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    Submissive gay af 21-year old bottom guy but will top the right guy. No longer interested in being with females like I have been until this past year when I stopped labeling myself bi.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    In shape guy who probably fits in the muscle twink category but hate the term. That is unless my future Dom or Daddy wants me to be called a twink. I'm naturally smooth. Turned on by poz talk and the idea of being stealthed even if I might freak out a little after finding out but would accept it eventually. I'd totally give in and become a bug chasing pig for the right man. Just being honest.
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    Want to be a bareback model for monstercub.com or knightbreeders.com. Would be already if I could pay to get to wherever they film. Maybe I need to get a second job to help me go become a porn star.
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    Giving my ass to a real man with no limits. Even though I have no tattoos or piercings yet I'm turned on by them and by the idea of being forced to be inked and pierced hardcore. Even my neck, hands, and dick. If my future Dom or Daddy insists he can even force me to get face tattoos even though I'd hate the idea. But I'd do whatever I'm told to do. Also turned on by forced workouts and forced smoking.

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  1. djdrew

    Becoming the Pig

    This is now my favorite story on this site. I know kspozcum has gone through a lot but as of today it has been exactly 15 months since the "closing time" chapter. Perhaps closing time really is the closing time for this story. I won't say the story was purposely abandoned but I doubt seriously that there will ever be another chapter at this point. Thanks for the well-written super hot story anyway, kspozcum.
  2. I'm 7 hours from Denver. Id drive my as there to be a top in a porn video.
  3. djdrew

    North Dallas PIg Play 1/12/17

    Grew up in Dallas. Wish I could cum back for the party.
  4. djdrew

    Cancel The Caterer

    It would be nice for a change of pace if someone actually finished their stories! It's like the vast majority of writers are cock teasers who leave the boys hanging.
  5. djdrew

    Double Conversion

    You may be the ONLY author that writes a hot story on this site and actually completes it! Thank you!
  6. djdrew

    An American Sex Slave In Egypt

    Very few of the authors on this site bother to finish their stories. It is frustrating but unfortunately a reality on this site.
  7. djdrew

    Kidnapped and Enslaved

    Pervinmt, you write the best stories on this site, well you start them, but then stop in the middle of a story and NEVER finish them. That seems to be the case with EVERY story you start. It's very frustrating. Wish you would actually finish the hot stories you start!
  8. djdrew

    The Tattoo Artist

    I totally want to become an inked pig. Hardcore inked all over with no limits sexually.
  9. There will never be a part two because 99.9% of the stories started in the forums are never finished by the authors. Not cool but oh well.
  10. djdrew


    Why does it not surprise me that the story was never finished. Nothing since 2014. It’s always the same with any hot story on this site...no ending...just left hanging.
  11. djdrew

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    I disagree. The “father son” deal is more of a turn off to me. The father is already taking away his kid’s innocence and it is being done without the kid’s consent. I prefer the darker story line since the kid in this work of fiction is not able to choose what is happening either way.
  12. djdrew

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Hot story that gets me hard instantly everytime I read it. I'd be the pizza boy. lol.
  13. djdrew

    Double Conversion

    Very hot story! I like that it is both hot as hell and believable.
  14. djdrew

    Unfinished Stories

    Anyone else wish people would finish their fiction stories? It’s like 99% of the stories in the forums are never finished. Personally I don’t think it’s cool to start some hot story and leave your readers hanging. The Dalton story is an example of that crap.
  15. djdrew

    Waking Up Daddy's Boy

    Wow! This could be my new favorite story on here but I see its been 2 and a half years since the 2nd chapter. Unfortunately it looks like this story will never be finished like practically every other story on this site. Sigh!

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