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    I write porn. I am good at it. probably why I am good at sex.
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    generally, younger, nice looking, very thin or muscled, sexual to the hilt. a good kisser, good companion. someone interesting vertically as well as horizontally.

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  1. https://luv4barecock.tumblr.com/

    the first vid here, the boy jacking. notice his eyes are red. you may think that is the camera, but it is not. he is giving in to his desire to be controlled, to darkness. this is the last orgasm that will be for himself.

    1. alwaysready


      the vid is 'yachtboy'  a rich kid, who wanted to take a ride, a trip, and who is finding darkness inhabiting him and pulling him down and making him a slave. he is ready to be bred seriously and constantly.

  2. my community reputation number has spurted above 51. that means the next installment of my story has to appear, after my shoulder gets better. boo hoo. I know.  it will most likely be found in the 'enhanced' section.

    title: the swimmer's gift; pt II: a gymnast and his floor exercises.   or some such

  3. tumblr has gotten very puritanical. most of the hot sites I saved are gone.  sad. #makesexgreatagain

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    2. piglooking4pigs


      hey stud, are those tumblr sites you listed?  none come up with anything.

    3. alwaysready


      really? i am not sure if they are tumblr sites, but they open for me. maybe you are just not thrusting hard enough. let me have a look and see what i can find...if anytying

    4. alwaysready



      yeah, these are tumblr sites and they all have that address above.  here is something: NYC. Kik: Allamericanpig

      he has website: living my fantasy.  maybe you can contact him.

      gay orgasm moments has this addy: http://orgasmicgay.tumblr.com/

  4. Thanks for following, always ready!

  5. when my community reputation hits 50, I pose the second part of my story: the swimmer's gift: a gymnast's floor exercises.  the story gets darker from here.

  6. I am getting ready to post part 2 of my story 'the swimmer's gift.' however, I am not exactly sure how to do that. help would be appreciated.

  7. shoot inside

    I disagree, toon. it is hot to see a cock which has just shot. ilove it when the bottom grabs the top's cock and goes to town on it.
  8. shoot inside

    I am sure this has been discussed before, but I am interested in others' opinions about whether it is hotter in a bareback film to see the top shoot inside, then slowly pull out, so you can see he bred the fucked. I hate watching vids which have been titled 'top comes in ass' and then he pulls out, blows and eventually goes back to fucking. that sucks, in a manner of speaking. I know 'the money shot' has been the gold standard in gay porn for years, but bareback brings a different angle. time to show what it means to breed and seed.
  9. my numbers are looking much better now. I am 'promising.'  oh, I am always promising. a fellow who is supposed to come over for a visit, asked me: so what random stranger are you going to pimp me out to?

    I thought well: 'if I had a random stranger, I would be pimping myself out to him. he laughed heartily. actually I will pimp myself out to this gent, whose name I shall not mention, as it could RUIN his reputation.  I am that kind of guy.

    1. alwaysready


      we have had to put off the fun and games, the slide further into darkness. letting go...sendng the superego on vacation and inviting the id into bed.  he is just a bizy guy.

    2. alwaysready


      it was not what I expected. nor was it for him.

  10. adventures in raw sports

    I love that cock. your sexual philosophy is a giant turn on, a real 10 incher. alex
  11. here are some tantric thrusting patterns to spice up your sex life:

    Here are a few tantric thrusting patterns to try. Try to maintain eye contact and breathe at the same pace. The connection you’ll feel will blow your mind. The “Thrusts Of The Heron”: Deep for three consecutive thrusts, then go shallow with just the tip. The “Thrusts Of The Dragon”: Nine times deep, one time shallow. Then reverse. The “Thrusts Of The Phoenix”: Run a pattern. 9 deep/1 shallow, 8 deep/2 shallow, 7 deep/3 shallow, and so on until you reverse it and get to 1 deep/9 shallow. The “Mouse”: Quick and shallow thrusts. This is where you’re fucking him with only half of your dick. The “Eagle”: Hold your penis motionless at the entrance of his starfish then swoop in. Quickly and deeply. - See more at: http://www.thegailygrind.com/2015/07/30/how-to-get-the-most-pleasure-out-of-being-inside-him-speed-depth-thrusting-techniques/#sthash.xVJl3A8b.dpuf


    1. phukhole


      I'm a bottom, but I DO have to top from time to time - especially at parties and events. Will definitely try some of these to step up my top game! Got any secrets for making my dick bigger? :-)

  12. how do you go about deleting messages?

  13. yeah. follow me. follow you. circle around until we pounce. I think you are looking for a recharge

  14. this place is like a cafeteria...where you don't have to pay. at least not cash....well, in most cases.  I keep falling deeper and deeper into the darkness. I have given up trying to stop the process. I need companions on my journey.  thinking about a breeding party over labor day in Memphis. any interest?

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