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    Have been living openly queer for a half century. Bareback since COCK1. On PrEP for a few years but stopped recently (2/10/18)
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  1. I was on PrEP for some time and stopped. No doubt was certain I would eventually convert. Night sweats were my first indication of being infected. Tested POZ a couple days later. i have been open about status. Family knows. Social group knows. All medical folks know. Always disclose in one on one sex sessions. Let my POZ tats tell the story in most group/anon sessions have not had any real issues at all. But then, I was prepared for this likelyhood. I do make certain no “innocents” are at risk due to my choices. But keep in mind, guys who have anon sex without protection are NOT innocent.
  2. POZ-I-VERSERY for me.  One year and 11 days after stopping PrEP, I have completed one full year of living as a POZ queer.   Amazing experience.  Not afraid to say I am Proudly POZ.  

  3. April Fools Day.  One year ago today was my first day of PrEP withdrawal.    Just 10 days away from celebrating the one year since the PnP event that resulted in my conversion.  One hell of a year.

  4. off work today, so I hit up the one adult store in Asheville that offers a bit of an "arcade". Really a minimalist place, but can usually find something of interest and can usually have an interested audience when fucking/sucking. My favorite "booth" was empty so I went it, unbutton my shirt and opened my jeans. Almost instantly there were two guys lined up for a blow job. First one was hard as a rock and his cock tasted a bit like ass, so I figure he had been fucking earlier. He was ready to get off and blew a nice load with fairly little effort. Guy after him had a wedding ring. He offered to suck him, but he dropped to his knees and gave me a decent blow job. I know that is little chance for transmission, but it still felt good to blast a POZ load down his willing throat. His wife must be proud of him. I suspect he had no idea he was getting sucked by a no-meds POZ faggot. Anyhow, was a nice stop on a dreary rainy day.
  5. just followed you on that site. we seem to have a fair number of share interests. Tina loving POZ (unmedicated) faggot slut here. Not "owned" in anyway but find the pics hot. Agree, not enough slam or pop porn there...yet.....but it is growing a bit.
  6. I have been using it a bit. it sure seem glitchy at times. but....usually does what you want if you are patient. Content seems to be growing. Still very limited in some categories (to my way of thinking). jackedjizz there as well
  7. For certain, the safest thing about PrEP is the financial return from getting faggots hooked on this drug.
  8. no meds. seems odd to chase, catch then cover up right away. planning on riding this as long as I can. love it so far.
  9. I went off PrEP in April of last year. As it turns out, the very first sex session I had after stopping PrEP resulted in my conversion. Although I knew it was a very very hot session, I had no idea if it was going to result in conversion. I hoped. He was confident, but a one and done might be a bit unusual. About three weeks later, I started having night sweats. On the third night I was certain what had happened. A test at my doctors later that day confirmed my situation.
  10. My first was with a 35ish year old dude who was a customer on my paper route. He flirted with me for a month or so before I sucked him off. That was my first encounter with sex and another cock. A couple weeks later he fucked me for the first time. By that time I was a very willing participant. And, I have never gone "straight". Knew without a doubt that I was queer when I felt that cock in my ass. I knew for certain at 13 that I was 100% faggot----and loving it. I could not believe my luck. Thought I had found the most wonderful playground ever. Turns out that was right.
  11. Here is another article, from earlier this year. It indicates that there is some connection between the advancement of HIV due to Tina use-----EVEN with adherence to an antiviral regimen. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/05/180504122344.htm Other reading indicates a lot of the info is still not proven in humans. No doubt it is being actively researched, but I have not found any large scale human studies being conducted.
  12. Here is a link to an older article (2010) that indicates that CRACK use can speed up the loss of CD4 cells. Interesting that no connection between powder coke doing the same thing was found. Brief notice in article that booze and weed have no affect either. https://archives.drugabuse.gov/news-events/nida-notes/2010/10/crack-cocaine-promotes-progression-hiv-infection-to-aids
  13. With the growth of lower cost 3D printers, I am curious if anyone else is into making sex related stuff? Sex toys, nipple clamps, dildos, statues, cookie cutters, ice cube trays.....all with a queer or sex related theme are some of the things I have been working on. How about a replica of your hard cock to give to any bottom you fuck as a reminder? Maybe a set of sex dice with a queer theme to spice up your next play session? Really countless ideas of how to make items that meet our needs as queers. Would love to hear from others into all things queer....and have enough geek in them to enhance their sex lives though homemade toys. Other "maker" folks....not just 3D printer fags are invited to respond. Share files? Photos of projects? Ideas? Skills? Not as much fun as a good fuck, but I am enjoying making lots of sexual stuff. Making stuff and screwing......not a bad combo in my mind.
  14. I have used a wine bottle a number of times......never can get 100%....but enough to leave a nice gape for a while. A 4 D cell maglite flashlight is a very nice sized rigid toy. Had a dom guy once ram a toilet brush handle up my ass and make me clean his toilet.......pretty amazing at the time.
  15. When I was on PrEP, a good number of my POZ fuck buds were both very verbal and demonstrative of their highly increased state of horny-ness. It seemed to be quite common for those guys, regardless of how/why they converted, that being POZ had awoken even more sexual desires. Fast forward to last April. I went off PrEP but did not alter the type of partners I enjoyed. I very quickly converted. I have been surprised at how much my own desires have increased. I was wondering if all the hype would be real and it seems to be extremely real in my case. It also has created a desire for this total bottom to want to top as much as possible. While the increased sex drive was not an key factor in my decision to chase, it certainly has been a welcome change in my life. As those feelings came naturally, I see no reason to feel bad due to either my status nor my desires. I am queer, POZ, not on meds and highly sexed——and not ashamed to say so. Based on your comments, you should have no reason to feel anything but your natural feelings. If it makes you happy, enjoy it.

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