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    Finding someone who will love me and not hurting myself when they end up breaking my heart
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    I use to want nothing more to then just give up and let it all go and submit to the things I couldn't believe my friends and lovers did in the past. Thank God for showing me I still have a purpose and I hope you all come to your senses
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    Looked at too much with strangers when I could have been doing things that make me happy.
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    Happiness and a way to share it. Compassion and a way to inspire it. Love for man and seeing men for love.

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  1. Negativeson


    I realized what I already knew in my heart.. Something that could save me from continuing down this path, and away from my life. We are all just playing roles we are conditioned to participate in first and foremost by our own darkness. You can have a bit of a dark side but it doesn't have to be so over the top. The 2nd condition is pain caused by others and the mistakes we made.. where we just accepted it as some sort of... Evil cult or some crazy evil destiny... I hope everyone who took advantage of someone who was lost and effected their ability to actually love and conditioned then to feel like this shit is normal or even hot at all fuckin burn in hell. Some of you want that tho. You're always saying praise Sarah Palin. It's because you were so hurt by one thing or another it just made u give up. Salvation can be found in the darkest places.
  2. Good luck, NegativeSon


    1. Negativeson


      Thank u! Means a lot to me

  3. go to steamworks and club z and let anyone there breed your hole you'll be poz in no time

  4. Poz me

    1. 99037


      I'm too much of a bottom to do that.

  5. Hey man enjoy every minute of every fuck!

  6. Awesome, great to go right for what you want!  😉 

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