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  1. Had a really unexpected but somewhat amazing hook up Thursday night.   Gonna do a blog post in a bit.   

  2. How we each identify and what our relationship with HIV/AID is very personal. No doubt, for many of us it is so tightly connected, being queer and POZ that it is hard to separate. For those of us who were actively fags before the HIV "crisis" of the early 80's, it can even be more complicated. I have written before that I had sex with a high school fuck bud 6 months before he died of what was still being called the "gay cancer". No doubt, my own desire to experience an authentic gay life, extreme sex and a very real connection to the early days of HIV infection was a formula for my event
  3. Have lived 10 years as a eunuch (castrated). For me it has been an amazing chase. Of course that means I can only bottom in a traditional queer sense. However It also means I have learned a lot more about sex other than a somewhat vanilla (in my mind) dick in a hole fucking. I simply cannot imagine living any other way. But there are some significant physical, mental and health related aspects related to being nutless. Some, for me have been great such as growing tits. Others such as fat relocation and muscle loss have made keeping a more trim shape very difficult as I have aged
  4. Two random thoughts on fucking married men who step out on their wives. A sadistic dom I had been with many times took me to his home one time. I had stripped in his car as he drove around. I had a blind fold on but recognized the sounds of a garage door. Got out and went in where he proceeded to fuck me as I bent over the rail of his pool table in the family room. In a moment his wife and daughter walked in on us as he was hammering me hard. Lots of screaming and yelling....but that crazy bastard never stopped fucking me. As his family watched and screamed, he finished busting h
  5. have had a fuck machine for a couple years now. AAAAAA-----fucking------MAZING. No picky ass tops, no tina dick chumps, share with other fems/CDs/Sissy/trans when WE know what we want and a self-important Top does not. It never is too tired. Never stops until you want it to and you get to control speed and force. It won't steal your shit. Plus, with a variety of dildos, you can have different experiences. Mine is highly adjustable so many positions---including some most tops cant achieve---are possible. now, it is not a replacement for a good, skilled top....but it is a nice
  6. Love your profile and your stories! Absolutely would love to live a life like this!

    1. JackEdJIZZ


      thanks for the comments.  has been an amazing ride, first dick at 12 and still finding new and exciting ways to have sex 50+ years later.   embrace who you are, enjoy what turns you on and you will find much of what you want is revealed to you over time.   

    2. LimitlessPigReily


      Heck ya! Took my first dick at the same age and fell deeply into a piggy, slutty life afterwards! 

      hopefully i say tell everyone about it one day

  7. First time was when I was 18. Local driver came into the business I worked for during freshman year of college. His "handle" was Porky (first real pig type fucker I ever was with). He had an old but well cared for GMC "crackerbox" cramped, but a classic truck. Taught me to drive, back into docks.....and fucked the hell out of me. A few months after my introduction to truck sex, he bought on of the first 10 GMC Astro cab-overs.....the replacement for his crackerbox....and GM's new version of a cab-over. Nearly twice the size sleeper.....and he equipped it with plenty of toys....incl
  8. My new fisting master/partner/mentor called just before ten last night. He had opened me up the night before, so I was not expecting him to call. He asked me to come down to his place. In a weird matrix, he lives in my building.....clear opposite end and lowest level compared to my place. More on that later. I said I was not really ready and thought Sunday was next. He laughed and said he wanted me to meet a friend from Spartanburg. I pulled on shorts and a hoodie and slid into some flops. An in a few moments was in Bill's place. He was wearing semi-dress clothes and not the unif
  9. Less than 24 hours until Tina and I parts was after our interesting month.   Only one blog post, Slamming with Staci.   Gonna try the next one now, my adventures in to more intense ass play.   Spoiler alert, my favorite glass butt plug is no longer of sufficient size to stay firmly in place.   Oh the memories that blue piece of glass could tell.

  10. Thanks for the introduction. Love to read about other freaks who have no fear in embracing more extreme things. I have shared many things you have experienced. Some have been amazing others are things I may not revisit. But in all cases, the experience, the internal drive to have first hand exposure has been a great part of my queer life. Will be looking forward to more. You may see some of my stuff around......maybe some new ideas or at least a shared spirit. I proudly display both a Bare Back Brother Hood (BBBH) tramp stamp tattoo and two scorpion tatt showing my POZ pride. H
  11. Four of five years ago, I lived in a very unique place in the NC mountains. It was an isolated small town where freaks of all types were tolerated. I lived in a building that had been a Chevy dealership in the 30's and 40's. Business were downstairs and 5 apartments were upstairs. Owners of bike shop downstairs were open weed users. Owner of diner downstairs was openly bi and kept a bong at the ready. The chick who managed the building (cleaned a bit) lived across the hall. She was suicide girl type. Covered with tats, Orange hair shaved on one side and long on the other, pierci
  12. Have not posted in a while.  Three major activities in past thirty very cloudy days.  Will be posting on my blog tonight. Has been an interesting time and some significant changes to this old poz eunuch.  Being at an age where I can just say fuck it all, I have embraced some new things with gusto.  Check out my blog if interested.   May put some shortened versions other places as well.

  13. The nice easy Friday looked perfect. Nice night on Thursday evening. Time spent with a buddy and his new ass of the moment was entertaining. No sex directly but sort of a laid back relaxing thing. Light activity and rest for some of the day. The sex, T and arousal of the week since my birthday had been more intensive so a catch up day was what an old faggot needed to be ready for a Friday set to be more of an active time. I was preparing to enjoy being more fem. As Claire I would dress in a casual/light slut out fit. The new top felt great on my tits and showed their shape nicely.
  14. Booty Bump was great until it roared like an out of control wildfire.  Had a major lesson from Tina about details.  Spent the evening with a baby sitter rather than the great sex I was expecting

    1. wantingnow


      What happened?- send me a dm 

    2. evilalex
  15. Lit off booty bump at 7:15.  WIld fucking ride and horned to all end.   Who knows were but we are having fun.  

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JackEdJIZZ


      getting picked up in a few moments my buddy and his guy of the day.   Somebody may get some. Numps has achieved EARTH ORBIT or beyond


    3. wantingnow
    4. JackEdJIZZ


      Will try to capture a successful take done of wild eunuch while mating  and sell to national geo




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