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    Sex, few limits. No restrictions.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Queer since the seventies
    Barebacked since day one and proper tat to show it
    On prep for a few years to help grow my inner slut
    First day post prep was 4/1/18. April fools Day and very intentional
    First POZ fuck post prep was 10-12 days later
    Confirmed poz in early May 2018
    Loving the POZ life since then
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    Looking for hot guys....and all the cum I can get.

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  1. My new SYPH buddy spent the night.  The chancres on his cock seemed more prominent.....maybe a chance.   Of course, I repaid his SYPH laden loads by driving a POZ wad as deep as I could.  

  2. I am and I have. Probably not the place to discuss openly. But if you want to ask questions, I will respond as I can and as is appropriate. Just know, it is not like you imagine from horror films and comic books. But I have met some amazing guys and had some quite memorable times.
  3. if i had that choice.....it would be BERLIN as well. Used to travel extensively for work.....and for a while was going to europe (from us) every 3-4 weeks. Took more raw cum in Berlin than anywhere else.
  4. Just moved and got my first cock in my new place. Met a fine French African dude who lives near by (first contact was BBRT). His English and my French were limiting factors, but by the time he left early this morning, my freshly gapping hole was drooling a couple of unmedicate HIV2 loads. Hope there is more where that came from. He had a fine cock....perhaps not the full BBC that is often fetishised., and he was a bit of an animal in his approach. But once he got turned on fully, he knew how to fuck hard and long. After living in the "wilderness" for many years, it was good to hunt cock in a more populated area. If Henri was any indication of the available cock, I KNOW I am going to be happy here.....very, very happy. After ten am and I am still feeling the joy of a gaping ass. Nice glass plug holding what is left of that HIV2 goodness in place.
  5. Queer sex is what I doo for LIVING. Senior Business Manager is what I do for an EXISTANCE. Always want to have priorities correct.
  6. This is an event and place I remember quite clearly. Upon reaching the “age of majority” in 1973, I was more than ready for a wilder fuck life. I had been actively queering for 5 years by that time. A dude on my paper route had successfully recruited ,e to the fag team. I took to being a homo like the paverbial duck to water. Even though I lived a rural midwestern life in those early post-Stonewall days, I was openly gay and fucking, sucking and getting fucked by every dude I could. But, due to age and circumstances, I was well acquainted with all my fuck buddies. i had heard many stories about a couple adult theaters in Akron (about an hour away). These were the old style porn palaces.....standard movie houses showing fuck flicks...mostly straight. But I heard they were good places to share cock. So the Saturday after turning 18 I was in my car and headed to find out. Seedy...rundown...disreputable looking...JUST LIKE I DREAMED OF. I quickly found a parking spot and paused a moment to be sure. That lasted about 30 seconds and I was at the door to pay the $3.00 cover. Once inside it took a bit to get my sight adjusted to the darkness. Sure enough, a couple was fucking to n the silver screen and there were maybe 25-30 guys spread through. Some were by themselves, others paired or grouped up. I found a set, noticed a number of condoms on the floor. I was sure I was in the right place. i just observed for a while. The men’s room was just to the right of the stage/screen. The lights were full on in the shitter and the door never closed. Soon I had the confidence to pull out my very stiff boy cock, and start a slow jack session. Within moments an older dude slide into the set next to me and without a word had his hand on my cock. After a halfhearted effort to pump my straining dick, he hit his knees and started bobbing on my cock with a surprising intensity He was rewarded with my teen-age cum within a few minutes. I had busted my first anonymous load and was on fire. I offered to do the same for him but he scurried away. i decided to go to the restroom and wipe up a bit. As I was pissing, I felt a hand or two grab my ass. I stood there for a second to see what would happen. That hand reached around and unbuckled my Jean I a very polished maneuver he had my britches around my ankles and I felt the joy of his semi-massive cock pressing against my exposed crack still standing at the urinal, in full view of much of the audience, I felt him spit as he started to drive his meat home. Not a word was said....nor was there any attempt to disguise what was happening. He fucked me hard and we drew an audience. He gave me a good fuck and quickly pulled out after plastering my colon with his cum. As he moved away, I bent down to retrieve my pants. But I heard “ not so fast faggot” from a clearly African american voice. While I froze for a minute, he grabbed my shoulders and drove his black meat deep. The only lube was the load from the first man. he fucked me hard, deep and for a good while..but did not cum. He pulled out and hollered “who wants to fuck the baby fag next” I wassore and protested a bit...and the crowd moved away. but I recovered enough over the next half our to suck two ,ore dicks, take one more in my ass. I even pumped my load into a very small guy about my age. that smelly old place was a paradise for a couple more years. I eventually moved and the theatre gave way to urban renewal. but it opened me up to a whole new world of more extrem fag fucking. I loved it then and still love it nearly 50 years later. I
  7. Barebacked from day one (late sixties) all the way through most of the Obama administration. Had a number of true exposures from POZ dudes but never converted. Went on prep for three years of course with no infection. Stopped prep and first dick in my ass after stopping knocked me up.
  8. Traded a dude my HIV strain for his SYPH strain this weekend.  Sharing is caring.

