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  1. I have been to Memphis. I have cousins in Germantown and remember falling for a guy there that was a friend of one of my cousins when I was like 15.
  2. 5'10" 150 brown hair blue eyes. 7.5 cut. Wish I were uncut. You Daddy?
  3. Daddy want me to pass on your dna to other guys? I'm not on a4a or recon. Just Grindr but thinking of getting rid of it because it sucks. If you had your choice would you want your boy to stay off meds?
  4. So Daddy, it turns you on to take away my health at 21?
  5. You can convince me to carry your seed to term til it takes over my body.
  6. So, Daddy you really want to transform me. How dark you get?
  7. Several days? Like as in you are going to make sure I do not run off and get on PEP?
  8. There is one. Anyway, like you impregnating me scares me and turns me on at the same time. You in Memphis?
  9. Yeah I have smooth skin daddy. Think you can impregnate me?
  10. I'm in the Breeding Zone chat room all by myself.
  11. That turns me on daddy. I'd let you choose those tattoos for me.
  12. What about chat. I don't know how to turn on messages so I can receive them here.
  13. Yeah, what do you want to talk about?

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