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    Being a cumdump, getting pozzed.
    Furry, pup play, watersports, nipple play, leather, rubber, fisting, threesomes, groups, being filmed.
    Would love a couple of tops to take me to a sauna, have me in the sling and get everyone there to fuck me raw. Ideally want a brutal master to own me, poz me, and encourage me to get as toxic as possible.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    No loads refused cum dump in the Channel Island of Guernsey. Have never worn a condom, always topped bareback. Tops choice if they want to use a condom when fucking me (but I prefer them not to) Somehow still neg of last test (November 2018). Not on PrEP.
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    Plenty in people private collections, nothing public yet
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    Verbal guys making me beg for them to cum in my ass and convert me

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