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    breeding, charging, recharging, rough sex, pnp (sometimes), kink, clothing fetishes, performing conversion ceremonies
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    I write porn. I am good at it. probably why I am good at sex.
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    generally, younger, nice looking, very thin or muscled, sexual to the hilt. a good kisser, good companion. someone interesting vertically as well as horizontally.

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    seedbreeder or rufffuk
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  1. alwaysready

    Hankie code, will I have any luck?

    this is venue dependent. leather bars, and that type of space. you can find the code in google and I am sure most if not all of you could find a way to shrink it to pocket size. there really only about half a dozen or so colors you see generally.
  2. alwaysready

    Who is your favorite actor in bareback porn?

    I believe wolfe did a scene in the last year or so
  3. Wow!  totally hot profile Sir!

  4. I was watching an incredible vid earlier today on tumblr; it was a serpent sucking a guy off, going up and down with his mouth, and this tendril. I could not copy it and must have moved the curser to the wrong place cause I lost it.. has anyone else seen this vid?

  5. alwaysready

    Poz on meds, why?

    well, technically, a poz undetect. can also go off meds whenever he likes. I may have missed some earlier bits of thread, so my comment may be out of synch?
  6. alwaysready

    Returning Home - A Romantic POZ Story

    would love for thomassdca to tell the love story leading to his conversion.
  7. alwaysready

    St Louis area

    Memphis. relatively close
  8. alwaysready

    Taboo question to ask a poz guy?

    I like to hear a story about who pozzed him, when, how it came to pass. of course, it has to be done at the right time in the right way. answer is often 'I don't know,' and sometimes 'I don't care.'
  9. alwaysready

    St. Louis Bathhouse

    sounds like a better crowd than I used to see most nights there. that's good.
  10. hot face, body, cock and ass pics. woof

  11. alwaysready

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

    loved airmaxbbtm's vid
  12. you could have had loads with a far higher vl if you had not demanded proof I was poz. so insulting.



  13. alwaysready

    Bbrts Profiles


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