  9. converted chaser here......glad to encourage and advise new guys
  10. can't say for others, but my own experience is this: PrEP user for about 3 years. Stopped PrEP last April First Post-PrEP 10 days later HIV+ diagnosis about 20 days after that. (Yes, knew that first Post-PrEP partner was POZ).
  11. Long weekend and LOOKING FOR A SYPH dick in Western NC.  Help me collect the full set.  Share my hiv, hep c, gono and herpes in return.    

  12. Once I have contracted SYPH again, I will have achieved nearly the entire set of STDs since getting knocked up last year. I had heard that getting my ass POZZED would yield lots of great sex with other POZ guys. But, becoming a magnet for other STDS has been an unexpected thrill. JUST NEED A DISEASED DICK TO PUMP THAT SYPH INTO ME AGAIN. Yeah, the combo is kind of kicking my ass health-wise. But fuck it, I am loving every minute of it. Being a FAG CESSPOOL of SEX DISEASES is an amazing life. NO REGRETS. Now if anyone in NC, SC, GA, TN, FL has a hot load of syph to share......hit me up.
  13. Looking hard for a SYPH dick.  Want complete the set.   Current HIV+, GONO, WARTS, HEP C, Chlamydia, Herpes.   Only had Herpes and Chlamydia when I started chasing.   Now I seem to be a magnet for STD.  Just one to go then may have to look at cleaning some of them up.   Kicking my ass actually.  

  14. I had two experiences, both many years ago. And both were family all the way. My cousin B (same age) and I used to spend a good part of the summers staying with and helping my grandparents on their farm. One summer B discovered my jacking off and watched. As the summer progressed, we jacked off together. By that time I was already a committed queer and was missing my fuck buds. But we did not go beyond a bit of sharing hand jobs. The next summer we had both developed in a number of ways. Brent was quite hairy and all I could think of was gay sex. With in a couple of days of the start of the summer visit, we traded oral a couple of times. Shortly after that I had him riding my ass. My unmarried uncle (probably gay) heard us and came into the room. All he said was keep it down boys......not sure if he really understood what was going on. But we continued to explore each other for the rest of the summer. A number of years later my older brother walked in on my younger brother hammering my ass. He knew I was queer but did not know that I had kinda recruited our baby brother. He was "disgusted" and went off to tell mom and dad. Guessing he did not as there was no huge blow up, but little brother was too scared to do much after that. However jump forward another 10 years and little bro is confirmed queer and married to a hot dude. Needless to say that is one fun threesome. I only had one other "getting caught" episode. Was getting nailed by an older daddy while bent over the side of his pool table. Mid stroke, his wife and daughter came in from the garage. Now that one had a lot of screaming and shouting. My clothes were all on the floorboard of his car. I will give that stud some credit, he got in another dozen or so good strokes before shrinking under the pressure of the shouting. Some evidence later that he indeed shot his load.......but I was not aware of it in the moment. Looking back after all these years, the stories are really kind of funny and a nice remembrance of my early days as a queer. I still love being watched as a good man mounts me....perhaps those seeds were planted in those early days of being "caught".
  15. Was very conservative when I started on PrEP. I waited almost three weeks (20 days to be exact). Certainly worked fine for a good number of years and exposures. On the flip side, stopped last year and the very first sex session (about 10 days later) resulted in my conversion.

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