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    Twisted Sleazy PIG with few limits and many fetishes.

    Yeah I am on meds, but I still support chasers and other neg who want to join the Poz Brotherhood ☣️

    Into leather, rubber, skin, sports gear, cbt, piss, spit, cum, smell, stinky pits, be a man and stink like a man!
    Bareback only of course! Real pigs only fuck bareback!

    Keyword: Leather, Rubber, Skin, Poz, Bugs, Toxic, Sleazy, Perverted, Filth, Piss, Stink, Stinky Pits, Scat
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Poz and Proud Perverted bare fucker
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    Perverted pigs into same 😈 ☣️

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  1. I’d love to be your little piglet. 

  2. 😈 OINK SIR

  3. Nice cock daddy 😵

    1. Willing


      Makes my mouth 👄 water,  and my hole twitch 😵

  4. Damn bud!  Wish you were closer to the States!

  5. Fuck that’s some cock and pair of balls.....get them both up my arse the same time.....and pump me full of hot poz spunk....

  6. Hot geared up toxic pig 

  7. Thanks for following, sexy, filthy, nasty pig! Grrrr! 🤪😈☣️🐽

    1. PozBastard


      Thanks sexy Toxic pig ☣️

    2. ronnie4u


      Always willing to join in the Party Of Poz guys !    more - more - Please !

  8. Fuck yeah strap you up ....love it 

  9. Cock and ball torture fucking love it.....fisting fuck yeah.   Watch me spray piss and cum.....love to drink it....

    1. Willing


      Strap me up💧🍆

  10. Love that big cock up my toxic man cunt ...pounding my hole....get those fucking big balls in aswell.....fill me till It oozes......

  11. Thanks m8t.....would fucking love your load up my tight arse ....cum dump me......then let me suck you clean.....drink your piss and anymore spunk....

  12. Fuck love that nasty fucker stretching my hole and seeding me......love the jewellery......the cock and balls are awsome.....

    1. PozBastard


      Thanks M8, fuck your big balls are awsome!!

    2. ronnie4u


      May I join in the Fun !  Submissive here - out to Pleasing others !

  13. Very simple, loved the taste of warm yellow piss from the very first time, and continue to drink it when I get the chance.
  14. Your really hot PozBastard. Love to be your PozPig. I'd love to go FULL BLOWN AIDS. My age is 23, and the thought of me being poz at a young age, really turns me on. And as far as I know right now, I am poz. Having symptoms, so I'm just waiting to let it take its course through my body. I did a BS recently from a poz guy off his meds, and also toke his loads deep in me. 

    1. Boi4MasterDaddy


      When can I cum to be your PozPig ☣️

    2. ronnie4u


      Oh Fuck Yes !    GOOD times at a party - plenty of raw fuckers  -  getting high - having them wrecking your cunt - more Poz dudes - Better it is  -  want to learning Fisting by Poz Guys !  

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