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  1. Five Minutes To Aids

    I have heard other men say that when a poz guy blasted inside it felt like their ass was burning, they all converted.
  2. Sleazy motel cumdump

    damn. I wish I was in Atlanta.
  3. I want to deny emphatically the charge made against me that I wrote 'stories about or promotion of sex with minors,' or made positive comments thereto. I do not believe in underage sex. I think there is a great deal of hypocrisy on this site by the administrators: don't talk about stealthing, unless it is in fiction; don't talk about illegal drugs unless it is in fiction. do not talk about underage sex or bestiality, which happens all the time, in blatant ways, but apparently that is okay if you are not caught.

    I am not sure if I will keep posting here. I have some friends I would like to keep in touch with. and the moderator imperiously informs that profiles will not be deleted b/c blah blah blah blah blah.

    I would be very careful posting on here. someday this site is going the way of rentboy.com



    need I say more?


    1. jockstrapbud1


      i fuckin LOVE licking urinals like this!   OINK

  5. this is the young man I mention in the story: fighting the darkness and  yielding to it inevitably. he started me down this path.




    1. AZRawPig


      Nice ! 👌 

  6. the title of the story is: fighting the darkness and yielding to it inevitably

    Connecting with guys who have embraced their darker sides;
    Being corrupted as much as corrupting;
    Mutating the virus that changed my life;
    Sinking further into depravity;
    Chasing the bugs that feed my toxic body

    this is my chant. take it with you to the story.




  7. I have just posted a story in the general bareback section. it is all about the darkness another told me he had experienced. that conversation was like a virus of its own. it infected me. I cannot escape it.  this is the chant that inspires me:

    Connecting with guys who have embraced their darker sides;
    Being corrupted as much as corrupting;
    Mutating the virus that changed my life;
    Sinking further into depravity;
    Chasing the bugs that feed my toxic body

    say it. say it over and over. read the story. tell me your thoughts. are you the one to corrupt and be corrupted, whose virus and mine will mutate into a new super strain. I know you are out there, having embraced your darker sides, and looking for a companion, to help you sink further into depravity.

    there is little about barebacking in my story. yet it is the idee fixe of my life. if I could bring the leatherboy who told me his story here, I would do so. I am so sorry we never got together. but there must be a reason. mutating the darkness, the depravity, the toxicity.  I can no longer resist. but I will hold out until I have a companion, or until I experience what he did, and unlike him, am unable to resist. I am sure he was visited again by the demon. I am sure he did not resist a second time. I keep thinking he will show up at my door. the darkness falls ever deeper and faster.

    1. AZRawPig


      DITTO! Let's repeat. ..repeat often as needed until it's completely normal e.g. breathing in and out. 

  8. I have wanted to write about this for some time. It is about an experience I had years ago with whom I connected through gay.com. I believe his chat name was something like leatherboyforbeardad. We talked several times. I wanted him to come to Memphis and become my sub, maybe even my slave. He was quite willing, and let me know he had no problem with barebacking. While he would not talk in much depth about his sex life, what he did describe was always raw. When we last spoke he was having health problems, which was significant as it suggested he was well past the fuck flu stage and becoming progressively sicker. He was jobless, had no medical insurance. Still, his pics were hot. I wanted him. But I could not afford to bring him here. I suggested various avenues by which he could get medical help, but he declined all of them. Although unspoken, I knew he wanted me to bareback him, adding my own contribution to his viral load. I could feel it. At some point he told me this disturbing story, which has greatly affected my life. One night, he was in bed. He was sure he was not asleep - this was absolutely not a dream. Suddenly, the room grew ice cold, and a yellow light (at least I think he said it was yellow, which is puzzling) appeared. He said he was unable to move. Paralyzed. A voice began to lure him to give in to his desires, to come to him. He felt the bed slanting and he held on, all the time voice, the demon, I suspect, continued whispering, then stating in a full voice, "You must come to me. Let go of the bed. Let go of your fear. Let go of your life. You will never die with me. You will breed at my command. You will be my consort." My guy kept refusing, but he was freezing, and was not sure how long he could take it. He felt he was slipping into the darkening light, but he kept fighting the downward pull. He wanted to live, on Earth, with me. Finally, the light vanished, the room grew warm and he fell asleep. Has anyone ever had such an experience, or heard of someone who has? At first I thought it was an interesting story that had little to do with my life, but I knew I was lying to myself. I wanted this leather boy so we could travel together into the darkness, dragging anyone else who was willing to come with us. I had no idea what that darkness represented, and honestly still don't. Yet as the days past, I could not get the story out of my head. Every time I spoke with him, I could sense the fear and wonder in his voice. That was, however, the last I heard of him. I kept trying to dismiss the idea I was sinking into the very darkness he had so far resisted. I doubt he resisted again. I felt, and feel, him pulling me. I hear him saying, come with me. Trust me. I will show myself. I will let you breed me raw, until I get sick with fuck flu. Then we will breed other men together. I figured this was simply my fictional abilities getting the better of me. sometimes I forgot all about that experience. but he has never left me alone. I am wondering if I can find some man I want to go into the darkness with, someone I find irresistibly hot, if you will, who will smash through the last line of defense? Every night when I go to bed, I wonder if I will wake up in my bedroom, cold, unable to move, paralyzed, with a voice urging me to let go. I can resist until I find a man willing to sink to the depths of corruption. Who shares my viruses and my desire to spread them to any man who wants to be converted? Especially I would welcome any guy who is on meds of any kind to give them up and present himself to me. Any such man could be THE man. I will know him when I feel his presence. in the meantime, I will continue the long journey into perversion, and the desire to degrade and defile. I keep wondering how this will happen. And when. I don't think my resistance can hold out much longer. I know I can't. I sink deeper into the depths of darkness, wanting to breed more and more. Resistance is futile. It is only a matter of time. But I want someone to go with me.
  9. Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

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    2. AZRawPig


      YOU mean something like this?



      that's the type of action...everyone can get satisfied with for their needs.

    3. alwaysready


      if only this sort of thing were available in Memphis. ssssiiiigggghhhh


    4. jockstrapbud1


      wished i could have been in that hot fuckin scene!  get my hole ravaged and full of hot fuckin cocks and cum!  

    1. Connecting with guys who have embraced their darker sides;
      Being corrupted as much as corrupting;
      Mutating the virus that changed my life;
      Sinking further into depravity;
      Chasing the bugs that feed my toxic body

    1. bareall77


      Very hot and free sexy!!!

    2. totalbottomrr


      hi I would love to suck it dry &I promise I Will swallow every drop. 

    3. alwaysready


      thanks for the offer, total.

  10. that is not the vid where jack t. admits to getting an early start. in that one, ethan wolfe fucked him and shot inside.
  11. the boy was either used to taking dick and/or drugged. but it was hot
  12. I am Jake's cumpig

    speed dial and maybe speed?
  13. all you need. a few leathermen, a bottle of poppers and a bottle of lube. on second thought, forget the lube spit works well. easier to eat a guy's cock who has just come in you and/or eat a guy's ass out you have just bred.


  14. is it my imagination, or is that a toothbrush he is holding in his hand


    1. boybottom4use


      yeah, gotta brush that hole to better absorb!

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