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  1. djdrew

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    I disagree. The “father son” deal is more of a turn off to me. The father is already taking away his kid’s innocence and it is being done without the kid’s consent. I prefer the darker story line since the kid in this work of fiction is not able to choose what is happening either way.
  2. djdrew

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Hot story that gets me hard instantly everytime I read it. I'd be the pizza boy. lol.
  3. djdrew

    Unfinished Stories

    Anyone else wish people would finish their fiction stories? It’s like 99% of the stories in the forums are never finished. Personally I don’t think it’s cool to start some hot story and leave your readers hanging. The Dalton story is an example of that crap.
  4. djdrew

    White slut for Arabs

    Hope this hot story continues. I’m definitely bi. Haha.
  5. djdrew

    I Pozzed the Stud Muffin

    Very hot story. One error is the fact that the 3 A.M. cum load would be the 4th load, not the 3rd. I hope the story continues.
  6. djdrew

    New Owner

    Very hot story and I appreciate MackyJay actually continuing to write more chapters so quickly. That is rare on this site as most stories from other writers are started and never completed. That’s frustrating. Awesome job MackyJay!

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