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    breeding, charging, recharging, rough sex, pnp (sometimes), kink, clothing fetishes, performing conversion ceremonies
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    I write porn. I am good at it. probably why I am good at sex.
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  1. Hampstead Heath

    I was glad I moved from Chicago b4 they cut down 'the bushes.' a criminal act by a heteronormative, homophobic society.
  2. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    breeding, conversion, darkness, porn, party favors, raw fucking, making out, dominating, body contact, degrading and defiing, virgins, the brotherhood.
  3. this is one intense viewpoint on porn. 

    You don’t have to to offer your soul, mind or body to Porn. She will take it anyway regardless of your will.

    You don’t have to offer your social life to Porn. She will destroy it anyway. Regardless of your will.

    You don’t have to offer your relationships to Porn. She will wreck them anyway.
    Regardless of your will.

    Free will is a gift you were born with, Porn took it away, as Porn is way more powerful than you think.

    You don’t have to offer all those things to Porn, beacuse She will take them all anyway. 

    Porn has plans for you.

    Just imagine having your personality destroyed, erased. Just imagine being hollowed out, just imagine not being a human, but a pumping drone, a willing host for Porn.

    No friends, no family, no personality, no soul, no mind, no thoughts. No choice. Empty eyes, hard, leaking cock, overwhelming Lust.

    Broken by Porn.

    Enslaved by Porn.

    Owned by Porn.

    For the whole eternity and beyond

    This is where Porn leads you. This is what Porn wants for you.

    Source: misla666
  4. bbrat. you are a fuckboy well up on my want to play list.
  5. Colin Smith.....

    even better links to his films.
  6. Truvada Resistant Strain - PrEP failure?

    you mean the crf19 strain? the so-called 'Cuban strain?' very potent.
  7. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    I want that man's seed deep in my gut. anyone know where he lives? is he on here?
  8. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    I love it when the fuck whispers into the fucked's ear 'i'm going to fuck you up.' we all know what that means. black poz seed, which he eats out (not all of it I hope) of the fucked's bottom. made me right horny
  9. thanks guys for the poz response. this is maybe the message that has gotten the most response since I posted my two stories.

    1. Willing


      Poz no meds is hot 🔥

  10. for those who have pulled back from being impregnated:

    you have chosen to withdraw from the chase. understandable. but you will be back. once you start to chase poz seed, you can never turn back fully. whispering in your ear is the desire to yield to a poz guy, take his charged seed, first by being fucked, then by having him fist you, slip his cock in his fist and jack off inside you. you are hooked on a drug you will never be able to escape. there is no cure. one day your desire will cause you to flush the prep down the toilet, and in a few days you will be ready to be bred. I want to convert you when you make this decision.  alex

    1. MSlave97


      So true, the thought of being pozzed has been slowing growing in my mind for months now. It's getting pretty hard to ignore :P

  11. Demon Seed

    this guy has a dream, a demon dream. I know b/c he bred me a while back: I have always had a life long dream. To convert a guy into the brotherhood whos identity compels them to become a poz man. Not because they can now be free to fuck with abandon (though that is a definitely a part of it) but because they do not feel complete without having the virus inside them and that the virus belongs with them. That they seek to become full blown because it is something that compels them to it something beyond sex. Sex is only the means, its takes an awaken soul to connect with this compulsion. To understand why they seek it. I have a neg man who wishes to share our dream. I wish so much to be there not only for his conversion but through his full journey to full blown and to death. I must not die first for this dream to be realised as it is his wish that i be there for him the way he came into the brotherhood. When hes on his death bed and hes so wasted that there is no longer an arse to prevent my cock being completely present inside him, I will lay beside him and have my death gifter continuing to deliver the toxic seed that brought him into the brotherhood. Hold him in tight and let him know how proud i am for him in whispers, as i caress and kiss his back, let him know how proud i am that he got his cherished dream. Tell him it was a honor, beyond this earthly world, that he allowed me to be his sire, that he allowed me to share in his complete journey. And see him smile as i unload for the last time and he passes on.
  12. Demon Seed

    conversion ceremonies can be conversion to more than one state.
  13. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    last load from a guy with 10" (I measured b4 1st of 11 fucks) cock. this one took him 2 hours to produce the last load b4 we had to rush me to the airport, butt plugged. fortunately I got through security without a visit to the small, windowless room. meanwhile the new strains were racing through my body recharging me. I felt pregnant. I was. again.
  14. I am surprised it stayed open as long as it did.
  15. Swallow Your Own Cum

    of course I do. it is The LifeForce.

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