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    Looking for tops to please. Masculine and discreet are the best.
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    Bi college jock
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    TOPS... Please message me if you're in my area. I need tops to use me!

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  1. Tomorrow's the day! Wish me luck!
  2. BiCollegeBtm

    Best Gloryhole for getting daytime breeding?

    Awesome bro. That spot is actually on the top of my list so far from doing some research. I'm glad I got some positive feedback on it! I'm gonna be up there around 1ish. I'll keep you posted!
  3. Will be free Monday after my motel cum dump and looking for a good gloryhole spot in town. I won't have much time so looking to hit up a good spot. Any recommendations for daytime fun? Thanks!
  4. BiCollegeBtm

    Anonymous loads

    I've taken plenty of loads in the few years I've been getting fucked by guys but I'm about to do my first anonymous cum dump setting in Chicago at the Heart O' Chicago on July 15th. I don't really care about the looks of a guy as long as his cock is nice to look at and ride. Posted on BBRT and have a few guys interested. I'm nervous but so excited to just be face down and ass up for guys coming over. I plan on posting updates on here!
  5. Thank you. I plan on sending updates on here when it's happening.
  6. I had to change the date to July 15th. I had 75 guys invited (realistically 5% would have come I'm sure). I hate that changing the date on BBRT makes your delete the whole ad and cancels everyone's invite. I had to post a new party ad. I hope with that and a quick ad will get me some cock while I'm in town. Can't wait!
  7. I'm sure we chatted on BBRT @CHIredhead
  8. I've been to the Body Zone in Detroit. Def want to make it to Steamworks soon but wont be able to on this visit. Hopefully soon... Trying to have my own "Steamworks" in motel... So far I have about 34 guys requesting an invite, so I'm sure about 3 or 4 will show up from that. Hopefully with grinder and posting a quick connect ad while I'm actually in town will up the count. Has anyone had success with Doublelist yet? I have yet to use it but wanted to try this visit. Thanks!
  9. Anyone in the area?
  10. Beautiful cock stud

  11. Love your profile pic stud!

    1. fbdkskr


      Thanks man. You've got a delicious ass. So fillable.

  12. BiCollegeBtm

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Just hooked up with this married dude while his wife was out of town. Married men are on the top of my list. Nothing I love more than getting a nice load from a married man. This guy was slim about 6'2, hairy chest, nice full beard, and about 8c thick cock. He had me use Maximum Impact for the first time. Sprayed a bit into a rag and shoved it into my mouth while he was barebacking me, oh my god! I never had a popper high like that before. It got me past the point of not being able to take his raw cock anymore to just relax and let him fuck me as hard as he wanted to until he blew his load into my guys. It was amazing! I just bought a bottle for my Chicago trip in July. Renting a motel and going to try to get as much cock as I can.
  13. As I've been new to the scene for the last year or so I've always wanted to rent a motel room and just have guys come over through my stay and use me. I've never had the guts but I'm planning my first one experience while I'm in Chicago for work. I rented a motel room at Heart O' Chicago a day before my meeting. I've read that this is the best place to do it. Posted a party ad on BBRT and trying to make some connections with a few guys before the date. After I check out I'm hoping to hit up some gloryholes for truly anonymous cock sucking and really want my first bareback load from a cock through a gloryhole. Any guys in the area interested in coming by to find me blindfolded and ass up? Thank you!
  14. BiCollegeBtm

    Sucking Married Guys

    Married guys are my absolute favorite! I'd do anything to please them. I don't really know how to find any now without Craigslist helping. That was the best resource for me.
  15. Thanks for the follow bud

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