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    Twisted Sleazy PIG with few limits and many fetishes.

    Yeah I am on meds, but I still support chasers and other neg who want to join the Poz Brotherhood ☣️

    Into leather, rubber, skin, sports gear, cbt, piss, spit, cum, smell, stinky pits, be a man and stink like a man!
    Bareback only of course! Real pigs only fuck bareback!

    Keyword: Leather, Rubber, Skin, Poz, Bugs, Toxic, Sleazy, Perverted, Filth, Piss, Stink, Stinky Pits, Scat
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Poz and Proud Perverted bare fucker
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    Perverted pigs into same 😈 ☣️

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  1. Thanks for following, sexy, filthy, nasty pig! Grrrr! 🤪😈☣️🐽

    1. PozBastard


      Thanks sexy Toxic pig ☣️

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