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    breeding, charging, recharging, rough sex, pnp (sometimes), kink, clothing fetishes, performing conversion ceremonies
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    I write porn. I am good at it. probably why I am good at sex.
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    generally, younger, nice looking, very thin or muscled, sexual to the hilt. a good kisser, good companion. someone interesting vertically as well as horizontally.

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  1. Jock advice

    I love cotton. hottest looking. however, if you are going to be in this jock a long time and getting manhandled, as it were, I would find a jock with a smooth pouch
  2. there is less chance of converting if you are a top. still, that slit in the cockhead acts as a shovel. so...
  3. Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    sean is poz and on meds I believe
  4. Any guys been pissed on by multiple guys at once?

    yes, one night some years ago at the san vicente inn, west Hollywood. if I had been sharper I would have drunk what I am pretty damn sure was chem piss. b4 this happened, as I came out of my room, a guy backed out of the room where I next headed, buttoning his 501s and saying, in amazement 'I just got fucked.' which is why I visited. the guys came back to my room. I did some video of them fooling around, then one of them left and I played with the other guy, having him put on black Speedo. a very hot night.
  5. Any hosting bottoms?

    so true. so true. having been asked to wait 19 seconds b4 I send this. hmmm.
  6. Anon Sex - How do I do I get past the fear?

    you might try a trip to the baths if you live in a large city. bareback rt runs 'cumunion' parties in a # of cities. that would be a great place to meet guys, and maybe more relaxing than the hotel room scenario, at least to start.
  7. Anon Loads

    darling, unlike the season in London, breeding season is year round. holidays included--holidays especially. guys are home to visit family. after a few hours with them, they are wild for fuck sex. some great sex there.
  8. I like a con-bare vid if I can see when the condom is either damaged or removed. otherwise I squint a lot.
  9. hot story. you are one rutting sex tool.
  10. Taking bottoms worn underware as trophies

    let's work on getting together. could you come to Memphis?
  11. Taking bottoms worn underware as trophies

    I would want a signed pic, to frame with the briefs--etc.
  12. Taking bottoms worn underware as trophies

    you have a deal slavetoy4use. we can work out details (u/wear brand) and how I am going to breed you raw t
  13. Den of Sexual Horrors

    agreed. I wish I could construct something like this and film it. somehow I doubt such would be marketable, except on black market basis. too hot even, I think, for TIM. would be fun to challenge them though.
  14. Den of Sexual Horrors

    one of the hottest stories ever.

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