!


    3. smoke


      your right there raw!!!, smoking n BB sex,mmmmmmmmm

    4. curiousnegsub


      It's what we all need... and loads of it!

  15. Thanks for the rep mn6

    1. tom-morley


      hope we both end up Poz

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