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  1. Do guys really wear harnesses or is that something one sees only in porn movies?
  2. Any guys wish to share tips on giving a great blowjob? I can get the guy going, but sometimes I can’t always close the deal. Thanks
  3. I took two loads from this sexy middle eastern guy two weeks ago. He was the best.
  4. Do you guys notice how a smoker’s cum tastes bitter? To me it’s gross.
  5. And just think of all the health care workers who are dying trying to save us. How dare anyone not stay safe when health care workers are dying!
  6. Search “Turned Out” on YouTube, lots of stories about how common it is in prisons.
  7. What size PA is that you are wearing? It looks hot AF.

  8. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am really pissed off at the Chinese and how they tried hiding this virus in the beginning. All these deaths are on them. BTW, I have no ill feelings toward the Chinese people or American-Chinese, just the Chinese government
  9. Has anyone ever bottomed but did not feel much from the dick? It’s like it’s not going in all the way. I don’t have much experience have only been fucked about 10 times. Two of those times were eyes rolling in the back of my head amazing. Other eight were like “let me know when your done” fucks. Am I just not a bottom?
  10. Nice piercings and dick.

  11. Wow. Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions.
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