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    Sleazy sauna meets. Group. Anon. Breeding.
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    Tall blond stocky hairy Dad
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    Slim smooth bottom sluts who never refuse a load

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  1. Thanks for following. xx

    1. SaunaDaddy


      Meet me any time

    2. Gayasian


      Where are you based?

  2. Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    Anyone wanna meet one lunchtime for a couple of hours of fun? Message me direct.
  3. any time you wanna open that hole for me - give me a shout!

  4. that's a true sub speaking there!
  5. Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    Let me know and I'll try meet you there
  6. neg btm in clapham

    Im a total top who loves sauna bottom sluts to breed on regular occasions
  7. Why Did You Start Barebacking?

    I was in the sauna, Chariots Shoreditch (gone now), and I was getting sucked off by a slim, smooth, petite Egyptian guy who just suddenly stopped, smiled and then turned his back on me and backed up on my raw cock and rode me. Naturally it felt amazing and I dumped a pretty quick load up him. I used to met him there quite regularly after that. And I've only ever worn a rubber once since!
  8. whats your fetish?

    i'll give u 3 out if 4 !
  9. whats your fetish?

    boys in school uniforms, men in soccer gear with boots, guys who work in fast food joints and leave their uniforms on when they let me fuck them
  10. Any smooth slim bottoms want some British cock and cum inside them when I fly in later this month? Escorts are welcome. No age limit.
  11. Palm Springs - best resort?

    INN Dulge is also good. CCBC is busier. We fly in from the UK every year.
  12. Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    I've done all the saunas in London and can honestly say for BB sex they are all good. Pleasuredrome and Locker Room by far are the best. I mainly use Pleasuredrome for daytime fun and the Locker Room for evening fun. Plenty of greedy arses. Pleasuredrome has a good lunch time crowd with guys nipping in for a quickie. Keep away from the cabins if you are a not a body fascist and play in the steam and dark rooms where pretty much anything goes. For those of you not afraid to venture far don't forget Sailors in Limehouse which is great on a Sunday afternoon - plenty of locals and East Europeans. Plus in good weather they have the sun terrace which only takes one brave guy to get the party going. I read negtaive feedback recently about The Stable in Covent Garden but I have never been asked to rubber up there.
  13. looking for london playmate

    I'm happily gonna take you on boy! Get you taking load after load down at the sauna. We'll post the date and time on here and at BBRTS and all will be welcome to come breed you.
  14. Thanx for following piggy

  15. LONDON ANON CUMDUMP 29.09.17-01.10.17

    I'll meet u in the sauna. Lets arrange it on BBRT

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