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    Bristol, UK
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    No limits submissive slut, won't refuse a load.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Student in Bristol, been barebacking for a couple years now and have loved every second. Into no limits sleazy fun, being used as a cum dump for any cock. Never ask status of the men unloading in me.
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    None, but actively looking to be involved in kinky/sleazy/poz porn scenes.
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    Want to be fucked, bred, pissed in and generally used by as many men that want to. Always horny to take loads.

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  1. 21 y/o student slut, currently based in Bristol, moving back to Birmingham in September for uni. Looking to be fucked and bred as much as possible over the next 12 months. Also wouldn't mind finding a longer term Master to whore me out. mslave97 on bbrt, mslave97@hotmail.com on skype, message me for kik username.
  2. MSlave97


    Probably for the best, get on PrEP and go have all the fun you want, you can always come off it later if you'd like :P
  3. Level 1 when I first got fucked at 18 Level 3 a year or so later at 19 Level 4/5 at around 20, depending on how horny I was Level 5 bordering on 6 now, at 21 y/o
  4. MSlave97

    Sub needs advice

    What made me bareback? A hookup last January with a guy who had fucked me a few times, I invited him over and we started off with the usual, when he came to start fucking me I didn't see him put a condom on but didn't object. Felt amazing having him raw me, and was to hot feeling him tense up inside as he shot his load into me. Am I neg and do I take poz loads? I was neg last time I got tested about a year ago, I've done a lot since then though, so who knows at this point. Most of my hookups have been a quick BJ where I just get a load down my throat. I've not had anything that resembles the fuck flu though, so I'm not sure. I'm probably gonna do another test soon. I'm not on Prep atm, although I have considered it. Wouldn't be cheap though, hopefully in England the full Prep roll out will happen sooner rather than later. I'd still say I'm pretty new to the whole bb scene, I've only taken maybe 10-15 loads in my ass, the rest are oral. I've been looking for some bigger gatherings/parties to go to lately to up that number though Feel free to any any more, I'd be happy to talk about my experience so far, as short as it may be
  5. MSlave97

    Goals for 2018

    So 2017 saw my 20th birthday and my introduction to bare-backing and being a cum dump. In the last 18 months I've swallowed a fair few anon loads, I figure around 25-30. So going into 2018: - I want to have taken 21 anon loads before my 21st bday in a couple months time, this should be a decent challenge for me. - Sometime soon I will need to make a decision on whether or not to be a chaser, the idea really appeals to me and I've swallowed about a dozen anon loads since I was last tested, with some pretty sketchy one in there. So I'll have to see what happens there. - Host/attend some no-loads-refused parties and collect as much seed in my cunt as possible, this is probably the one I'm looking forwards to the most. If I can get any of these done, 2018 should prove to be a pretty interesting year ;P
  6. MSlave97


    If he were poz I'd happily be converted by him
  7. Love your profile dude! Good look with your chasing :P

  8. Just had my first one in a while. A grindr hookup with a guy 5 minutes up the road from me. I had said I just wanted to give a quick BJ, swallow a load and go, but after sucking him for a while he asked if he could fuck me. Initially I said no since I hadn't been fucked in a while and wasn't sure if he'd fit (it was a pretty thick cock). Anyway I carried on sucking him off and a few minutes later he got up and went around the back and just shoved himself straight in. Before I had chance to protest he was stroking away and it felt great, my hole stretched for him much easier than I thought it might and it honestly felt amazing. Anyhow since I'd been sucking for a while it wasn't long till I felt him push deep and tense up, dumping a load of cum in my gut. I popped my plug back in and headed home. Simple as that. I'm so glad I let him do it, I've not really been hooking up much recently due to some anxiety and I've not been bred in several months. But now I've got an ass full of cum, a new buddy close by who wants to fuck me regularly and I'm over most of my anxiety which has stopped me taking more loads than I know I can.
  9. MSlave97

    Should I try anon?

    I'm in a similar situation to you, I've taken plenty of loads from guys I don't know, but it's still not quite anonymous. I've only taken 2 truly anonymous loads from a hook ups friends once and it was pretty exciting, granted I wasn't too nervous for those loads since I'd known the hook up for a while and trusted him enough. Whether I'd go full anonymous with knowing nothing about the guys before or after I dunno, I'm tempted to though.
  10. MSlave97

    Drinking my Piss

    I've got an old sports bottle by my desk which I often piss into instead of getting up in the middle of the night. Gives me something to drink while I fall asleep and then a nice treat to wake up to.
  11. MSlave97

    Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    Pretty tame 88, still plenty of fun things to tick off though
  12. MSlave97

    New Members Introduce Themselves

    Hey, I'm pretty much a newbie to all of this. First had bareback a few months ago when a guy was fucking me and took off his condom without telling me. It felt so much better having his raw cock sliding into me. Also being the submissive guy I am it felt great to have my ass pleasure this guy so much. Then having him plant his seed inside me was amazing. Unfortunately I've not had chance to take any more cock since then, the way things have worked out. So I've joined bbrt and hopefully will be getting pumped with a load this weekend, which I can't wait for. I've also recently started serving a Master from over on recon, who has suggested turning me into a bb cum-dump pig who takes anon loads at the Baths in Manchester, I can't wait for that to start. I'm also a big piss whore, love being showered in and drinking mens piss. My Master has also suggested I should serve as a urinal for him wherever we go. So anyway, here's to my having a long future being filled with cum and piss

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