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    Copenhagen - Denmark
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    Bare Fucking, POZ, leather, rubber, man smell, sweat, piss
    I consider myself a Bareback Ambassador, I do what I can to talk safe guys into bareback.
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Just a sleazy perverted bare fucker who love to spread my cum loads, love as much different ass juice on my bare cock as possible, love to get loaded now and then myself...cum is GOLD
    I am POZ and PROUD
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  1. This faggot would be honored to get knocked up with your poz seed SIR 

  2. I swallow and drink piss straight from the dick with the greatest pleasure, love yellow tasty piss!! And love pissing a guy in the mouth or in the ass, piss needs to be reused!!
  3. More to knock up this weekend, wish you can join us.

  4. I'm just now seeing your ink for the first time. Sexy!! You look even more dangerous now.

    1. PozBastard


      Thanks man, trying doing my best 😈

  5. Nice, you did the right thing! And hopefully now you only fuck BB 😈
  6. I never pull the condom off because I NEVER use a condom!! Safe sex? NO fucking way, BAREBACK ONLY!!!
  7. there is one good way to thank our gifters, and that is to pass it on as much as possible !

    1. rublthlad


      Totally agree rubberboy666

    2. rubberboy666


      and this to as many, as good-looking and as young-looking as possible, maximizing their chances of spreading it.

  8. wouldnt mind suck that beautiful cock of yors

  9. I answered "Most of the time" I can almost every time I meet a safe sex guy talk him into bareback, and if I can't then I DO NOT fuck him, I fuck bareback only!!!
  10. Fucking a sloppy hole full of other guys loads turn me on big time
  11. Are u on telegram or MeWe tumblr or something


    ran out of messages here

  12. Love reading your stuff.

  13. Took my friend to a bareback party two moths and made him take the cum in his ass. I told . Be a man and take the cum. NO CONDOMS ALLOWED. 

    1. PozBastard


      That is the right way to do it!

    2. superstard72


      Got good way to been a condom. Poke holes and make it break.

  14. Fucking hot profile

  15. Yes, it is going to be the norm, fortunately bareback is the normal way to fuck now, no one ask for condom in sex clubs, all are fucking like pigs, and then the STD bugs get spread and shared around, that is a part of the bareback life style.
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