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    breeding, charging, recharging, rough sex, pnp (sometimes), kink, clothing fetishes, performing conversion ceremonies
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    I write porn. I am good at it. probably why I am good at sex.
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    generally, younger, nice looking, very thin or muscled, sexual to the hilt. a good kisser, good companion. someone interesting vertically as well as horizontally.

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    seedbreeder or rufffuk
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  1. alwaysready

    Luck Vs. Immunity

    I believe there is a protein...or something like that...which does block infection.
  2. alwaysready

    AIDS wasted top breeds muscular bottom

    yeah, once he stretches out and that t shirt rides up you can see his ribs clearly. also, look at the face. def wasting there.
  3. has anyone else had problems being suspended from twitter for supposedly x rated pics and then not being able to get back on?

    1. wanttoconvert


      No, however, I use Twitter as a political tool. and quite surprised that I haven't been shut down for my open criticism of some of the corrupt politicians.      

  4. no, but I would love to have a hot man suckle my nipples to extract milk. it is possible and has been done.
  5. alwaysready

    Becks Motor Lodge Sept 6 - 10

    wish I could
  6. alwaysready

    Porn stars with biohazard tatts

    huge turn on. love the biohazard sign along with a scorpion.
  7. alwaysready

    On the fence

    he took hos profile down on recon. not sure if he is up anywhere else. his profile is still up here. he will be back. he wants to get pregnant.
  8. alwaysready

    Newly on PREP

    even as a rabid barebacker, I think drscorpio's comments are, as we used to say, 'right on.'
  9. alwaysready

    Tumblr acounts

    txcumwhore: are you not accepting IMs
  10. alwaysready

    Tumblr acounts

  11. alwaysready

    MAL 2019

    wherever you are, it will be dynamite.
  12. report surfacing indicating those fighting the AIDS virus are seeing a rise in the % of untreatable strains. like around 11% now, but may increase geometrically. for those of you wondering if you should or want to be recharged.


    has anyone seen any episodes of 'feral?'

  14. what has happened to barebackbastards.com   my puter tells me the site is unsafe.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dane


      Hopefully they'll get it fixed. 

    3. alwaysready


      I wonder if someone has fucked them up with a virus or malware?  also, they seem to have to change servers every so often.  if I see a change i'll report it here. hope you guys will 2.


    4. Dane


      I've just checked again - works now ... my computer tells me it's "safe" 😉 

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