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    • Real hot profile and real good meeting you in the chat room
    1. constructionguy


      u 2 fucker.. would love to tag breed with u

    2. NudistPerv


      fuck ya man.. same back...u are one fuckn hot dude

    3. constructionguy
  1. Thanks for following me...hot profile you have!

  2. Thanks for following me! Real hot profile you have 

  3. Thanks for following me! Hot profile you have perv-barebacking brother!

  4. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ Hot. Please keep sharing your pix & adventures with us. Wood love to swap cumholez with you. Wish we are closer. Thanks for the Reps, & following me too. xox


    1. NudistPerv


      Damn, thanks for that bro! Man, I boned up reading your post/message here. It's all equally the same back at you perv bro, I bone reading your various comments and also wish we were closer. Would love to fuck each others holes, then felch our poz loads out of each other and deep kiss, then do it all again! xxx

  5. I have a friend with the same sort of past, starting at about the same age, maybe younger. The same sort of reaction...can talk about it, but, if it seems that whoever is asking is getting turned on/getting off on thinking/imagining it...the topic is closed. Even though a lot of the threads and stories etc here will make us horny as fuck...this one is something we seriously have to respect...if a guy had this sort of history from his youth we have to respect that they may not have enjoyed it and separate our own lustful cravings from that guy’s past reality. I admit, it turned me on when I would hear about the things that he did and had done to him and how he was played with...and I too made the mistake of trying to get out too many details because I had a hard on in my jeans! But it becomes the time to do a check in... do you want to alienate this guy and loose a friendship (and/or a lover)? You have to remind yourself that when you are pushed on something you dont like to do (anything! Not just sex!)..its not a good feeling...so let it go. What I think about inside my mind can still stay there, inside my mind and I just gotta be mature enough to know when to activate the filter! And ignore the tenting in my jeans...and that you would have in your jeans!
  6. Damn hot! Nothing like completely anon ...and even better not trying to turn around and see who it is fucking your ass...just enjoying the feel of the thick, raw cock deep up inside your hole, filling you with anon seed as your cock is getting sucked equally deep! Thanks for sharing that!
  7. Yes! Leave out the extreme detail (exact age) ...it's a rule here, so just go with it. Think like Hitchcock...trust that the viewer / audience is smart enough to have an imagination and what they don't see (or read) ..but use their imagination and 'see' it in their mind, is much stronger than what you (writer/director) can try to show!
  8. It's really a charade isn't it? "STD Free ".. "Clean you be too"... "Safe Only" ... as if to say, ok I said the necessary stuff.. now... let's see that cock...ohhhh mmm fuck yes, yeah let's bareback. Cum inside? Yeah man.. fuckkkk you're so fuckn hotttt .....
  9. WOW! Did NOT see that coming! But hot as fuck! Very sexy and hot twist...well done
  10. Was it wrong for you to stealth fuck the British top? Well, first I have to ignore the throbbing cock that the read and the whole thought gives me! Then, say, well where does wrong begin and where does it end? The place itself should assume that anything/everything can happen ...mainly std’s..and then, well you wanted his cock and when we want a cock bad enough...sure we’ll fib a bit. But..as said earlier.. poz on med, undetec.. that’s as good as it gets. If the British top was that worried about he and his partner...he wouldn’t be at that place in the first place!
  11. Thanks for follow! Hot profile you have :P

  12. really good story! Love your writing style... and love the imagination in your hot mind!

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